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How your stuff affects the climate (and your life)

Did you know that 35 percent of the total carbon emissions in Multnomah County come from the mining, making, moving, using and tossing of the stuff we use everyday?

By making small changes in your everyday choices about purchasing goods and services, you can significantly lower your carbon footprint.

Take action now for the climate

  • Buy durable goods and clothing, and repair them when they become worn or damaged.
  • Compost in your backyard or use a worm bin.
  • Recycle at home and at work.

These actions will help you:

  • Save money. The Be Cart Smart collection system is set up so you pay less for a smaller garbage can or less frequent pickup.
  • Reduce clutter and get organized. Say no to unwanted junk mail and excess packaging, and pay bills online.
  • Spend more time with family and friends. Support Portland’s arts, crafts and restaurant communities.
  • Explore your neighborhood. Take a trip to your local library, a street fair, park, community center or swimming pool.


Climate friendly actions you can take at home!

Ready for more? View the full list of climate-friendly actions!

Reduce waste and recycle at home

Garbage and Recycling at Home

Reduce waste and recycle at work

Sustainability at Work

Find recycling centers for non-curbside items

Metro Find A Recycler

Properly dispose of old electronics

Oregon E-Cycles

Stories and resources around thoughtful consumption

Be Resourceful

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