What is Roll & Stroll? Commissioner Fritz and the Portland Plan team find out - August 12, 2010
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Ever wondered what it's like to be blind or drive an electric wheelchair?


City employees got to experience that earlier this month during at "Roll & Stroll" event sponsored by the City and the community.


Roll & Stroll is an experiential activity for people to try different mobility devices (like wheelchairs and walkers) and simulate blindness with goggles and canes on city streets. Organizers of the Roll & Stroll wanted to raise awareness of some of the challenges many people with disabilities encounter in the right-of-way (sidewalks and streets) and highlight many of the successful design features to accommodate people with disabilities for those involved in projects and programs that involve the public right-of-way.


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in July, the City of Portland co-planned a number of events, including the Roll & Stroll for City employees on August 3, 2010. Starting in front of City Hall, participants followed a route through downtown and then back to the Lovejoy Conference Room at City Hall for questions and answers.  

Bureau of Planning and Sustainability staff involved in urban design or planning/design aspects of pedestrian spaces participated in the Roll & Stroll, as well as those involved in the 20-minute neighborhood strategy of the Portland Plan. Commissioner Amanda Fritz and city staff from several other bureaus were also in attendance.


Progress Report


The 2017 Progress Report shows how the 142 actions in the Portland Plan are moving forward and highlights new opportunities and heightened priorities to advance the City’s goals.


The Portland Plan


The Portland Plan was unanimously adopted by City Council on April 25, 2012.


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