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Everyday Heroes keeping our rivers clean - April 29, 2014

Two of our Bureau of Environmental Services’ (BES) team members were declared Everyday Heroes by KATU.  Their job isn’t the most glamorous, but it’s vital for us – their hard work protects public health, water quality, and the environment.


The BES field operations team treks our city’s sewer pipes 450 times a year! While a little unpleasant, the field operations team makes sure that the wrong things don’t collect in our water systems.  With over 2500 miles of sewer pipes – it’s a lot of work.


The field operations team doesn’t only work in sewers.  They also venture into local streams and watersheds, ensuring that all of our water systems – both natural and man made - are healthy and protected.


Learn more about the field operations team on BES’ website.


Everyday Heroes: The guys who roam the sewers to protect health, environment

Brian Wood in KATU News