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Food Choices: Think. Eat. Save. - March 11, 2013
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The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has selected the City of Portland to host this year’s North American World Environment Day on June 5. UNEP also recognizes the importance of decreasing food waste and its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions as they highlight their Think. Eat. Save. campaign for this year’s event.

The U.N. group's press release says that 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every year, which contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. The group's Think. Eat. Save. campaign specifically targets food wasted by consumers, retailers and the hospitality industry. The U.N. hopes to raise awareness -- from food producers to national and world leaders -- in order to reduce our "foodprint."

Think. Eat. Save. provides news, global facts and resources for action to combat food waste, such as these 10 consumer tips. The site also has links to reports and food waste reduction campaigns in Australia, Denmark and the U.K. that really are making a difference.

And check out Greatist for more facts and another 29 tips for reducing your food waste at the grocery store, at home and during meals. As they say, "cutting back on food waste is incredibly easy." You just need to think about what you eat and you'll save money, time and the earth's resources.

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