Phase 1: "Where are we now?"
(establish and vet the facts)

In order to create a plan for making Portland thriving and sustainable, we needed to understand the trends that are driving change in our city. The first phase of the Portland Plan focused on gathering information about the city and its residents and setting direction for the plan. City and partner agency staff did extensive research to produce a set of reports on Portland’s existing conditions and created a holistic framework of nine interrelated topic areas — called action areas — to begin building the plan. Find these here.


In Phase One, through extensive public engagement, Portlanders reviewed this research, helped refine the facts, submitted hundreds of detailed comments and ranked their top priorities.


Nearly 2,500 people participated in citywide workshops hosted by Mayor Adams, community presentations and other outreach events. An additional 13,000 youth and adults completed the Phase One surveys by mail or online. Jobs, education, equity, public health and sustainability came out as top priority objectives. Based on this direction setting input, a set of draft goals and objectives were developed for Phase Two public to review. 



Phase I
Portland Plan Phase I Marketing Communications Recap (PDF Document, 130kb)
Portland Plan Phase I Public Participation Progress Report (PDF Document, 2,633kb)
Portland Plan Phase I Workshops Summary Report (PDF Document, 605kb)
Portland Plan Phase I Workshops Polling Results Summary (PDF Document, 134kb)
Portland Plan Phase I Workshops PowerPoint Presentation (PDF Document, 18,453kb)

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