DRAFTBuildable Lands Inventory

The Buildable Lands Inventory (BLI) is an assessment of the City’s capacity to accommodate projected changes in housing and employment, including a series of maps. These draft maps will be used to identify land areas as either having full, diminished, or no capacity to accommodate additional housing units or additional jobs forecasted for the next 20 years. These draft maps represent possible constraints to achieving our forecasted increase in households and jobs. Read more about the BLI »

7. Buildable Lands Inventory
Additional Map, May 2011 - 2005 Risk of Exposure to Outdoor Toxic Air Pollutants (PDF Document, 4,298kb)
Additional Map, May 2011 - 2017 Risk of Exposure to Outdoor Toxic Air Pollutants (PDF Document, 3,933kb)
Additional Map, May 2011 - City of Portland Potential Landslide Hazard Areas, including historic landslide point data (PDF Document, 2,832kb)
Additional Map, May 2011 - Institutional Properties (PDF Document, 3,524kb)
Additional Map, May 2011 - Privately Owned Common Space (PDF Document, 2,813kb)
Additional Map, May 2011 - Relative Earthquake Hazard Areas (DOGAMI IMS-1) (PDF Document, 2,717kb)
2008 Transportation Network PM Peak 2 Hours Volume to Capacity Ratio (PDF Document, 6,879kb)
2035 Transportation Network PM Peak 2 Hours Volume to Capacity Ratio (PDF Document, 6,910kb)
Airport Flight Limitations (PDF Document, 5,112kb)
Combined Sewer Basement Backup Risk (PDF Document, 2,153kb)
Combined Sewer Hydraulic Deficiencies (PDF Document, 9,800kb)
Delineated Wellhead Protection Areas (PDF Document, 8,637kb)
Depth to Seasonal High Water (PDF Document, 2,969kb)
Environmental Overlay Zones (PDF Document, 4,852kb)
Hazards (PDF Document, 5,471kb)
Improved and Unimproved Streets (PDF Document, 4,834kb)
Infrastructure Constrained Areas: Sewer (PDF Document, 9,155kb)
Inventory of Scenic Areas (PDF Document, 13,204kb)
Natural Resource Features (PDF Document, 10,399kb)
Natural Resource Inventory
Neighborhoods Where Majority of Streets Meet Connectivity Standards (PDF Document, 4,928kb)
ODOT Highway Interchanges (PDF Document, 4,935kb)
Open Space (PDF Document, 4,835kb)
Pedestrian System (PDF Document, 4,917kb)
Potentially Contaminated Sites (PDF Document, 6,905kb)
Publicly Owned Land (PDF Document, 7,912kb)
Rural Lands (PDF Document, 8,301kb)
Sanitary System Basement Backup Risk (PDF Document, 5,465kb)
Sanitary System Hydraulic Deficiencies (PDF Document, 5,861kb)
Significant Cultural Resources (PDF Document, 13,321kb)
Soil Infiltration Capability (PDF Document, 2,357kb)
Stormwater Management and Infrastructure
Stormwater System (PDF Document, 6,622kb)
Wastewater Treatment and Pump Stations (PDF Document, 5,879kb)
Water Deficient Service Areas (PDF Document, 4,446kb)
Water System (PDF Document, 8,256kb)
Wildfire Hazard (PDF Document, 4,706kb)

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