Powerpoint Overview of Preliminary Background Report Findings from Planning Commission Hearing on January 26, 2010 - January 27, 2010
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At the first of three initial public hearings before Planning Commission on the background reports for the Portland Plan, Eric Engstrom (Portland Plan Manager at BPS) provided an overview presentation to the Planning Commission. Staff is seeking public and commission feedback on the DRAFT Background Reports, which have been available on the Portland Plan website since November 2009. The presentation was well received, and Commissioner Chris Smith commented that the Powerpoint was a good condensation of the content of the many background reports. Staff referenced Planning Commission concerns about tying the visionPDX results to the Portland Plan, noting that this work will be presented in the Spring 2010 workshops.


Three individuals provided verbal testimony at the hearing, with specific comments regarding issues ranging from neighborhood diversity, integrating natural hazard preparation into the Plan, population forecasting and other issues. Individual commissioners asked several questions as well, including how the potential CRC Bridge, PSU, and Town Center planning is integrated into the work. Future hearings in February and March 2010 will expand on this preliminary presentation and focus more specifically on tasks related to the Periodic Review of the Comprehensive Plan.



View the presentation (PDF)

View the Planning Commission flyer (PDF)


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