20-Minute Neighborhoods
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DRAFT5b. 20-Minute Neighborhoods

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20-Minute Neighborhood (PDF)
Focus on: Central City/West | North | Inner East | East
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This mapping analysis highlights areas that have relatively good, walkable access to commercial services and amenities. It indicates locations that have concentrations of commercial services that are within relatively short walking distance of homes. Besides taking into account the availability of grocery stores and other commercial services, it takes into account factors that impact pedestrian access, such as sidewalks, street connectivity, and topography.

The resultant “hot spot” map shows the gradient of access in different part of the city. “Hot spots” – orange, yellow, to white (hot) reflect areas with a greater degree of access. Magenta to blue areas have less convenient pedestrian access to services.

Portland’s Climate Action Plan sets an objective for 2030 calling for vibrant neighborhoods in which 90% of Portland residents can easily walk or bicycle to meet all basic daily, non-work needs.