Phase 2: "Where do we want to go?"
(setting direction)

We need a plan that sets clear investment priorities and has quantifiable measures of success, so we can track our progress and make adjustments as we move forward.


In Phase Two, we asked Portlanders what kinds of big ambitious changes do we need to aim for to make this a better place? Look ahead 25 years and imagine what’s possible


Nearly 1,500 people attended events to help evaluate and prioritize the draft goals and objectives. An additional 6,500 people responded to the Phase Two survey by mail or online.


Portlanders identified these value statements and goals as being especially important:

  • We can’t move forward without addressing equity

  • The economy will drive broader success

  • Education is key to prosperity

  • Portlanders want healthy streams and watersheds

  • Sustainability and prosperity are not polar opposites

  • We want safe and accessible/walkable neighborhoods

  • Maintaining the existing infrastructure should be a priority



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