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Lower Cost Comcast Cable Options - Printable Version - October 5, 2009 - 13 Comments

Many Portlanders have expressed frustration to me that they have few options when purchasing cable TV.  As Commissioner in Charge of the Office of Cable Communications and Franchise Management, I looked into whether the City can require cable providers to "unbundle" their packages, giving customers more choices about which channels they wish to purchase.  It turns out federal regulations allow cable companies to bundle channels, and the City is not allowed to regulate that practice.


Cable subscribers in the City of Portland (where Comcast is the only provider of cable services) should be aware that there are lower cost cable options available other than the "Digital Starter" package offered by Comcast.  The "Digital Starter" tier (taken by the majority of Portland subscribers---formerly called "Standard Cable") is currently priced by Comcast at $57.99 per month (plus $5.25 in taxes and fees) for a total of $63.24/month.  The Digital Starter tier includes a bundle of approximately 83 video channels, 47 Digital Music channels, access to On Demand plus one digital converter box and two digital adapters.  Some lower cost cable subscription options (see below) are further discounted when "bundled" with other Comcast services (i.e. Internet access and/or telephone services).  These other services (phone and Internet) are offered separately by Comcast and are themselves subject to various discounts and/or limited-duration promotional pricing (frequently advertised) when "bundled" with Comcast's cable services.


My team in the Cable office have provided me with the following information about lower-cost options provided by Comcast.  There may be more choices available to you than the glossy ads imply.


Lower cost options include* :


  • "Limited Basic" tier, an entry package of local broadcast, community access and government affairs channels (26 channels between channels 2 and 31, including CSPAN and Portland CityNet TV Channel 30), is available for a base price (not including taxes and fees) of $10.50 in East Portland, $10.67 in West Portland


  • "Digital Family" tier, is an 'add-on' package to the Limited Basic service (see above).  The "Digital Family" tier consists of the Limited Basic channels (see below), and 14 "family friendly" channels selected by Comcast, including Hallmark, Disney & Sprout (see complete list, below) for an additional $14.95 per monthA digital converter box and remote are also required for this service level at an additional $3.40 per month.


  •  "Digital Economy" tier, which Comcast began to offer in Portland on July 1, 2009.  Subscribers can obtain the Comcast "Digital Economy" tier, consisting of Limited Basic channels (26 channels between channels 2 and 31), 19 select Digital Starter Channels (see channels listed below), 47 Digital Music Choice Channels and one digital converter box and remote for $39.95 per month (plus taxes and fees, see total prices broken out below).  Note:  when "bundled" with Comcast Internet or Voice service the rate for the Digital Economy tier drops to $29.95 per month.


For comparison, a complete breakout of the "final billed rate" for City of Portland customers, inclusive of all taxes and fees ** , for the Digital Starter tier and the other    lower-cost options is as follows *** : 


  • Digital Starter Tier:  $57.99 + $5.25 taxes and fees = $63.24 monthly 
  • Digital Economy Tier:  $39.95 + $3.63 (taxes & fees)  = $43.58 monthly (standalone - without Comcast Internet or phone service
  • Digital Family Tier
    •   East Portland: $26.46 base price (= $10.50 Limited Basic + $14.95 Digital Family add-on) + $1.01 taxes and fees) = $26.46/month + equipment ($3.40/month) = final billed rate of $29.86/month 
    •  West Portland: $26.63 base price (= $10.67 Limited Basic + $14.95 Digital Family add-on) + $1.01 taxes and fees = $26.63/month + equipment ($3.40/month) = final billed rate of  $30.03/month. 
  • Limited Basic (Portland only) : 
            --- East Portland:  $10.50 + $1.01 (taxes and fees) = $11.51/month
            --- West Portland: $10.67 + $1.01 (taxes and fees) = $11.68/month


Contact Comcast at (888) 824-8264 or www.comcast.com if you wish to take advantage of these lower cost options. 



   *  Please note that the rates quoted are for cable television services only and that additional discounts/savings may be available when bundling this service with Comcast Internet and/or Voice services.  

  **   Comcast adjusts the franchise fee and PEG fee rates annually to comply with its interpretation of federal law.

 ***   Please note that possible Downgrade charges may apply for subscribers who downgrade their level of service, as follows: $1.99 for "addressable services" and a $9.99 downgrade charge if the change requires a truck roll. 



For reference, here are the exact channel lineups associated with Comcast's lower cost tiers:


Digital Economy

Limited Basic (channels 2 thru 31)

18 Hallmark

41 Disney

42 Cartoon Network

43 Animal Planet

44 CNN

47 The Weather Channel

48 FOX News

50 History

51 TruTV

52 A&E

56 BET

57 Spike TV

58 USA Network

60 Comedy Central

64 TV Land

66 Food Network

69 Lifetime

70 E!

71 American Movie Classics


Digital Family ($14.95 + cost of Limited Basic + $3.40 for converter and remote)

Limited Basic (channels 2 thru 31)

18 Hallmark

40 Nickelodeon

41 Disney

45 Headline News

47 The Weather Channel

66 Food Network


119 Sprout

121 Discovery Kids

122 Disney XD

204 DIY

215 The N

272 Science Channel

273 National Geographic


Thanks to David Olson, Director of the Office of Cable Communications and Franchise Management, and his staff for providing information for this post. 


