Memo describing the assessment materials and Portland Plan process

Examines existing conditions and key trends in downtown and Central Portland, including: economy and jobs; transportation; housing; the environment; open space and the river; social services; arts, culture and history; finance; and urban design.

Provides background on the existing comp plan and includes information about current trends, conditions, opportunities and challenges facing Portland.

Environment Draft Report (PDF Document, 574kb)

Housing Draft Report (PDF Document, 432kb)

Infrastructure Draft Report (PDF Document, 330kb)

Periodic Review Evaluation (PDF Document, 118kb)
Memo to Planning Commission and state that evaluates the provisions of the 1980 Comprehensive Plan dealing with economic development, housing, public facilities, transportation and “urbanization” relative to specific state periodic review requirements.

Sustainability Draft Report (PDF Document, 407kb)

Urban Form Draft Report (PDF Document, 540kb)
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