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20's Bikeway Meeting 7 p.m. January 15th, 2014

20's Bikeway Meeting January 15th


The “Master Plan” for bike lanes dedicates space for bike lanes on NE and SE 28th Avenue.  To create an even standard for two-way lanes, there needs to be removal of about 101 motor vehicle parking spaces.

  • This project is in the Public Involvement stage and on January 15th there will be a meeting facilitated by a 22 person committee to discuss alternatives to removing valuable parking.

  • Project location: 28th & NE Broadway through 29th & Hawthorne

  • Problem Location: NE Broadway to Stark & 26ths AVE to Division

Meeting Location: Pacific Crest School, 116 NE 29th ave, 7:00-9:00 PM.



Commissioner in Charge: Commissioner Novick


Staff Contact: Rich Newlands   503-823-7780