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 Welcome to Commissioner Amanda Fritz's site! 


Dear Neighbor, 


Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope you'll be glad you did!


This is a stressful time.  It is urgent we all take the COVID-19 virus seriously, and each of us must do our part to stop its spread.  It's also a time when many Portlanders are questioning what's happening, and what to do.  My team and I are posting frequent updates with current updates on the Blog page of this website, as well as on FaceBook.  You are also welcome to email us with questions, suggestions, or concerns.  See the Meet the Team page for contact information.  We will get through this together - even though that means not meeting up in person for right now.  Stay home, Stay healthy if you don't have essential work to perform - to protect those who do, and our entire community

  • My announcement about not seeking re-election in 2020 is posted here.


My assigned bureaus are the Office of Equity and Human Rights and the Portland Water Bureau.  Commissioner Fish is now in charge of Parks.  I also have oversight of the Open and Accountable Elections program.



For urgent (24/7) response on Water Bureau emergencies, please call 503-823-4874


General Water Bureau Customer Service: 503-823-7770


Water Quality concerns: 503-823-7525


Office of Equity and Human Rights front desk: 503-823-4433


For questions and concerns involving all City, County, and Prosper Portland (formerly Portland Development Commission) issues, please call 503-823-4000 or email cityinfo@portlandoregon.gov to request assistance.  This route works both if you need urgent attention, and when you don't know which bureau handles the issue you're concerned about.  This is by far the most efficient way to find out which bureau/staff can best solve your problem.  My staff and I often call 823-4000 to seek advice and information on navigating Portland's Commission form of government.  




Are you wondering what is being done to help people experiencing houselessness on a long term basis, as well as for temporary shelter?  An easy-to-read summary of the City/County plan, known as A Home For Everyone, is posted here.Progress in 2018 is posted here


Note, I use the term "houseless" not "homeless".  A survey has shown that 80% of the people unsheltered in Portland today have been Multnomah County residents for more than two years.  Portland is their home.  They don't have houses or apartments, but they are still our neighbors.  Only 15% of those seeking services in Portland came to our city from elsewhere.  Often, those folks come from other parts of the Metro region or the state of Oregon. 


In the past 10 years, the City, County, and Home Forward (formerly the Housing Authority of Portland) have helped over 12,000 people get off the streets and into homes.  In the past ten years, average rent has increased 30% while average wage has decreased 5%.  People are losing their housing every day due to this imbalance. 


To fix this, the plan identifies $30 million in additional funding is needed - $20 million ongoing for services, such as rent assistance, subsidies, social services, etc.,; and $10 million for construction of new affordable housing.  The plan calls for $5 million in additional funding for shelters, and $12.5 million for permanent supportive housing, in order to cut the number of people living outside by 50% in two years (i.e., by the end of 2017).


The City Council allocated more than $28 million to this work in the 2016-17 Adopted City Budget.  This is in addition to the Council tripling the budget for the Portland Housing Bureau, previously over the seven years I have been in office and voting on budgets. The plan states; "What it takes to end homelessness: Do enough, for long enough".  The question is now, are Portlanders willing to pay what it takes to do enough, for long enough?  We know what needs to be done.  We know what works and how to get to the goal.  Are Portlanders willing to sacrifice other services, to pay for what it takes? 





If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal or having another kind of mental health crisis, call 503-988-4888 instead of 9-1-1, to talk with mental health professionals at the Multnomah County Crisis Line.  If you'd prefer to talk with qualified staff and volunteers at a non-profit, call Lines for Life at 800-273-8255 or text 273TALK to 839863Every year, Lines for Life volunteers and professionals take tens of thousands of crisis calls, and resolve 99% of them by the phone conversation.  If you need mental health help, call either number.




** Here's a useful link to the website where you can see your personal recycling/garbage/yard waste collection schedule, and sign up for a reminder email each week:






Let us embrace the call to action of our 44th President, Barack Obama. In his second Inauguration Speech on the holiday celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President Obama said,




"You and I, as citizens, have the obligation to shape the debates of our time - not only with the votes we cast, but with the voices we lift in defense of our most ancient values and enduring ideals. Let each of us now embrace, with solemn duty and awesome joy, what is our lasting birthright. With common effort and common purpose, with passion and dedication, let us answer the call of history and carry into an uncertain future that precious light of freedom."



Thank you for engaging in making decisions with your Council.   



Amanda's Signature



Our Office Mission:


As public servants and advocates, we provide effective leadership by using resources wisely, promoting cityzen* engagement, listening to and analyzing input, and sharing information and access.


* "cityzen" denotes a person who lives, works, pays, plays, or prays in Portland, regardless of whether they are a Citizen of the United States of America eligible to vote in Portland.


My role:


As an elected official, the Commissioner makes decisions based on facts and broad public input, seeking the long term public good for the whole city, with shared benefits and responsibilities for all Portlanders present and future.




 Helpful phone numbers:


City/County Information - 503-823-4000

Call this number to find the answer on any local issue


Multnomah County Crisis Line, for people experiencing mental illnesses - 503-988-4888


Statewide Information - 1-800-SAFENET (723-3638)

Call this number for State of Oregon services






Photo by Robert Wilson


The 2009 Pride Parade was especially fun for me, as my three children

Luke, Ali, and Maxwell

carried the banner for our group.

Many thanks to everyone who cheered and clapped for us.




Where's Amanda? 

See here for summaries of last week/next week's calendars




I believe the people of Portland, when given accurate, inclusive information that isn't full of acronyms and insider-speak, make good choices about what's worth spending time and money on, and what isn't. As a community organizer, I experienced problems with finding that accurate, clear data. It shouldn't be so hard for citizens to find out what is going on in City government. I promised during my campaign for City Commissioner to work to make it easier, and this site is part of the process of honoring that commitment.


Click here for tips on how to use my site to stay connected with what's happening at City Hall, in my bureaus, and in Portland's neighborhoods.

  • If there is a crime in progress, if a serious threat or problem is developing, or if there is an emergency, PP&R staff and citizens should call Emergency 9-1-1.
  • For non-emergency park-related problems or special situations, call the Park Rangers at 503-823-1637.
  • For dog attacks or other serious situations involving animals, call Multnomah County Animal Control at 503-248-3790 or call Police Non-Emergency at 503-823-3333.
  • You can also report a park problem online at Park Scan: www.parkscanpdx.org
  • For park maintenance problems, call 503-823-1600.
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