About the Portland Plan

Developed in response to some of Portland’s most pressing challenges, including income disparities, high unemployment, a low high school graduation rate and environmental concerns, the Portland Plan presents a strategic path forward.

This is not your typical plan. The Portland Plan requires us to work smarter, be more practical, partner across jurisdictions and be ready to have difficult conversations. This is how real progress will be made in Portland.

So, how is this plan different?

Advancing equity is the foundation of the plan. This is critical because, as Portlanders, we have a shared fate.

The Portland Plan is also practical, in that it does not assume new money. It sets numerical goals and suggests ways of measuring progress toward them. The plan is based on extensive analysis of quantitative data and information about conditions in Portland's diverse neighborhoods. The plan includes both 25-year goals and 5-year action plans. Goals are set for the entire city, as well as geographically specific recommendations.

Four-year Progress Report

Since 2012, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and its many partner agencies and organizations have begun to implement the Plan.


The newly released Progress Report shows how the 142 actions in the Portland Plan are moving forward and highlights new opportunities and heightened priorities to advance the City’s goals.


Read the Progress Report.


Several years in the making and reflecting more than 20,000 comments from residents all over the city, the Portland Plan comprises the following elements.

The Portland Plan

The Portland Plan focuses on a core set of priorities: prosperity, education, health and equity. The plan emphasizes actions that achieve multiple objectives, it sets numerical targets and suggests ways of measuring progress toward them, and it includes both 25-year policies and 5-year action plans.


The Portland Plan


On April 25, 2012, Portland City Council adopted The Portland Plan via resolution #36918.


My Portland Plan

In order to turn the Portland Plan into reality, everyone’s participation is key. But where do we start?


Fellow Portlanders are making the Portland Plan their own by incorporating simple, everyday actions into their lives at home, work, school and other places.


To learn how you can help realize the goals of the Portland Plan, check out www.myportlandplan.com.

Process and Public Involvement

Process and Public Involvement

The Portland Plan was developed through a four phase process:


Phase 1: Where are we now? (The Facts)

Phase 2: Where do we want to go? (Setting Direction)

Phase 3: How do we get there? (Strategy Building)

Phase 4: What do you think of it? (Draft and Final Plan)

Implementation by Portland Plan Partners



About the Portland Plan
The Portland Plan - Final
City Council adopted the Portland Plan by resolution on April 25, 2012.
A variety of information graphics which help illustrate some of the more interesting and complex topics in the Portland Plan
Process and Public Involvement
The Portland Plan was developed through a four phase process
Community Involvement Committee
The "eyes and ears" of Portland's many and diverse communities, ensuring that the perspectives of ALL Portlanders are reflected in the Portland Plan
Portland Plan Documents