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Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Fund

Bureau Website: Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Fund

Bureau Mission: The Bureau of Fire and Police Disability and Retirement administers disability, death and retirement benefits to Portland firefighters, police officers and their survivors.


Report of the FPD&R Reform Committee

Commissioner Saltzman declared a winner by Willanette Week for his decsison to bring FPD&R reforms to the November Ballot

Commissioner Saltzman and City Council agree on path for FPD&R Reform

Commissioners are quick to stamp out Dan Saltzman's call for a May vote on fire, police disability fund

"Those who think Portland's benefits system for disabled cops and firefighters is far too cozy have a fresh case study to ponder..."

Recommendations - A citizens committee proposes dismantling the pension and disability system to reduce future costs

..."Apparently, the fund has been paying out disability claims to people who weren't injured on the job, to people who are perfectly capable of working..."

Potter and Adams are poised to lend muscle on Portland's pension tug-of-war.
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