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Winter comes to the Bull Run - December 4, 2013


When the rain falls in Portland, many times the Bull Run Watershed experiences snow!


Our office came across this beautiful photograph of the Bull Run Dam. With the chill in the air, we wanted to share the picturesque beauty of our incredible watershed.


The protected Bull Run Watershed is located 26 miles from downtown Portland, in the Sandy River basin in the Mt. Hood National Forest.


The 102 square-mile watershed collects water from rain and snowmelt that then flows to the Bull Run River and its tributaries. The river drains into two reservoirs, where more than 17 billion gallons are stored.


The Portland Water Bureau treats the water before it enters into the three conduits that transport it to Portland. The water moves through the system by gravity, requiring no fossil fuel consumption to move water from its intake to the main storage reservoir at Powell Butte.


Thanks to the Bull Run Watershed and the hard work of the Portland Water Bureau, Portland is able to boast the best water in the country.