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Jennifer Anderson in the Portland Tribune, May 24

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Lead test reveal troubled waters at Portland schools
Hales’ chief of staff leaving for global climate job
Superfund cleanup plan coming out June 8
Lead in school water: Portland officials didn’t warn teachers, students of known contamination
Fed announce release date for Portland Harbor cleanup plan
Elevated Lead Levels Found in Water at Two Portland Public Schools
Sources: Hales misses chance to sway mayor’s race
Lawsuit over I-5 death of Amanda Fritz’s husband, Steve Fritz, settles for total of $1.75 million
Portland Commissioner Amanda Fritz Proposes City Commission for Immigrants and Refugees
Facing A November Runoff, Steve Novick Hasn’t Decided Whether to Finally Take a Raise
Portland envisions $63 million community center for Pearl-area
The Vanport Mosaic Festival Preserves the Past
Portland reservoir project increases (again) to $190 million
New bus service links Portland to Multnomah Falls, aimed at reducing congestion
Win, lose or draw: How results of the primary election stack up
Dan Saltzman Is Proposing A New Construction Tax to Fund Affordable Housing
Saltzman pushes for construction tax to boost affordable housing
$8.4 million downtown protected bike lane plans will start this summer, city says
Sandy High School students may win $50,000 for arts, get their shoes designs printed by Vans
Portland Public Schools bans material that casts doubt on climate change
State’s clampdown on lead in Portland’s air a significant turnaround
Portland District’s 12-story timber tower moves forward, gets more ‘affordable’
Tough transition: Can Portland’s mayor and mayor-elect get along?
Commissioner's Statement on Portland's Utility Rate Increases
Sewer and Stormwater Rates PowerPoint for FY 2016-17
Water Rates PowerPoint for FY 2016-17
Portland pot tax could raise $5 million
Portland approves Charlie Hales’ final budget, with key tweak
Sources: Shocked, shocked to find money in politics
Portland voters say ‘fill ‘er up’ to city gas tax
Steve Novick headed for runoff against Stuart Emmons in Portland City Commission race
Amanda Fritz wins third term on Portland City Council
City Council unanimously passes next year’s budget
Hall Monitor: The Budget Boiling Point
Portland utility bills set for 4.5 percent rate hike
All User Restrooms
The Atlantic’s Written a Tough Article on Portland’s Housing Crisis
A $100 monthly utility bill in Portland? Yes
Portland City Council May Refer Pot Tax to Voters in November
Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman Names New Portland Fire & Rescue Chief
Steve Novick’s sophistry: Editorial Valley
Here’s a re-written version of Mayor Charlie Hales’ budget
Hales’ budget stumbles over lame duck status
Obama Administration Will Issue Decree Telling Transgender Youth They Can Use Whatever Bathroom They Want
Police Body Cameras, a Protected Bike Lane, and More Might Be Axed From Charlie Hales’ Budget
Homeless “Rest Area” Might Be Worked Into Portland’s Central Planning Document
I Think It’s Disgraceful. Budget Tensions Spilled Out into a City Council Hearing Thursday. Big Time.
Crews electrofish to study activity in Willamette River
Charlie Hales Says Cops and Homeless Services Will Be Imperiled Without More Tax Money
Bottoms up! Portland celebrates Widmer Bros’ best-seller with ‘Hefe Day’
Mayor, police chief lobby for bigger budget
A few budget cuts for Charlie Hales: Editorial Agenda 2016
Portland City Council approves new tax on big trucks
Portland passes heavy truck tax
Three Portland commissioners don’t support mayor’s proposed business tax increase
Hall Monitor: A Tax Switcheroo?
Lacking political support, Charlie Hales makes budget pitch to advocates, media
Hales’ fight for business tax increase, other City Council members work on substitute budget
City improves card security, but work remains
EPA delays releasing Superfund cleanup plan, again
Portland Budget: Mayor’s Tax Proposal Appears Dead on Arrival
Portland Commissioners Veto Mayor’s Business Tax Hike
Mayor Charlie Hales’ Business Tax Hike Appears Dead. Will A Construction Tax Take Its Place?
Charlie Hales’ tax hike doesn’t have votes, so now what?
