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DRAFT Revised draft Work Plan 9/9/11

Changes from 8/31/11 Draft Work Plan underlined.


Exhibit C






1. The Office will apply the definition and vision of equity from The Portland Plan.  It will direct, monitor and evaluate City equity policy and coordinate an implementation strategy for the Equity Initiative Recommendations of The Portland Plan.   See Exhibit D, Draft Portland Plan Equity Initiative, for Action items.


2  The Office will forge collaborative relationships with other bureaus, while maintaining accountability for elevating equity and protection of human rights as a standard practice of business for the City.


3.  The Office will work with the Diversity Development/Affirmative Action office, Title VI Civil Rights, Title II ADA, Disability program in the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, the Office of Management and Finance and other departments as appropriate to create a comprehensive data collection and tracking system, as a first step in developing equity evaluation metrics.


4.  The Office will review City policies and programs through an “equity lens” for consistency with equity goals, and monitor City equity activities. An equity lens is a new framework and tool for analysis, planning, decision-making and evaluation, incorporating criteria assessing impacts on diverse constituent communities.  The equity lens tool specific to Portland will be developed and implemented by the Office in partnership with Council, bureau staff, and community members.  The Office will provide guidance, education and technical assistance to other bureaus as they develop sustainable methods to build capacity in achieving equitable outcomes and service as outlined in The Portland Plan.


5.  The Office will establish priorities, goals, objectives, and timelines for its work.  These will include an initial focus leading with race/ethnicity, and working on issues of disability.  The initial priorities for the Office will be to address disparities in employment and service delivery with regard to race, ethnicity and disability.  Creation of a city-wide and/or region-wide initiative to eliminate disparities and promote social justice is anticipated.  The Office will join with work already under way in this regard, as capacity becomes available.


6.  The Office will build on and learn from previous equity and human rights work inside and outside the City.  Staff will consult with other cities and governmental agencies to learn about their practices.


7.  The Office will establish reasonable and attainable metrics to advance the City’s equity goals, using available tools and developing new implementation mechanisms as needed.  It will review and incorporate sustainable best practices to implement and monitor progress towards eliminating disparities


8.  The Office will develop and maintain a relationship of transparency and accountability with the community on equity and human rights matters, including presenting an Annual Report to Council.   


9.  The Office will work to use resources efficiently and coordinate the existing equity-related initiatives and work to avoid duplication of effort or leaving urgent needs unmet.  It will coordinate with external institutions, agencies, businesses, and community equity and human rights initiatives.


10. The Office will establish an advisory system with community members and City staff, to provide recommendations, partner in the work, and uphold accountability on equity and human rights matters.  The advisory system will provide multiple mechanisms and opportunities to involve the public at large in the work.  


11. The Office will work with the Human Rights Commission and Portland Commission on Disability to refine and focus the Strategic Plan and Action Plan of each.