Phase 3: "How do we get there?"
(building the strategies)

The Portland Plan is a strategic plan that is necessarily focused and selective, thereby helping set direction and prioritize funding decisions.  Phase Three focused on developing smart, integrated strategies that will move Portland forward in the areas we need it most.


Portland Plan Fairs

During March 2011, hundreds of people attended the four Portland Plan Fairs that offered a fun way to learn about and comment on strategies for education, economic prosperity and affordability, and healthy connected neighborhoods, as well as an equity initiative. Breakout sessions were available for those who wanted to have in-depth discussions about the strategies and Equity Initiative. Local food, music and dance made each of the four Portland Plan Fairs unique. See photos and video from the fairs.


Summer Events

At 35+ community fairs, festivals and meetings, more than 400 Portlanders outlined their own Portland Plan strategies and “Big Ideas.” Check out the videos.



Advisory Oversight

Throughout the process, community groups reviewed drafts, collected evidence and identified best practices being used in other cities, including many community leaders and subject area experts in the Mayor’s Portland Plan Advisory Committee and nine different Technical Advisory Groups. See the list of members.


Inspiring Communities Series

From December 2010 to January 2011, hundreds of Portlanders attended the Portland Plan Inspiring Communities series, where experts in the fields of economic development, environmental justice, education, community health and sustainable systems shared fresh perspectives on what strategies have worked elsewhere. Find out more.


Phase III
Phase III Portland Plan Fairs: Healthy Connected Neighborhoods Strategy - Mapping Exercise Results (PDF Document, 4,028kb)
Portland Plan Public Participation Phase III Progress Report (PDF Document, 3,726kb)
Revised Goals and Objectives - Phase III - Spring 2011 (PDF Document, 1,208kb)

Survey Responses (view all)

Posters and Handouts from the Fairs (view all)
- Strategy: Healthy Connected Neighborhood (PDF Document, 7,215kb)
- Strategy: Economic Prosperity & Affordability (PDF Document, 3,497kb)
- Strategy: Education (PDF Document, 2,727kb)
- Strategy: Portland Equity Initiative (PDF Document, 1,438kb)
- How were the Portland Plan Strategies developed? (PDF Document, 466kb)
- How will we pay for it? (PDF Document, 2,339kb)
- Portland Plan Timeline Poster (PDF Document, 3,792kb)
- What is the Portland Plan? (PDF Document, 1,925kb)

Strategy Building (view all)

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