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Food Choices: Chew on this! - Printable Version - July 21, 2010
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We all do it. Often three times a day. Sometimes on the go. Occasionally over several hours. Out of necessity, habit or enjoyment. In celebration or in stress. We eat!

Right now, the expansive food industry is responsible for about 16 percent of household carbon emissions in Portland. A huge part of these emissions are dictated by our food decisions -- meaning they don’t have to happen. By making the choice to be a conscientious eater, even just one day a week, you can make a major difference.

So next time you are in line to dine, have a zeal for a meal, or are just all right for a bite – think about these carbon-friendly diet actions:

  • Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and less reliant on meat;
  • Eating organic, local and in season when you can;
  • Trying to avoid processed goods and packaging; and
  • Growing your own food!

Be sure to check back for some helpful tips and resources to guide your low-carbon eating!

In the meantime, check out this great short film by WhyHunger that presents a global overview of climate change’s connection with agriculture.

The Food and Climate Connection from WhyHunger on Vimeo.


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