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Commissioner Fish is in charge of the Portland Water Bureau and the Bureau of Environmental Services.  He also serves as Council liaison to Elders in Action, Venture Portland, and the Regional Arts & Culture Council.



The Weekly Catch

May 27, 2016

Council approves contract for Washington Park Resevoir Improvements Project

This morning, Council took a big step forward in preparing our water system for the “Big One”, approving the contract for the Washington Park Reservoir Improvements Project!


The new reservoirs, which will serve Portland’s entire Westside, are designed to withstand a major earthquake, and deliver clean, safe and reliable drinking water in the event of the Big One.


The Water Bureau also presented a new Community Benefits Plan (CBP), which Council will vote on next week. The CBP, which was developed in partnership with community leaders, is designed to expand economic opportunities for Minority, Women, and Emerging Small Businesses on the reservoir project.


Nick is honored to serve as your City Commissioner, and to lead the dedicated and talented professionals at the Portland Water Bureau. We are committed to providing values to our rate payers, and to focusing on basic services, like replacing old pipes and making the system more resilient.


To learn more about the Washington Park Reservoir Project, visit the Portland Water Bureau’s website.

May 25, 2016

Nick visits Terwilliger Plaza


On Saturday, Nick was honored to speak at Terwilliger Plaza.


Terwilliger Plaza is a senior independent living retirement community. Each Saturday, residents invite a guest to share and report a community issue.


Older adults are an important part of the Portland community. Nick is proud to serve on the Advisory Committee for Age-Friendly Portland and City Council liaison to Elders in Action, a local nonprofit dedicated to creating a vibrant community of elders to enhance in civic engagement.


At Terwilliger Plaza, Nick gave a speech on the State of Our Public Utilities. He spoke about what he’s learned as the Commissioner in charge of the Portland Water Bureau and the Bureau of Environmental Services, as well as current challenges and future goals.


For more information on our public utilities, check out Nick’s recent web story.

May 24, 2016

Are the Arts Getting Squeezed Out?


On Friday, Nick was honored to speak at the City Club of Portland’s Friday Forum.


He was accompanied by Kelly Roy, founder and owner of Art Design Portland and Senior VP at Colliers International, Marykay West.


Check out the video above, as they tackle the topic, “Are the Arts Getting Squeezed Out?”


Video courtesy of City Club of Portland

May 23, 2016

Council takes up proposed utility rate increases

Yesterday, Nick presented the proposed rate increases for Portland’s Public Utilities – the Portland Water Bureau and Bureau of Environmental Services.


For the 3rd year in a row, Nick directed our two utilities to keep the combined rate increase under 5%, and once again they delivered. This year, they have proposed a combined rate increase of just under 4.5%, or roughly $4 per month for the typical customer.


Both the Citizens’ Utility Board of Oregon (CUB) and the Portland Utility Board (PUB) testified in support of the proposed budgets, for both utilities.


We remain committed to providing good value to Portland’s ratepayers, and to investing in basic services like replacing old pipes and preparing for the Big One.


For more information on our utility rate increases, visit the sites below:


Commissioner Fish’s Statement


Portland Water Bureau’s PowerPoint


Bureau of Environmental Services’ PowerPoint


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May 20, 2016

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