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Next Up at City Council, 1/14/09

The Portland City Council Agenda for Wednesday January 14 is here.


The items I'm looking into:

32  Repeal the limit on the annual cumulative value of new projects that apply for tax exemption under the New Transit Supportive Residential or Mixed-Use Development program so new transit-oriented multifamily projects can move forward, creating new jobs to stimulate the Portland area economy  (Resolution introduced by Mayor Adams and Commissioner Fish; repeal Resolution No. 36453)


The Resolution allows tax breaks for new development near transit lines, in a program that has been suspended due to reaching a designated cap. 


34  Revise Retail Sales and Service regulations for Division Main Street through the Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Package 4  (Second Reading Agenda 5; amend Title 33)


This passed to Second Reading after amendments last week.  The new ordinance is unfortunately a long pdf, with the amended Exhibit A presumably at the end.  I will post the outcome under What Happened?, after the vote.  The discussion at the hearing on 1/7/09 indicated support for allowing increased retail space on the second floor of existing buildings on Division Street, by right without an Adjustment process.  Applicants will be required to meet with Neighborhood Associations and Business Associations, then give a report to City Council about how their proposal was affected.   Not as good as an Adjustment, but I hope it will be a good compromise thatg will stimulate commercial development in these tough economic times.


*35  Amend and restate Ordinance authorizing short term subordinate urban renewal and redevelopment bonds  (Ordinance; amend Ordinance No. 180963)


In implementing my campaign pledge to use taxpayers' money carefully, I will be checking into the implications of this and other bond authorizations.  I am wondering why this is an emergency ordinance.


37  Call Special Elections to fill the unexpired term of City Auditor on May 19, 2009 and, if necessary, July 14, 2009  (Resolution)


I scurried around City Hall most of Thursday afternoon, seeking opinions on how best to move forward with this election and the Public Campaign Financing the code requires for it.  I will attend the regularly-scheduled Citizens Campaign Commission meeting on Monday evening, to continue the pursuit of consensus on this important matter.  I hope to outline further details on the process for Public Campaign Financing for this election, at the hearing on Wednesday.


The Resolution from the Auditor's Office calls for a Special Election in May.  This is the best date of the legal options, in my opinion, because there are other matters on the ballot so the City of Portland won't have to pay the entire cost.  I heard it would cost $400,000 more to hold a separate election.


Final items on the Agenda, for Wednesday afternoon (no Thursday meeting this week):



WEDNESDAY, 2:00 PM, JANUARY 14, 2009


 38  TIME CERTAIN: 2:00 PM - Consider the proposal of Lauren Golden, Parametrix, applicant and Portland Development Commission, owner and the recommendation from the Hearings Officer for approval of a Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment and Zoning Map Amendment for property located at 9204 and 9330 SE Harold St  (Hearing; LU 08-153523 CP ZC)


*39   *Amend the Comprehensive Plan Map designations and change zoning at 9204 and 9330 SE Harold St at the request



The Staff Report is here.


Please use the Contact form below to give input on the above issues, or any others on this week's Agenda.  Comments come to me, and are also delivered to Karla Moore-Love, Council Clerk, for distribution to the entire Council.


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