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Protected Sick Time Administrative Rules open for Public Comment

Protected Sick Time Administrative Rules have been drafted, and the proposed Rules are now open for Public Comment. 


BackgroundOn March 13, the Portland City Council passed an historic ordinance supporting human rights in the United States of America, and the health of businesses and employees here in Portland. This year, up to 40% of employees in Portland don't receive even a single day of paid sick leave. It is a public health concern when people who are sick with the flu have to choose between staying home to recover, and being able to pay their bills. Many employees choose to work sick so they can continue to provide for their families.  These considerations led to the unanimous adoption by the Portland City Council of the Protected Sick Time ordinance, and the regulations in Chapter 9 in Portland City Code.


The 2013 State Legislature decided not to set statewide standards for Paid Sick Leave, via HB 3390 and SB 801.  The Legislature has set up a Task Force to review the issue before the 2014 session. As promised, Portland will move forward with implementing local regulations in January 2014.  No amendments to the ordinance adopted in March are being considered at this time.  Portland's regulations will go into effect January 1, 2014.


A public process to adopt Administrative Rules began on August 5th, with notice of the posting of the Draft Rules on August 15th.  The Public Comment period will be open for 21 days, through September 6th.  All comments will be considered by the City Attorney's office, which will adopt the final Rules.  Comments may be mailed to:


City Attorney’s Office

1220 SW 4th Avenue,

Portland, OR 97204


Comments are also welcome via email.


This link is to the public notice that includes the instructions for providing comments and a link to the document:




This link is directly to the document itself:





Commissioner in Charge: Amanda Fritz


Please copy your comments to Amanda@portlandoregon.gov


Call Jasmine in Commissioner Fritz's office at 503-823-3008 with questions.