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Open house for Whitaker Farm Project - January 28, 2013

Commissioner Fish is hosting an open house for the Whitaker Farm Project.


Since 2007, the space where Whitaker Middle School one stood has been vacant. PPS has no set plan for the area in the next five years and we have a unique opportunity to do something wonderful with this land.


The Whitaker Farm Project will be an area for the community to have a garden where people will learn to grow their own food. Growing food together can help us fight hunger and poverty, while providing opportunities to learn life-long skills.


To learn more about the project, join us at the open house this Wednesday.


Community Open House: Whitaker Farm Project

January 30,  6 – 7 pm

PCC Metro Workforce Training Center Auditorium

5600 NE 42nd


Whitaker School site to be community farm? Proposal open house Wednesday in Northeast Portland

Larry Bingham in The Oregonian