Portland Communities

The City of Portland is made up of many neighborhoods (we have 95 neighborhood associations) and divided into several districts (Southeast, Northeast, North, East, Central City, Southwest and Northwest). In addition to these geographic communities, Portland is home to many other communities that converge around issues, ethnic identity, religious affiliation, age, sexual orientation, education, business and myriad other areas of interest and concern. Below are a few fact sheets that highlight some interesting information on many of Portland's diverse communities.

Take a look. You might be surprised at what’s inside. 

Youth in Portland (PDF Document, 162kb)

Blacks in Portland (PDF Document, 1,566kb)

Latinos in Portland (PDF Document, 1,564kb)

Portland Plan Districts Map (PDF Document, 6,744kb)
January 8, 2010

Central City (PDF Document, 1,553kb)

Southwest Portland (PDF Document, 1,557kb)

Southeast Portland (PDF Document, 1,546kb)

Portland Business (PDF Document, 1,580kb)

North Portland (PDF Document, 1,541kb)

East Portland (PDF Document, 1,533kb)

Northeast Portland (PDF Document, 1,511kb)
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Portland Communities
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