If you have further questions unresolved by calling Comcast, please call the Cable Office at 503-823-5385.


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Posted by: David Taylor - September 23, 2011 10:22 AM

Commissioner Fritz et al,

I appreciate this blog. Even though your discussion(above)2 years 'old', it was the best option available of all google hits when searching for the Comcast cable package options. I was interested in downscaling to the economy. However, even comcasts search options did not steer me to a description!

Also, it is good to know David Olson is/was in the same role as I knew him when working as manager in HR, at City of Portland (1987-2002)My best wishes to him.

Posted by: Vijay Balakrishnan - December 29, 2011 10:29 AM

My cost for Digital economy is 49$ with $7 for Modem rental.It is far above the 29.99$/mo that you mention.

I specifically asked them for the 29.99/mo package with Limited basic and that came to $49. I don't even want Limited basic TV.I just want Internet and it costs me more. I just cannot understand this monopoly anymore.


Posted by: Angela Southwick - June 06, 2012 01:38 PM

Thanks for providing this information. I called Comcast awhile ago (about a year ago) asking for a lower cost option than the Digital Starter package -- because I had a lower cost package in the past -- and they told me that there were no lower cost package. They also indicated that the package that I had previously no longer existed after the digital conversion. I will call again. Hopefully there response will be different than Vijay's.

Posted by: Sande Corbett - March 17, 2013 12:04 AM

It would be good to have an update of this, given the recent digital conversion in which Comcast is forcing all customers to use a digital adapter which basically disables the customer's ability to use their existing VCR.

The Limited Basic package still exists at about $15/month (at least for those of us who already had it before the conversion), but Comcast/Xfinity has no options to add DVR service to a Limited Basic package to make up for the loss of VCR functionality. Customers are forced to upgrade to the $60/month package (plus extra for the DVR option) just to be able to record programs for later viewing.

Posted by: Amanda Fritz - March 25, 2013 10:53 PM

Thank you for your comment.  For an update, try http://consumerist.com/2009/02/05/ten-ways-to-take-100-off-your-cable-bill/

Posted by: Keith Walker - March 27, 2013 06:13 PM

I thought I would add to the comments, because for local tv viewing, there is another option that has some upfront costs, but no recurring costs - HD antenna service.

I have had limited basic with Comcast until this month (03-2013).  The price with taxes in east Portland (Sellwood) was about $13/month.

I was able cancel service, and convert my tv service to over the air digital tv antenna service (OTA-DTV).  

Broadcast towers now transmit in HD signal, so there is no degradation in viewing quality if you have the an HDTV.  

If you have an old analog tv, that does not receive HDTV signals, then this option is not for you.

There is a website that is indispensable for predicting if your home will be able to receive OTA-DTV for your individual address:
It is a free website.

I was able to enter my address, ascertain signal strength, and azimuth.  In non-geek terms, it allowed me to choose the proper antenna type, size, location, and where to point the antenna.

I was able to purchase an antenna and after mounting, I was able to aim it with a compass smartphone app:

My tv reception is excellent and all the HDTV channels are received in HD.  In retrospect, the signal strength is so strong that I could of used an indoor antenna to get reception.

The comcast channel offering of limited basic is just that.  You get the local channels (CBS channel 6 was not carried in HD by comcast to my knowledge), and Discovery Channel.  So for $13/mo. back in my pocket I only lost the Discovery Channel, yet gained CBS in HD signal.

Additionally, my TV has an MTS feature:
This allows me to receive OPB's channel 10-3, which is an audio service.  

OPB transmits three radio stations on 10-3:
91.5 FM OPB Simulcast
Music stream 1 from opbmusic.org (contemporary music)
Music stream 2 from opbmusic.org (jazz)

Comcast may of offered OPB's music channels in their costlier packages, but not limited basic, to my knowledge.

btw, I still have Comcast internet service, which is really good service, so I am not knocking comcast as a service provider.

By my calculations, the investment in installation and equipment will pay for themselves in one year.  I hope this helps.

Posted by: Mark F - March 30, 2013 02:27 PM

Dear Commissioner Fritz,

Thank you for pointing to the other website, but the tactics they describe there dont work well when Comcast is the only option for anything but very very basic DSL speed internet service.

The real problem is that Comcast internet service is priced far above the lower tiers of cable service.  At times in the past Comcast told me that internet only is more expensive than a package of cable TV and internet service.  Look here and you will see that even their 6 Mbps service is $49.95 per month.


What I really would consider reasonable is 15-20 Mbps internet only service for about $20.  That way I could choose to have only more basic cable tv or even none at all.

Anything else available to me besides Comcast is 1.5Mbps which is not a reasonable speed for anything these days.  So another thing you could do would be to facilitate other companies to install faster services in the areas where Comcast is the only option.  Competition is what we need, not a monopoly.

