The Portland Plan - Recommended Draft is heading to City Council - March 19, 2012
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Three years in the making, incorporating more than 20,000 comments and with the cooperation of more than 20 agency partners, The Portland Plan – Recommended Draft will be presented to City Council on April 18 at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall. With adoption of the Portland Plan within our sights, it’s time to acknowledge the many Portlanders who have been involved in the creation of this once-in-a-generation plan that provides a roadmap for Portland’s future. 


THANK YOU, Portland, for your contributions to the Portland Plan. It's a better plan for it.


The video below is a testament to the work of our entire community, without whom the Portland Plan would not exist. In it, you'll see the successes that we enjoy, the challenges that we face and the path forward for a more prosperous, educated, healthy and equitable Portland. It concludes with pledges from some of our partners, who will help us implement the plan.



But there are also actions that every Portlander can take to help make this plan happen. My Portland Plan presents ideas for individuals, businesses and schools to be a part of Portland's future.


So, whether you were born and raised here, took refuge in the city's unique and diverse communities or sought a better way of life in Portland, you can be part of this major communitywide effort.


We invite you to join us and our agency and institutional partners, business representatives and community members as we present the Recommended Draft of the Portland Plan to City Council on April 18 at 6 p.m. If you cannot attend or would rather watch the hearing from the comfort of your own home, you can stream online at www.portlandonline.com or tune into cable access Channel 30


Read the plan




Progress Report


The 2017 Progress Report shows how the 142 actions in the Portland Plan are moving forward and highlights new opportunities and heightened priorities to advance the City’s goals.


The Portland Plan


The Portland Plan was unanimously adopted by City Council on April 25, 2012.


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