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A Shared Path - June 12, 2012

The Oregonian recently published a series on Fair Housing. The intersection of race, geography, and opportunity is an important subject. 
On Sunday, The Oregonian’s Editorial Board weighed in. They made three important points:
1.  Powerful market forces, including low vacancy rates, rising rents, 
     and unemployment, are pushing low-income families east.
2.  Portland cannot solve this problem alone. It will require a
     regional solution.
3.  The best long-term approach to housing choice is to invest in distressed neighborhoods
     and to build and preserve housing in stronger neighborhoods.
Over the past four years, the City has invested close to $200 million (roughly one-quarter in federal funds, the rest local) to improve the quality of housing options city-wide — from Cully and Lents to South Waterfront and Hillsdale.
Our Fair Housing Advocacy Committee is working hard to promote fair housing and equal opportunity in our community.
We welcome your thoughts.