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Friday Roundup - February 28, 2014

Leaders will fine-tune storm, disaster response

Jim Redden in the Portland Tribune, February 27, 2014


Fox News host Sean Hannity asks 'American Winter' filmmakers why struggling Portland families can't move to North Dakota

Molly Young in The Oregonian, February 27, 2014


Nick Fish Talks About Checks on Capitalism; Sean Hannity is Enraged

Denis C. Theriault in the Portland Mercury, February 27, 2014


Regional Providers Provide Important Information on Reducing Lead in Drinking Water

Time Hall from the Portland Water Bureau, February 25, 2014


PWB: High lead levels in Portland water

Koin 6 News Staff, February 25, 2014


Elevated lead levels in some Portland area drinking water: 8 ways to reduce exposure

Katy Muldoom in The Oregonian, February 25, 2014


Commissioner Fish Support Letter: HB 4143A
February 24, 2014