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HB 4143A: Serving families in need - February 24, 2014

Today, Nick was pleased to submit a letter of support for House Bill 4143A, which would authorize Oregon courts to direct unclaimed damages from class action lawsuits to fund an endowment for legal aid services.


Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO) is one non-profit which could benefit from the endowment.  LASO provides representation on civil cases to low-income families in Oregon. They work on over 8,000 cases each year – but only about 15% of eligible Oregonians receive the help they need.


HB 4143A would redirect unclaimed class action case funds to the legal aid endowment, ensuring that thousands of deserving Oregon families receive quality legal services.


On Saturday, The Oregonian’s Steve Duin highlighted the Bill and its co-sponsors, Representatives Jennifer Williamson and Tobias Read.


The Senate Committee on Judiciary is scheduled to hold a work session on the Bill tomorrow.


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