Posted by: Yolanda Karp - June 12, 2013 09:36 AM

Dear Commissioner:

I am in charge of our IT/Telecommunications infrastructure at work and I am tired of the "over promise and under-deliver" attitude Comcast has.
For the last several weeks we have been complaining to them regarding our lack of consistent signal to our satellite offices and they insist it is not their fault. Finally on Monday after having virtually no phone service (we have VoIP phones), on Friday, I called them and they agreed to send a technician who determined that, yes, it was indeed their fault.
I would like to see real competition for Comcast in the area. They know they have the bull by the horns and where there is no competition, there is incompetence.
Can we get viable alternatives? DSL has terrible speed and Clear is still unreliable and does not work in all parts of the city.

Posted by: Joe Recker - September 12, 2013 09:58 PM

Comcast is perhaps the worst at customer service of any company I've ever seen.  It takes forever to get a human response and generally that person is from India where they read scripts and take forever to even get to the issue.  There's no opportunity to complain on their website.  The whole system is absolutely broken.  Why don't we have any other Internet/cable options?

Posted by: john langley - December 10, 2013 06:43 PM

CenturyLink has High Speed options up to 40m for as low as $29.95! With that kind of bandwidth, you can stream video on several devices at once. Also, Google has a new product that works well with CenturyLink High Speed called Chromecast. With Chromecast, you can stream video from your laptop, iPhone or Android device.

Posted by: Carl VanderZanden - January 16, 2014 09:49 PM

Amanda, while this information is interesting, it's probably not correct.  Dealing with Comcast is like dealing with a used car salesman.  Their rates and fees are negotiable depending on how long & hard you want to struggle with them.

I'm really disappointed in the city's lack of intervention in this issue.  Since it is your bureau, frankly, this reflects on you.  Internet is becoming an essential service, for individuals, and for our city.  Comcast is an extremely difficult monopoly to deal with.  There are many possible ways to improve the situation, despite the federal restrictions.  I would be happy to discuss ideas with you.

Posted by: Paul Rippey - July 17, 2014 11:23 AM

Thanks for all this. Inspired by this blog and by the Ryan Block tape, I just called Comcast. I was polite, and perfectly honest: I said, "I heard that people can reduce their bill by a third by asking, so I'm asking." After about four minutes with a totally helpful rep named Zack, he offered me a one-year reduction from $119 to $81 and change. He said it will go up to $91 in the second year, but by then, we might have Google fiber, and COMPETITION, and then we can talk seriously. Anyway, it was a good tip, and I totally recommend just asking.

Posted by: raina mcfrog - December 09, 2016 12:10 AM

So basically what I see you saying is you know Comcast rips everyone off every day, refusing to be honest about lower cost options or even what the bill actually will be without fees.  The solution you found is to publish an ancient document on their cheaper options so some people can try to wrangle the truth from them when they call and talk to people in India on commission. Or we can waste hours on the phone with the Consumerist ideas, which I have found often result in nothing.  The offer to shut it off, offer discounts, then do nothing to the account.  What, other than what I might suspect are bribes, exactly is keeping you from allowing competition from other than CenturyLink, which is usually worse, or even doing something about how they routinely rip people off all day every day?  They've been caught cramming and slamming over and over by many different groups.   Several times I was told someone at my house (didn't happen!) bought their superdeluxe package and I had to pay for it.  So you found out they can't debundle packages and that's it, just let them continue to rip everyone off with outright dishonesty?  

I also noticed you're responsable for parks.  Thank you for taking so much time on Laurelhurst and Reed that I literally cannot walk 3 blocks in my neighborhood without encourtering needles or feces.  Other than nobody caring about us here in Outer SE paying astronomically higher property taxes, is there ANY reason at all that this is not tolerated closer in?  I heard it was a complaint based system, maybe if we were economically better off here we could do hundreds of complaints.  Remember that news story saying we did 500 complaints and a few days later they sped to Laurelhurst over "dozens."  

Sounds like you're doing a great job protecting those with lower property taxes who can pay the higher comcast bills and not have to worry about their heroin compounds and mobile meth labs getting picked up in more than a few days.  Other than favoritism in neighborhoods that again actually pay less property taxes, is there any other reason for the neglect of Lents?  An official reason why their dozen complaints means sweeps and our hundreds means nothing? It's said there aren't enough crews to get the poor folks and the rich, maybe you should hire some before more of our children find needles on our playground.

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Starlight Parade
Resolution on Potential Health Impacts of Wireless Facilities
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Short-term extension on Sidewalk Obstructions Ordinance
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World Water Day, Sunday 3/22
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City Council hearings
Columbia River Bridge Discussion
Westside Express Service
Radon Awareness Month - Radon in your home can kill you, and you don't need to move to fix the problem
Citizen Representatives needed - Bureau of Communications User Board
Go Blazers! - Amanda at the January 2nd Portland Trailblazers game
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Barge Launch with Tom Sass