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Portland's Resource Guide for Bird-Friendly Building Design

U.S. Fish & Wildlife predicts that one billion birds across the country die each year when they strike windows or other parts of buildings. The latest research from American Birders Conservation and Cornell University proposes surfaces to reduce reflections that have a major impact on bird survival. Portland joined several other U.S. cities to advise architects, contractors and homeowners about methods that will reduce the bird hazards in building design and construction.   


Portland’s Bird Agenda


Portland has identified a number of threats facing migratory birds. The primary ones include: habitat loss and fragmentation, timing of construction and revegetation projects, cat predation, dogs in natural areas, public activity in sensitive areas, structural hazards (including window strikes and collision with communication towers), invasive plants and animals and climate change. Portland’s participation in the Urban Migratory Bird Treaty Program through the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has allowed some of these issues to be addressed.