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Your Stuff: Get More of the Good Stuff - Printable Version - October 21, 2010
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Be Resourceful

"When it came time to purchase my lawnmower, I decided to buy a sturdy, efficient, push model for a few dollars more. I’ve been using it for several years, it still works great, and I even loan it out to my neighbor on occasion!"

- Fred and Melissa Ribner, SE Portland

We can make the biggest difference by being thoughtful about the amount of stuff we have. Reducing the need to extract, manufacture and transport materials is one of the most effective ways residents can curb climate change. We can ensure that our larger purchases are more meaningful, durable and something we can hand down to future generations. We can invest in experiences with family and friends rather then things. We can share, maintain, and fix tools that are used for the home. And we can avoid unwanted clutter such as junk mail and excess packaging.

Thoughtful consumption allows us to look at everyday choices and purchases that reflect our values and to consider the upstream costs of goods and services.

Be Resourceful

Be Resourceful is about sharing stories, ideas and resources and connecting with others through closely held values. It’s about thinking differently around our relationship with our stuff.

What is a recent purchase you made or an action that you have taken? How was it meaningful for you?

Local residents are already finding creative ways to get what they need while spending their limited time, money and energy on what matters most: enjoying healthier, more satisfying lifestyles and building strong relationships. Be Resourceful highlights the new opportunities and experiences you can create when you choose local resources to borrow, share and repair the things you need, and choose to buy for value, durability and utility.

Share your story. Find local resources. Learn from others. Be Resourceful

More information and tips available at www.oregonmetro.gov/nowaste.


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