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Next Up at City Council, 1/7/09

I started work on Friday January 2nd, and spent most of the day cleaning the office, talking with my new staff, and meeting folks in City Hall.  Then Saturday was my Swearing-In ceremony in the Multnomah Center, attended by 250 lovely people.  So I have not had much time/brainpower to review the Agenda for this Wednesday.


The item I've received most comments on (so far) is:


5  TIME CERTAIN: 9:30 AM - Revise Retail Sales and Service regulations for Division Main Street through the Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Package 4  (Ordinance introduced by Mayor Adams; Previous Agenda 1754; amend Title 33)


The link posted on the Auditor's City Council Agenda page goes to a 246-page document in pdf format, which appears to include all 46 major and minor code changes in the Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Package 4 (RICAP 4).  I can't find the relevant information on this particular item, with the scrolling-speed of my City computer.  From the input I've received via e-mail from several viewpoints and in a briefing packet from proponents of the change, i know the issue concerns increasing the permissible size of retail stores on Division Street  The proposal is to continue to allow only 10,000 square feet of retail at the ground floor level, but to permit uses exceeding 10,000 square feet on upper levels.


I will want to hear input from staff, and testimony, about how the proposed amendment will continue to meet the stated Purpose of the Regulation, "Provides neighbors with the opportunity to give early input to developers on significant projects".  It seems the intent of the limitation was to require larger projects to seek an Adjustment, which allows neighbors to comment on the specific proposal.  I'm wondering how that purpose be met if the larger size is allowed by right.


Please comment using the form below, if you'd like to give input by email before the hearing.  Or call my Policy Assistant Cary Turkon at 503-823-3120 to give oral comments. 


In the future, this is the kind of issue you can expect to see opened for discussion on the blog page of this site.  With less than 48 hours until the hearing as I post this summary, and not many readers on this site just yet, that doesn't seem useful this week.


Next Up Comment Form


Other items on the Agenda:


There is a Second Reading on a contract from the Office of Cable Communications and Franchise Management, which I lead.  I will trust my colleagues who heard the presentations at the hearing last year, to make the right votes on that one.  I will find out more about the issue and post more, via my "What Happened?" page, as soon as I can.


Mayor Adams is sponsoring an Ordinance creating the Office of Healthy Working Rivers.  I have been assigned to lead it.  At this point, it is a concept, rather than a defined project.  I will be working hard over the next few weeks to establish the most cost-effective, efficient structure and plan for accomplishing a specific set of goals within set timeframes.


Here's an Agenda item that will help you learn about and participate in that process:





 19  TIME CERTAIN: 2:00 PM - Accept State of the River Report  (Report introduced by Mayor Adams)



The link to that item goes to a 71-page report, once again practically unreadable because of the slow scrolling capacity in relation to the format of the report.  I will be asking for a paper copy before Wednesday. In the coming weeks and months, advocating for information to be posted directly on web pages so it is more easily readable and searchable, and/or for reports with graphics to be also offered in text-only format.


Although the Agenda is short this week, there are other interesting items to be discussed.  I urge you to click the link at the top of the page, and review them for yourself.