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Welcome to "Next Up at City Council"


Here, you can preview issues and decisions that will be before the Council in the coming week. 




***This week's agenda is here.*** 


Click on the agenda link above, to find links to each item with more details.  The Agenda is posted each week by 5 p.m. on Thursday, for the following week's Council sessions.  Please comment to all members of the Council before and/or at the hearing, when you support, oppose or have concerns about particular items.


***List of Future Agenda items here***





Staff in my office spend much of Friday, Monday and Tuesday scouring out details in contracts and every item on the Council Agenda, whether on the "Consent" Agenda or "Regular".  "Consent" means no presentation of details at the Council hearing unless someone on the Council or anyone else wants more information/discussion. "Regular" items are considered one by one, with brief or long staff presentations to explain them.  Please email or call if you have questions or comments on any issue.



Next Up at City Council gives you easy access to facts about important issues coming up at the next City Council meeting, and details about proposals coming from my bureaus and offices.  The purpose is to share information you can use to reach your own opinions about topics on the Council Agenda, from Big Picture issues to nitty-gritty contract and Code language details. Comment here.  Visit every week for updated information. City Council meets every Wednesday, and often on Thursday afternoons, too.


Share your comments, thoughts, and suggestions with me when important decisions are made - all comments are delivered to the staff person working on your issue.


Comments submitted from this page will be forwarded to the City Auditor to be part of the Official Record of the hearings, and will be distributed by the Council Clerk to all members of the Council.  


If you're interested in discussing issues, check the Blog page of my site to see if the subject is open for conversation, and use the Contact form to suggest new topics. 


Here are my Testimony Tips, written after seven years' service on the Portland Planning Commission, listening to citizen comments and often advocating at City Council myself. 


To sign up to use one of the five Citizen Communications slots on Wednesday morning, where anyone may address the City Council for three minutes on any topic not on the Agenda, contact Karla Moore-Love, Council Clerk, by 4 p.m. on the Monday of the week before.  Send a written request (e-mail is fine) with your name, address, and a brief title for your comments.  Note, it is generally more effective to talk with Council members' staff before testifying under Citizen Communications, as sometimes your issue may be resolved better with a collaborative approach.

Look at the full Council agenda posted every Friday