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Community led protocol assisted by OYVP and other public services.

Table of Contents
Gang violence drops in Portland so far this year (2017)
Community Partnerships Credited with Reduction in Violence
Community Peace Collaborative Brings Community Together, supporting Community Suffering Loss
Community Peace Collaborative Public Forum - Supporting Community through Trauma Informed Care
Creating a seamless transition for immigrants to the City
What Does Gang Related Mean?
April 2015 Team of Dreams East African All Stars - Basketball
3/30/15 Community Survey Outcomes
2015, A New fresh start: immigrant youth stay above street influences
3/27/15, Gang violence: 8 ways Portland is (or should be) fighting it
06/19/12, Oregonian: Protocol Guidelines Established for Gang Related Funerals
02/19/09, Oregonian: Portland steers anti-gang money to streets
December 19, 2008, Oregonian: Local Church Leaders Denounce Gang Violence