Three Portland Commissioners Kill Mayor Charlie Hales’ Business Tax Increase
Mayor Hales’ $8.7M business tax hike is likely dead in the water
That Women-Focused Camp In Lents is Going Away, Mayor’s Office Says
A New Camp For Homeless Women Is Going Up On Public Land – And Not Waiting For Permission
Homeless camp opens in Lents without city approval
Cynical City Council rushing to pass Steve Novick’s inequitable truck tax: Editorial Agenda 2016
Want To Know What Your Biz Would Pay Under Charlie Hales’ Tax Hike? There’ A Calculator!
Poisonous gas in Portland’s air: 5 key takeaways
Portland mayor proposes bite out of the city watchdog’s budget: Editorial valley
Portland’s Auditor is Threatening To Slash Services Because of Mayor Charlie Hales’ Budget
Rift between Mayor Charlie Hales and the Portland Business Alliance widens
Hales’ business tax increase lacks council, mayoral candidates’ support
Amid Record Revenue, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales Proposes Cuts to City Watchdog
Council undecided on Hales’ proposed business tax
Charlie Hales’ business-tax hammer: Editorial Agenda 2016
Sex assault investigations would improve under mayor’s budget, advocate says
Our Opinion: Business tax increase a bad idea
Despite A Plush Budget Year, Charlie Hales Says A Controversial Business Tax Hike Is “Necessary”
Lane of Naito Parkway could be permanently turned over to pedestrians, cyclists
Business group says Hales’ fee increase makes “no sense”
Portland May Charlie Hales Goes For a (Tax) Hike
Hall Monitor: Boom Town Budget Fight!
Portland goes big on affordable housing
Google Discloses: Mark Wiener, Political Consultant to Mayor Charlie Hales, Lobbies Portland for Them
Despite A Plush Budget Year, Charlie Hales Says A Controversial Business Tax Hike Is "Necessary"
Commissioner Nick Fish Has “Concerns” About Mayor Charlie Hales’ Tax Hike
Novick: Tax heavy truck companies for roads
Portland Commissioners Dan Saltzman and Steve Novick Pan Charlie Hales’ Tax Hike
Controversy erupts over business tax hike in Mayor Charlie Hales' budget
Novick: Tax heavy truck companies for roads
Details on Hales' business tax proposal: $8.7M from license fee boost
New demographic statistics muddle Comp Plan update
Portland rolling in bucks as city piles up $25.6 million more than expected
Big financial windfall for Charlie Hales' final budget
City, county and PSU partner on toxic air research
AARP Oregon Talks with Commissioner Nick Fish - Livable Oregon
What’s the Solution to Pollution?
State of the Arts
Steve Duin: Fishing for answers in the Portland harbor
Political consultants must disclose clients under new Portland rule
Good governance, not personal insult, behind proposal to tighten city's lobbying law: Editorial Agenda 2016
Are All Portlanders Rich Except You?
Portland bans employee travel to Mississippi over discriminatory law
Portland’s Finally Going to Talk to Disadvantaged Folks About Their Filthy River
Lead in the water: Why Portland’s on wrong end of national list
Why Portland’s Water Hasn’t Gotten The Lead Out
Proposed ethics rules at City Hall deserve council’s support
An easy hike through Oaks Bottom, Portland’s urban wildlife refuge
Ethics Reform Ordinance
Why Portland's Water Hasn't Gotten The Lead Out
All-User Restrooms Resolution
Lead and Copper Rule FAQ
Council to consider lobbying ethics reforms next week
Hall Monitor: Campaign Operatives, Catalogued
Precision Castparts pollutes Johnson Creek
EPA delays release of Portland Harbor cleanup plan
Commissioner Dan Saltzman Wants a New Shelter at Portland’s Terminal 1
'Zombie houses': Portland signals more aggressive approach to vacant, abandoned homes
Portland signals more aggressive approach to ‘zombie houses’
Polluters—the City Included—Have Filed A Massive Records Request That Some Worry Will Delay Willamette River Cleanup
Everyone's Waiting on Instructions for Cleaning Up the Willamette
Sewer project will close part of Terwilliger this fall for up to a year
'Massive' project won't be a walk in the park
Could the Arts Get Pushed Out of Portland?
