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Antoinette Edwards facilitating a community meeting

The Office of Youth Violence Prevention (OYVP) was created on July 17, 2006. It reflects priorities identified by City Council to build a more family-friendly city and increase public safety, and reflects the emphasis on attacking the root causes of problems in neighborhoods, rather than simply focusing on policing efforts. OYVP is staffed by a director and policy manager who coordinate resource services, administrate grant funding to private non-profit organizations, and facilitate and join community problem-solving.

Antoinette Edwards, Eldridge Broussard, Kevin Modica 

OYVP Director Antoinette Edwards presents new and interesting programming ideas to the Local Public Safety Coordinating Council Youth and Gang Violence Sub-Committee, a multi-governmental effort to combat gang violence in Portland. Pictured (center) is Eldridge Broussard III, director of the Broussard Foundation in Gresham, Ore., and author of The Challenge to Change, a 52-week guide for youth. Next to Mr. Broussard are Antoinette Edwards and Assistant Chief Kevin Modica with the Portland Police Bureau, a member of LPSCC.