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Learn about the Water Bureau’s Asset Management Program - December 19, 2013

Portland’s water system is a complex network of reservoirs, pipes, pumps, tanks, valves, meters, and other equipment. Each of these assets ensure Portlanders continue to enjoy healthy & clean drinking water from our Bull Run Watershed.


The assets also have their own life spans, and may eventually wear out or fail.


Asset management combines engineering, economics, and business to identify the most cost-effective and efficient way to manage assets through maintenance, repair, and replacement actions.


Asset Management focuses on two main elements:


Risk—At what point must the bureau intervene to reduce either the likelihood an asset will fail, or the consequences of failure?


Service Levels—What are the primary goals for the services the bureau should deliver to its customers?


This week, the Portland Water Bureau (PWB) launched a new page on their website explaining the bureau’s assets and how they’re managed.


Check out their new web page to learn more about how the PWB protects and manages our important infrastructure.