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OPB Podcast - Sept 12, 2017 - Rescinding Gang Designation Policy - Announced @ CPC on Sept. 8th
Community Peace Collaborative Public Forum
"A coalition for violence prevention and achievement"

      Chaired by the Mayor's Office (Office of Youth Violence Prevention) in facilitation with

the Portland Police Bureau and Multnomah County Dept. of Community Justice Services.

Organizations / Agencies represented 

  • City bureaus;
  • Businesses;
  • Faith communities;
  • Neighborhood coalitions and associations;
  • Civic organizations;
  • Public/private health and social services.
  • Public/private crime prevention and security organizations;
  • Public/private housing organizations;
  • Public/private education and training organizations; 
  • Federal and local law enforcement and prosecution services;           

  • State and county juvenile and adult justice authorities;

Mission Statement

Statement of Purpose:
A group of committed partners who have come together to develop solutions, interventions and prevention strategies to reduce violence and crime in Multnomah County. 
The progress and achievements of the Community Peace Collaborative will be a result of our collaborative strategies, responsiveness to community priorities and our focus on the reduction of crime and the fear of crime.
All citizens of Multnomah County live free of violence.  Further, the Community Peace Collaborative envisions a community free of violence.
Affect positively the youth, families, and residents whose lives have been impacted by violence and to promote public safety by incorporating the best and most innovative practices of community partnership to reduce violence, and crime. 
The Community Peace Collaborative seeks to meet its mission through the coordination of leveraged resources and expertise to reduce the many forms of violence, and crime.

The Community Peace Collaborative seeks to increase communication and coordination among the partners and to strengthen the communities of Multnomah County.


Next Community Peace Collaborative Meeting


Your are invited to attend!!!  

CPC meetings are scheduled every two weeks on Fridays, 10 to 11:30 AM


- January 11th, 2019

- January 25th, 2019

- February 8th, 2019

- February 22nd, 2019

- March 8th, 2019

- March 22, 2019

- April 5th, 2019

- April 19th, 2019

- May 3rd, 2019

- May 17th, 2019

- May 31st, 2019

- June 14th, 2019

- June 28th, 2019

- July 12th, 2019

- July 26th, 2019

- August 9th, 2019

- August 23rd, 2019


Location: 449 NE Emerson, Portland OR - North Portland Community Policing Center.