Nick Fish Pitches Portland Regulations on Political Consultants
Ethics Reform FAQ
Bureau of Environment Services City Council Budget Work Session
Portland Water Bureau City Council Budget Work Session
Metro government is right to ban dogs from parks: Letters to the Editor
Banning dogs from environmentally sensitive area necessary and responsible (OPINION)
Sources: Kafoury endorses Bailey...twice
Business group fights R2DToo Move
Hall Monitor: Remember, Portland, Your River's Also Filthy
Commissioner Nick Fish: OEB 'substitutes cheap shots for reasoned opinion' (Letters to the Editor)
New Portland Plan Addresses Walksheds and Watersheds Together
Portland approves amendment to water agreement with Tualatin, TVWD
Portland quietly returns nearly $1 million in sewer money earmarked for Centennial Mills
Unpacking the 'N-word' at Grant High School: Editorial
600 gallons of sewage likely released into Willamette River
City wants to gauge public views on Superfund cleanup priorities
Council to consider suing Monsanto over PCB pollution in Superfund area
Portland gets call from EPA to review lead-prevention efforts
Evening News: R2DToo Segment
In arts tax vote, Steve Novick gets biblical and Dan Saltzman remains sensible: Editorial Agenda 2016
Portland fought water customers for 2 years over 'very small disagreement'
Portland City Council approves confidentiality for arts tax
Business group may challenge R2DToo move
Here's What A City-County Homelessness Office Could Look Like
Hall Monitor: Moving Is the Worst
Portland City Council approves moving R2DToo
It's Official: R2DToo Is Moving Across the River (Barring Appeal)
City Council OKs Right 2 Dream Too's move to Central Eastside
Council approves moving controversial R2DToo homeless camp to inner Southeast Portland
Portland offers free water testing for lead
Why arts tax information should be confidential (OPINION)
City of Portland: our drinking water is safe
Think Out Loud: Legislative Updates | Earthquake-Proofing Portland's Water | Irene Taylor Brodsky | Celebrating Summer Whisman
Toilet to tap
East Portland Gets a Loo
Right 2 Dream Too's Fate Is Delayed... Again
Bull Run Quake Science
Portland considers allowing road next to South Waterfront Greenway extension
Wait until after the election to name a new PDC director: Editorial Agenda 2016
Japan looks to Portland as urban model
A Field Guide to Urban Camping
City's Superfund bill likely won't be known until at least 2020
Hidden Hearts Press Release
Sources: Fish has questions about scale of new apartments
Homeless Portlanders Will Be Allowed to Camp on City Land Under Proposals Being Unveiled Monday Afternoon
This is Charlie Hales' plan for allowing homeless camping in Portland
Study finds Metro area rents up 63% from 2006
PDX Jazz Festival includes ‘Jazz in the Schools’
Nick Fish: We won't know the city's Superfund bill until at least 2020
Bridge to the Portland Harbor Cleanup
Vote delayed on Right 2 Dream Too's move
Homeless camp relocation hearing postponed
Students create art project after field trip to Bull Run Watershed
Where to celebrate Valentine's Day with kids, and other February family events in Portland
Oversight Committee Praises, Challenges Portland Housing Approaches
Why Portland utility bills will rise a bit (OPINION)
Homelessness: Portland mayor quietly tolerating tent camping
Portland voters to decide 10 cent gas tax in May
Portland’s arts tax is a good thing (OPINION)
Straight Talk: Islamophobia (Part 2)
Straight Talk: Islamophobia (Part 1)
7 Things the Next Portland Mayor Must Do
Council Adopts ‘Charles Jordan Standard’
Epic complaint letter to Portland Water Bureau recalls glory days of grousing
City adopts River View management plan; mountain bike access still on table
Portland City Council votes to fight transparency: Editorial Agenda 2016
The City's Terrified You'll Access Its Decades Old Legal Opinions - So It's Heading To Court
DJC’s 2016 Newsmakers announced
105-year-old pipe breaks, shuts down North Going Street until 3 p.m.
North Going shut down for water repair
OHSU study links lead poisoning with ADHD
Portland approves Rooney Rule to tackle diversity at top
Uber fined $2,000 for violating Portland lobbying rules
How will fossil fuel stance affect city?
