Phase II Workshops Wrap with Three in One Week - May 27, 2010
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The last week of Portland Plan workshops ended with three in a row on May 15, 17 and 18, spanning the city from East Portland to Southwest and in between. 
East Portlanders showed they really cared when dozens came out to David Douglas High School on a sunny Saturday morning to talk about the future of their city and neighborhood. As Commissioner Amanda Fritz (only the seventh woman to serve on City Council) sang Fly Me to the Moon, people gathered in the David Douglas High School cafeteria on May 15 to talk about issues relevant to their part of town. It was a low-key morning, allowing participants to settle into their conversations about the nine action areas of the Portland Plan and the issue of equity for all Portlanders. Longtime neighborhood activist Linda Robinson won the social media raffle, taking home a $25 gift certificate to Burgerville. And when it was all over, it was still sunny!

On Monday, May 17, Portland's business community gathered at Keen, Inc’s headquarters in the Pearl. The company’s hip Community Room -- complete with ping-pong table, drum set and electric guitar, foosball game and beat box, and sprinkled throughout with multi-colored pillow-stools – was the setting for this workshop focused on the Prosperity & Business Success action area. Using handheld clickers, participants voted on proposed goals and objectives and shared their opinions about how to help Portland's businesses grow and thrive. Thanks to James Curleigh, CEO and president, and Taya Kolstad and Chris Enlow for coordination and set up. Keen facilities are just like their shoes: unique and functional!


Watch the "Portland Plan Phase II: Keen, Inc. 5/17/10" on Channel 30 at:

  • Friday 5/28, 2:30 PM
  • Sunday 5/30, 2:30 PM
  • Tuesday 6/1, 5:00 PM
  • Friday 6/4, 9:30 PM

And, finally, Southwest Portland had its say at Jackson Middle School on Tuesday, May 18. Under a canopy of Calderesque mobiles, residents had a lot to say about 20-minute neighborhoods and sidewalks. Participants also had a lively discussion about equity, which was preceded by a brief presentation by Tony DeFalco of Verde NW, who talked about how his organization addresses sustainability within the Latino community and works to provide jobs as well. It was an exciting evening because of the elections and a final episode of Lost, and the passion for process and "doing it right" was evident in the quality of conversations, all of which were shared as we wrapped up the evening.

What’s next?

Thank you, Portlanders, for "giving a rip!" Now look for us at street fairs, festivals and brown bags over the summer, and get ready for Phase Three in the fall.

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