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Food Choices: Face the Food Waste Facts with Infographics - September 27, 2012
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Face the Facts infographic about food wasteHave we mentioned Jonathan Bloom and his book “American Wasteland: How American Throws Away Nearly Half of It’s Food (And What We Can Do About It)?”

His website, Wasted Food, is packed with information on food waste and useful posts—from Jonathan and his readers—on how to reduce the astounding amount of food that never gets eaten.

Ira Flatow from NPR’s Science Friday recently interviewed Jonathan, along with Dana Gunders of Natural Resources Defense Council, to talk more about food waste in America.

“Forty percent of the food in the U.S. today goes uneaten, which means Americans are throwing out the equivalent of 165 billion—with a B—billion dollars worth of food each year. But that's not all. Food waste, as it decays in landfills, also produces methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas.”

To help us visualize this, Wasted Food recently posted links to two food waste infographics.

One is an infographic from Face the Facts which is posting a daily visual fact that will run until election day. Fact #6 is Supersized Hunger Pangs, Supersized Waste and shows, among other intriguing graphics, the 91 Empire State Buildings that could be filled with American's yearly food waste.

The other is The Ugly Truth on Food Waste, from a Canadian catering company called Feast, and combines stats and tips.

Here are a few actions that can help us reduce our personal food waste:

  • Plan your meals before you grocery shop.
  • Serve smaller portions and use up leftovers.
  • Think twice about jumping on bulk deals and check expiration dates.
  • Rotate your food in your fridge and bring all the old food to the front after buying new food.

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