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Be your own water leak detective - January 28, 2014

A typical home can lose up to 22 gallons of water each day thanks to leaks. That adds up to over $100 extra on your combined water and sewer bill every year.

Portland is lucky to have the best drinking water in the world – from the forest at the Bull Run Watershed straight to your faucet. Together, we can work to conserve this wonderful resource.

Most leaks come from malfunctioning toilets or dripping faucets. If your water use is higher than usual, you may have a leak somewhere.

The good news: you may be able to find and repair the leak yourself!

The Portland Water Bureau (PWB) has a helpful pamphlet about finding and fixing water leaks in your home. Find out how to examine your meter for running water, check your toilet for leaks, and more.

There are also resources available to help you conserve water year-round! Visit the Portland Water Bureau online for more information.