Portland Plan Public Participation Progress Report for Phase III Online - October 8, 2011
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The purpose of this report is to document and evaluate the outreach and public participation activities for Phase 3 of the Portland Plan public involvement process. This report, along with the reports for other Portland Plan public involvement phases, will serve as documentation for the Community Involvement Committee (CIC). The committee is charged with updating the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission on the City's public engagement process as it relates to state-mandated periodic review.


Phase 3 of Portland Plan public involvement (Sept. 1, 2010–May 31, 2011) focused on partnering with organizations, especially the Diversity and Civic Leadership Partners, to team up on outreach; strived for a more targeted outreach to the business community and large employers; and provided forums for community discussion and information sharing to a broader range of Portlanders.


The report is now available for public review.


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