Broken sewer pipe leaks sewage into Fanno Creek in SW Portland
Expect slow traffic in SW Portland due to water main repairs
Portland Water Bureau repairing two water main breaks in SW
2015 Was Important—and Messy
Portland Briefly Turns Into Winter Wonderland
Two water mains break in Southwest Portland
Open reservoirs go offline
Our Public Utilities: Year–End Report
The State of Arts and Culture
Straight Talk: Commissioner Nick Fish
Portland censures Donald Trump’s stance on Muslim immigration
Resolution proposes unisex bathrooms for city
Faith and civic leaders speak against Islamophobia at Portland City Hall
Q&A with David O’Longaigh, the Portland City Engineer Who Patches Up Landslides
Portland could have $11.1 million to spend next year
The State of Arts and Culture
Why Portland's drainage system failed to stop this week's flooding
PDX City Council to Trump: Shut Up
Hall Monitor
More rain storms on the way
Wettest day in Portland history causes landslides, floods
Roads, property damaged in record-setting Oregon floods
Landslide breaks SW Portland sewer pipe
No easy fixes for Johnson Creek's persistent flood problems
Wind, rain and floods fill up your Monday
Portland area weather: Heavy rains cause MAX delays, landslides (live updates)
PWB wants earthquake-safe pipe beneath Willamette
Portland eyes $57 million project for earthquake-ready pipeline under Willamette River
Proposal aims to keep Portland's west side from losing water after major quake
Portland City Council mulls over new water main under Willamette
AARP: Making Portland an Age-Friendly City
Portland Deregulates Taxi Market In Divided Vote
With narrow vote, Uber and Lyft secure their place in Portland
Amanda Fritz Lambastes Portland City Council for Giving Uber and Lyft the Green Light
Portland's Not Getting A Demolition Tax—This Year
Lacking votes, Charlie Hales delays Portland demolition tax again
Support lacking, Hales postpones demolition tax vote again
Charities hope Oregonians embrace #GivingTuesday
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, now Giving Tuesday
Council to vote on $25,000 demolition tax
‘Grimm’ Celebrates 100 Episodes With Cake, and Lots of Love From Oregon
East Portland businesses get some love
Uber, Lyft accused of cutting corners on insurance
Future of bike trails uncertain with release of River View management plan
2015 Spirit of Portland Awards
With eye on housing, homelessness crises, Charlie Hales asks bureaus to prepare 5 percent cuts
Sewage leaking into SW Portland creek at 20 gallons a minute
Dave's Killer Bread Ambivalent About 'Ban The Box' Measure
How will fossil fuel stance affect city?
Behind-the-scenes look at Bull Run Watershed, source of Portland's drinking water (photos)
List of top 10 American political dynasties include Portland connection
Fossil Fuels Resolution - Statement
Occupy Portland: the rise and fall of 2011's tent city (video, photos)
Portland City Hall celebrates public art with new exhibition (photos)
Grimm‘s 100th Episode Party Gave a Peek Behind the Scenes
On the set of the 'Grimm' 100th episode in Portland (photos)
'Grimm' marks major milestone with filming of 100th episode
'Grimm' celebrates 100 episodes
'Grimm' celebrates filming of 100th episode (photos)
After 100 episodes, economic impact of 'Grimm' surges past $250M (Photos)
Grimm Day Proclamation
Small Business Awards: Company of the Year (1-10 employees) — ADX
Commissioner Nick Fish: Why we disagree with court's Hurricane Katrina ruling (Letters to the Editor)
The Portland Divide: 82nd Avenue
Public Art Month Proclamation
Bill Naito's dream gets closer to reality
Portland approves vision for Post Office property, closes in on $80 million deal
Portland City Council Votes To Oppose Oil Trains
Portland City Council adopts position against expanded oil shipments by train, delays fossil fuel export ban
Troubleshooter: 2 inches of rain, 6 hours and 200 calls
Hall Monitor: Shelter Ready
Portland City Council Votes Today to Oppose Fossil Fuel Infrastructure and Oil Trains
Portland Says No to Oil Trains and Delays Vote on Resolution to Oppose Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Expansion
Portland Water Bureau Returns to 100 Percent Bull Run Water
Portland business nurturer gives out thousands in neighborhood grants
Portlandia arrives in Portland, October 1985
Nearly 2 inches of rain in Portland on Halloween
Steve Duin: Unleash cities to address affordable housing
$67 Million More for Affordable Housing and a New Idea: Linkage Fees
My View: Water Bureau prepares for 'Big One'
The City Promises More Affordable Housing Funds. Will It Follow Through?
