Youth BOMB! the Portland Plan - December 14, 2009
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Are you one of the 121,000 Youth who live, work, play, or go to school in Portland?

You're invited to help shape Portland's future!


Portland Plan Youth BOMB


Come to the Portland Plan workshop and tell us what you think:

  • What kind of fun and vibrant places do you want to have in Portland?

  • How do you want to get around?

  • What things will make you successful, the way YOU want to be successful?  

  • What kind of choices should government make in order for our ideas to come to life?

Youth BOMB! the Portland Plan - December 15th
Choices, Choices, Choices:  The City needs to hear from you!  Your future in Portland depends on how the City plans now — with a plan that focuses not just on transit and infrastructure but health, education and equity. Come join the conversation... because more voices means better choices.

What happens at a "community workshop”?
The Mayor will explain exactly what the Portland Plan is. You’ll also get a chance to “vote” by using a handheld device and participate in group discussions. Youth Planners will be at the workshops to hear from you about what you think is important. You can also fill out a paper survey or online at www.pdxplan.com.

Refreshments Provided.

Make your voice heard!  As one of the 121,000 youth in Portland, don't be shy!

Youth BOMB! the Portland Plan - December 15th
University of Oregon Old Town- rooms 142 and 144
70 NW Couch Street in downtown
Trimet: at Skidmore Fountain MAX Blue and Red Line Station


Progress Report


The 2017 Progress Report shows how the 142 actions in the Portland Plan are moving forward and highlights new opportunities and heightened priorities to advance the City’s goals.


The Portland Plan


The Portland Plan was unanimously adopted by City Council on April 25, 2012.


Questions? Call 503-823-7700

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