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Friends of Trees coming to a neighborhood near you - November 16, 2012

By Sophia Kecskes


Would you like new trees planted in your neighborhood? Participate with Friends of Trees this fall to make it happen! 


The 23-year-old organization is specifically focusing on 25 target neighborhoods in North and Northeast Portland. While the cost of planting a tree ranges from $35 to $75, Friends of Trees is offering scholarships. Call (503) 595-0212 to apply. 


Costs include the price of the tree, delivery, hole digging, planting assistance, stakes, and follow-up maintenance checks. While certainly serving a good cause, neighborhood planting days are fun events too, with a neighborhood potluck to reward volunteers when the day is over. 


Neighborhoods each have one planting per year, with sign-up deadlines about five weeks before the event. For more information and to sign up for your neighborhood's planting visit the Friends of Trees website or email Andy Meeks at andym@friendsoftrees.org.


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Photo Credit: The Portland Observer