December 1, 2010 - Healthy and Complete Communities with Dr. Robert Ogilvie
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DobsonNoelle Dobson is Project Director for Oregon Public Health Institute. Her work focuses on policy and environmental change strategies that address the connection between the built environment and health, with an emphasis on promoting active living and healthy eating. Ms. Dobson also directs OPHI's emerging Health Impact Assessment Initiate, which is examining the health impacts of transportation and land use policies and projects. Ms. Dobson received her Masters in Public Health from Portland State University's School of Community Health, with a focus on Advocacy and Social Change. Prior to her work with Community Health Partnership she coordinated a community-based research project to assess environmental health hazards for low-income residents in North Portland.


SpevacEli Spevak has been creating affordable, community-oriented housing developments in Portland since he came here in 2004 to volunteer as a construction site supervisor with Portland Habitat for Humanity. Since then, he has worked with community based non-profit organizations Human Solutions, Inc. and the Housing Development Center to develop over 250 units of affordable housing. After taking a year off to work as a backcountry ranger, Eli launched a development and general contractor company, Orange Splot LLC, with a mission to pioneer new models of community-oriented, affordable, green housing developments in Portland - ideally within an easy bike ride of his house. Orange Splot was honored as the City of Portland's 2010 BEST Award recipient for Best Product or Service.


NealMargaret B. Neal is the Director of the Institute on Aging and Professor of Community Health at Portland State University. She teaches graduate courses in data collection methods and gerontology. Her research has focused on the characteristics and creation of age-friendly cities, transportation options for older adults, the challenges and opportunities of managing paid employment and unpaid elder care, strategies for promoting healthy aging, and aging in developing countries.





ChaMr. Lee Po Cha, MBA, is the Associate Director of the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization. Mr. Cha is a former Hmong refugee from the country of Laos. He came to Oregon in 1978 and received his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Marylhurst University. Mr. Cha has worked for IRCO for 28 years and helped to found the Asian Family Center, an IRCO program, in 1994. He also heads Project Interwoven Tapestry, which works to link refugees and neighborhood groups as well as IRCO’s Community Needs Assessment Committee, which has organized annual Refugee and Immigrant Community Building conferences over the past three years. Mr. Cha is also very active within his own community both nationally and locally; he served as the president of the Hmong American Unity of Oregon, the local Hmong MAA, and negotiated a community policing agreement between the Portland Police Bureau and the Hmong community. He is multilingual in Hmong, Lao, Thai, and English.

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