'Historic day': Portland pledges $67 million for affordable housing
DÍa de los Muertos comes to life at Portland Building
Council to consider more affordable housing measures
The Portland Building's new lease on life shows cracks in city government: Editorial Agenda 2015
Developers must do more to solve Portland's housing crisis (OPINION)
Portland Council: Nearly Half Of Urban Renewal Funding Will Go To Housing
Carl in the Morning
Mayor brokers deal to boost urban renewal money for housing
The City May Increase Affordable Housing Funds by Nearly $67 Million Over the Next Decade
Portland plans $67 million more for affordable housing over decade
Oregon Ranked #4, Portland Ranked #8 For Energy Efficiency
Inspiring Creativity: Disjecta Contemporary Art Center
Portland Building renovation, at up to $195 million, moves forward
Dr. Know: Poop Tales
Portland delays financial plan for affordable housing
Portland's 90-day notice rule has renters' and landlords' attention
As dry weather continues, Portland waits for rain, leans on backup water supply
Portland approves $500,000 for regional psychiatric ER center
Portland OKs 90-day notice for rent increases, no-cause evictions
Will Hempstalk 2015 happen? Group hasn't paid for hard-won permit
City declares housing emergency, starts to act
Pass or fail? Portland's new Watershed Report Cards
Happy birthday, dear statue: Portlandia turns 30 years old
How Portland businesses and art fans celebrated 'Portlandia's' 30th birthday (Photos)
Street Roots 2015 Breakfast Video
Happy birthday, Portlandia: Iconic Rose City statue turns 30
Happy 30th birthday, Portlandia!
Storm Large, Bud Clark among attendees of Portlandia statue's 30th birthday celebration
City of Portland to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day
Portland approves housing emergency plan, what comes next is unclear
Report: Portland can increase utility discounts
Portland could expand low-income utility discounts -- but will it?
Seattle Design Festival - Holst Architecture
Nick Fish: The state of our public utilities
Man killed outside NE Portland bar remembered 'as a hero'
Party like it's 1985 for Portlandia's birthday
Mayor, council move to combat housing crisis
Portland gas tax: 10-cent-a-gallon proposal set for May ballot
Commissioner picks deadly night for Portland ride-along
The bold promise to reduce homelessness: Editorial Agenda 2015
Weekend gunfire leaves 3 dead, 3 wounded in Portland
Nick Fish with PPB at Portland club killings
Nick Fish sees aftermath of deadly violence first-hand in Portland ride-along
Multnomah County commissioner questions $10 million pledge for homelessness
Airbnb Is Making Portland's Rental Market Even Tighter
Hall Monitor: Surprise! It's an Emergency!
Will $30 million pledge cut Portland homelessness by half?
Questions remain about Post Office land deal
What's Portland's Housing Emergency Worth? $30 Million For Now.
Portland pulls plug on auto pay for water bills
Residents want L.A. to do more to enforce short-term rental regulations
Portland abandons auto pay for utility bills to comply with credit card rules
Portland stops Auto Pay for utility bills
My View: The way forward on homelessness
My View: Memorial Coliseum: a modern masterpiece
Mayor Charlie Hales Wants to Declare A Housing State of Emergency
With Recreational Weed a Week Away, The City's Having a Really Hard Time Licensing Shops
City officials celebrate new bike share program
Portland Bike Share passage celebrated at City Hall press conference
City Leaders Celebrate Bike Share Passage
Portland Mayor Says City Must Do More To Address Homelessness
Steve Duin: Elmo and Meliitta Marquette land case takes another painful turn
Donations sought to fix city sculpture
Portland City Council May Grandfather In Medical-Pot Dispensaries Next to Recreational Weed Shops
Portland pot vote delayed over fairness concerns
Portland mayor wants 'housing emergency,' others want to see his plan
It’s official: Portland city council passes bike share plan 4-0
Portland City Council should support 'pop up' track proposal: Editorial Agenda 2015
Portland City Council signs off on new bike-share program
Portland's Washington Park reservoir project could cost $170 million
48 Hours with the Pendleton Round-Up
Seismic Resilience Projects Update
3 Ideas From City Leader On Easing Portland's Makers' Space Crisis
Interview with PDX City Commissioner, Nick Fish
More Details Emerge On Portland's Bike Rental Program
Portland Water Bureau names first female chief engineer
Portland rentals: ‘Greed overcoming neighborhoods’
Evicted: Towne Storage Building Tenants are Getting the Boot Under New Ownership
Portland looks to bring bike share to town
Portland rolls out the bicycle ride-sharing program
Portland Could Finally Have A 'Bike Share' Program
