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Sustainability is BEST for Business - April 7, 2011
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Best 2010On April 19th, the Portland business community will come together to applaud local businesses for something other than profit. The 19th annual BEST Awards celebrate Portland businesses for leadership and success in achieving social, environmental and economic sustainability through business.

Up to ten businesses of all sizes will be recognized for their unique contributions to Portland’s sustainable business climate. Last year’s winners included Orange Splot, a housing development company that creates a new kind of community-oriented, green, affordable and energy-efficient housing, and Hopworks Urban Brewery, which uses 100 percent renewable energy and strives for zero waste.

This year, Nicky Gavron, member of the London Assembly and former Deputy Mayor of London, will share stories about her groundbreaking campaign to reduce CO2 emissions, which demonstrated the impact of political and business leadership working hand in hand against climate change.

Check out this year’s BEST Awards to be inspired by another crop of homegrown businesses that practice sustainability in new and innovative ways. The first 50 early birds will receive a Chinook Book mobile coupon pack (for use on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad).

Buy tickets by Friday, April 15th at http://bestbusinesscenter.org/recognition/best-awards-breakfast/.

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