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Garbage containers in the Right-of-Way and in Parks

UPDATE 11/13/14: Please contact the Solid Waste and Recycling Hotline 503-823-7202.


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Litter containers in streets may be provided by individual businesses, a business district, TriMet, or other entities.  Concerns about maintenance should be directed to the owner/operator.


To find out who is responsible for a particular trash can, call Debbie Yost in the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability first, at 503-823-7631.


If you cannot get in touch with her, call the BPS general hotline, 503-823-7202.  The staff in BPS will help them determine the jurisdiction over the can and the next steps. 


If you know it is a TriMet container, call their Customer Service number at 503-962-2444


Or, determine whether it is maintained by a contractor or through a volunteer group (they have an Adopt-a-Stop program). A customer service representative at TriMet's administrative offices can answer this question, at 503-962-7505.


The TriMet adopt-a-stop program allows groups to empty/maintain trash cans.  Michelle Wyffels takes care of this program, at 503-962-2180.


Contractors maintain the rest of TriMet's containers. Angie Corbin is the person to call if you have problems with these containers, at 503-674-6907.


Kevin Veaudry Casaus in the Bureau of Planning & Sustainability will try to help you if there is a garbage container that needs special attention or if you would like to suggest a new location for a container. His number is 503-823-5545.


Garbage issues in Parks can be reported at http://www.parkscanpdx.org/.


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