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Read news, documents, press releases and speeches about bureaus formerly in Dan's portfolio: Portland Parks and Recreation, the Office of Sustainable Development, the Office of Neighborhood Involvement and the Office of Cable Communications and Franchise Management.

Join City Commissioner Saltzman, County Commissioner Jeff Cogen, State Senator Chip Sheilds, and State Representative Lew Frederick

City of Portland and Energy Trust of Oregon award $425,000 in green building grants to innovative development projects

Portland Parks & Recreation, Bureau of Environmental Services, Metro and the Trust for Public Land make possible the acquisition of the "Waterleaf" Property on Clatsop Butte

Supporting local businesses in resource conservation

City Council offices recognized for sustainable business operations

City Council adopts peak oil task force resolution

Information about Dan's Clean Energy Initiative

The city of Portland joined a national recycling campaign designed by global business leaders Time Inc. and International Paper, along with the National Recycling Coalition.

Commisioner Saltzman expects many low-income residents to benefit from this new free service

Ordinance regulating Payday lenders introduced by Commissioner Saltzman that was accepted unanimously by City Council

Code language associated with the City of Portland's Payday Loan regulation

Tomorrow, the Portland City Council will consider Commissioner Dan Saltzman’s proposed ordinance to license and regulate payday lenders in the City of Portland

Diggable City Phase II report presented and accepted by City Council

Mayor Tom Potter and Commissioner Dan Saltzman cut the wires for those working and visiting City Hall

The City recieves six proposals for the construction and operation of a citywide wireless network

Commissioner Saltzman wins the 2005 Better Bricks Award for Professional Services

Chief Sizer says a major effort has been made to cut incidents

Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman and Multnomah County Chair Ted Wheeler will co-chair the Local Public Safety Coordinating Council (LPSCC) in 2009

MY VIEW • Commissioner sees hard work ahead to maintain livability in tough economic times

"'Dan is not a person anyone can roll'"

The choice defuses a standoff but leaves reform on the table

Mayor-elect Sam Adams today named Commissioner Dan Saltzman to oversee the city's Police Bureau

"Morning, noon and night, sexual activity is a constant on 82nd. Here a would-be john is arrested after picking up a 14-year-old..."

"City Commissioners Sam Adams and Randy Leonard wondered why Multnomah County sheriff's deputies recently hired to be Portland police officers should remain on probation for 12 months..."

Portland is the first city to approve a human trafficking resolution

Commisioner Saltzman's Op-ed in the April 28, 2005 Oregonian on City Counicl's vote to pull out of the JTTF

Dan speaks out against Qwest's latest atempt to ban cost saving telecom services for local governments and schools 9/7/2005

Commisioner Saltzman travels south to accept the award for Portland being Green

Commissioner Saltzman introduces new Green Building standards for the City of Portland

Resolution adopted by Portland City Council

Report to Council, Wind Power for Portland: Portland Request for Information to Buy Renewable Electricity from an Oregon Wind Farm

Urban Agricultural Inventory Resolution

The City of Portland's response to the federal USA Patriot Act

Portland takes a leadership role in strengthening environmental stewardship and economic development by instituting Green Building Standards (LEED).

"On Tuesday, November 7, the citizens of Portland voted to exempt from civil service, all Bureau Directors hired after December 31, 2000. This is the first charter change the City has passed since 1994..."

"The City of Portland, Multnomah County Information and Referral Program answers questions ranging from concerns about illegally parked cars, people looking for assistance with monthly bills..."

"City Commissioner Dan Saltzman states that 'Building giant concrete slabs with no thought whatsoever to their environmental impact has got to stop...'"

City Commissioner Dan Saltzman has selected David Lane to head the Office of Neighborhood involvement (ONI)

Speech to POVA re: sustainable tourism

Speech to IRCO re: welcoming immigrants to Portland
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