Public Systems Additions
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DRAFT4c. Public Systems Additions

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These maps highlight major public systems additions, specifically light rail lines (built over the last 25 years) and park system additions, the latter funded through system development charges from new residential development. These types of public systems additions are intended to help accommodate growth.

High Capacity Transit

Since the opening of the Portland region’s first light rail line in 1986, the light rail system has been expanded to four lines that extend east, west, north and south. Light rail serves the Central City and some of Portland’s mixed-use centers (such as Gateway, Hollywood and Lents), which are intended to accommodate significant amounts of housing and commercial growth. Other areas adjacent to light rail stations, such as the Interstate Avenue corridor and along the Eastside MAX line, are also intended for concentrated development to capitalize on their high-quality transit service.


Parkland acquisitions and development have been less closely tied to areas where growth is intended to be concentrated, with few parks additions having taken place in Portland’s mixed-use centers. An exception is the Central City, where new parks have been created for the high-density Pearl and South Waterfront districts.