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Bureau of Parks and Recreation

Liaison Responsibilities:
League of Oregon Cities
Metro Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC)
Visitor Development Fund Board (VDF)
Portland Parks Foundation
Milena Malone, Commissioner's Assistant, 503-823-4124

Milena Malone, Commissioner’s Assistant, graduated from Oregon State University with degrees in Economics and Political Science. She previously worked at Metro, the Portland area regional government. Milena tends to find interest in just about anything she encounters—although land-use and transportation planning are particularly captivating—and is always motivated to understand all sides of an issue to find the best solution. In her free she time loves to travel (having spent most of her childhood summers in Europe) and spend time outdoors with her darling mutt, Enzo. Milena enjoys working and talking with all kinds of people.  Milena will be glad to help you schedule an appointment with the Commissioner, and to work with you on issues related to Metro, the NW Parking Plan, or Coal Exports.