Assessment Introduction
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Over the next three years, the City of Portland, through the Bureau of Planning, will be updating its 1980 Comprehensive Plan and the 1988 Central City Plan in an effort called the Portland Plan.  Initiation of that effort requires preparation of an evaluation of the current plans and a work program to revise and improve the plans.


On April 22, 2008 the Portland Planning Commission held an initial public hearing on the following documents:


I.  Draft State-Mandated Periodic Review Evaluation of the Portland Comprehensive Plan. As required by state law, this draft report evaluated the provisions of the 1980 Comprehensive Plan dealing with economic development, housing, public facilities, transportation and "urbanization" relative to specific state periodic review requirements.


Periodic review entails evaluation of specific Comprehensive Plan provisions to determine whether they are consistent with state law. The City is also required to evaluate supporting documents (e.g., forecasts, inventories, analyses and facilities plans) and implementing regulations (zoning). If the plan, supporting information or regulations are deficient, the City must work with the community to prepare a work program to bring them into compliance with state law, including a Public Engagement Strategy that effectively involves the community in the effort. City Council is required to adopt a periodic review work program/public outreach strategy and submit it to the state. The City will have three years following state approval to complete the work program (November 2011).


II.  Draft Comprehensive Plan Assessment, Conditions, Trends and Issues. This report took a broader look at the entire Comprehensive Plan in light of current conditions and trends, and identified portions of the plan that are out of date, obvious policy gaps and issues that could be addressed in the upcoming plan update. This report was written based in large part on the work of six temporary Technical Working Groups, which conducted analyses from August 2007 to January 2008. Each group focused on one of the following topic areas:

Merely updating portions of the 1980 Comprehensive Plan to comply with state law will not provide the City with the coordinated, comprehensive guidance document it needs to prepare for the opportunities and challenges that the community will likely face (for example, global warming, a changing economy and projected population and job growth) or achieve the community's aspirations for the future. Consequently, the city is developing the Portland Plan to satisfy the state's periodic review requirements and prudently guide the city's physical, economic, social and cultural development so as to meet community needs and aspirations.


III. Draft Central Portland Plan Assessment Report. This report examined existing conditions and key trends in downtown and Central Portland. Topics addressed include economy and jobs; transportation; housing; the environment; open space and the river; social services; arts, culture and history; finance; and urban design.



These reports are intended to be the starting point for public discussions regarding the extent and focus of the Comprehensive Plan and Central Portland Plan updates as part of the Portland Plan. Planning Commission's public hearing on April 22 gave the public and agencies an opportunity to review and comment on the reports as well as suggest changes and identify additional topics and issues they thought should be addressed by the Periodic Review.


Planning Commission Hearings and Recommendation. The Planning Commission considered the public testimony received at the hearing as well as related correspondence and then directed staff to revise the evaluation and assessments to comply with state planning law and address community interests, needs and desires. These refined evaluation and assessment reports are the basis for developing the preliminary work program for the Portland Plan.


The Planning Commission held a second public hearing on the refined evaluation/assessments and the draft work program for the Portland Plan on June 24, 2008. After refining these drafts in light of public comments, the Planning Commission forwarded their recommendation for approval to City Council .


City Council Hearing and Action. City Council held a public hearing on August 8, 2008, focusing only on the Periodic Review Work Program. Council approved the work program, which was forwarded to the State for their review. Approval is pending. 


For more information:


State-Mandated Periodic Review Process
Al Burns, 503-823-7832 or aburns@ci.portland.or.us


Portland Plan: Conditions, Trends & Issues - Comprehensive Plan Assessment: Kerstin Cathcart, 503-823-6055 or Kerstin.Cathcart@ci.portland.or.us


Portland Plan: Conditions, Trends & Issues - Central Portland Plan Assessment
Kristin Belz, 503-823-1119 or Kristin.Belz@ci.portland.or.us