Contemporary art showcase takes over Portland: TBA Festival 2015
Here's Where Bike Share Will (Maybe) Be Available Next Year
Hempstalk approved but smoke still hangs in the air
Japanese Garden Breaks Ground on New Expansion
The City’s Going to Battle Its Second-Biggest Power Company Over Renewable Energy
Hall Monitor: That First Commute is a Doozy
Artslandia spins off an arts-focused magazine for Portland-area kids
Groundbreaking at Portland Japanese Garden
City pays dearly for historic properties
'Wake of Vanport' Draws More Survivor Stories
Forest for the Trees NW brings noted mural artists from around the world to Portland
Portland Japanese Garden Expansion Groundbreaking
Portland must set spending priorities: Editorial Agenda 2015
City confirms date for mystery bike share announcement
Portland City Council OKs 5 new bike greenways
Portland Might Finally Be Ready to Announce a Bike Share Program
City tackles master plan for off-road bikes
Neighborhood Greenways Breeze Through Council with Unanimous Support
MY Volunteer Story: Nick Fish
Portland to get 19 new murals during weeklong Forest for the Trees event
Portland City Council interview excerpts: Saltzman, Fish & Hales
Council votes to decommission Mt. Tabor reservoirs
Council votes: Mt Tabor reservoirs decommissioned
City of Portland Announces Proposed Members of the Portland Utility Board
Inaugural members chosen for Portland Utility Board
Portland’s Hydropower In A Pipe Attracts Global Interest
Providence Park Named Host Site for 2015 NWSL Championship Match
Remember When Everyone Was Mad About Water Rates Last Year? Here's What Came Of It
City of Portland Announces Proposed Members of the Portland Utility Board
Wallets, toys, food: more than just TP in sewer
Request a Ride
Party Report: RACC Celebrates With “In the Garden of Artistic Delights”
Uber lobby gets inside access at City Hall as city deregulates taxis
What the Portland City Council says about more affordable housing money
Proclamation for the 25th Annivesary of the Japanese American Historical Plaza
Hillary Clinton's Portland fundraiser: She talked about pot, Jeb Bush and the 1990s go-go economy
Portland should spend tens of millions more on affordable housing, advisory group says
Affordable Housing, Tenant Protections, and Developer Penalties. Oh, My!
Uber gets inside access at City Hall while city deregulates taxi industry
Multnomah County to pay Portland $3.6 million for Sellwood Bridge work
Spotted in Portland: Star Trek George Takei’s With Nick Fish at Waterfront Park
George Takei helps mark 25th year of Japanese American plaza
Portland Water Bureau Director Press Release
Your arts tax dollars at work: RACC awards $215,000 to 19 Portland-area arts organizations
Portland arts tax has done much good (OPINION)
Diverse, non-cool East Portland seeks greater representation
Portland should confront its arts tax problem: Editorial Agenda 2015
Fish picks insider for new Water Bureau director
Portland's new Water Bureau director: Michael Stuhr
Audit shows arts tax is falling short
Thousands aren't paying Portland's arts tax, audit finds
Audit Finds Portland Arts Tax Fails to Deliver on Promises
How clean are Portland's Benson Bubblers?
A Rightful Place
After Heroic Quest, Portland Councilman Discovers Lost Endangered Place
Historic Sandy River bridge officially rescued from scrap heap
Are Portland Thorns the first 'real club' in women's football?
Our Opinion: Tabor neighbors strike good deal on reservoirs
Portland Thorns set attendance record in 1-0 loss to Seattle Reign
Council OKs plan to keep Tabor reservoirs filled
Portland Commissioner Nick Fish names 3 finalists to lead Water Bureau
Commissioner Nick Fish found the Jantzen Beach carousel
Portland Nature Park vandalized overnight, 9 windows broken
How much water does your garden need this week? Get the exact number
Portland Water Bureau taps groundwater, will you notice the change?
PWB to blend reservoir with well water
Portland should test for housing discrimination every 18-24 months, group says
Surplus Stores
Portland Plans To Buy Lot, Possibly For Homeless Camp
Crystal Springs Chinook July 2015
Mt. Tabor reservoirs: Council approves preservation plan
Portland approves deal to keep Mt. Tabor reservoirs filled
Council agrees to spend $4M for Mt. Tabor reservoir water
Council tackles Mount Tabor, rideshares, R2DToo
Rescued pianos come to life on the streets of Portland (Photos & Video)
Street pianos in Portland provide an open opportunity to play
Women's soccer still seeks a level playing field (OPINION)
City Council poised to resolve wrangling over reservoirs
Housing, minority groups support Saltzman proposal to boost affordable housing in central city
Council agenda: Reserviors, R2DToo, Uber and Lyft
Columbia River levee still inadequate for flood
A reservoir deal, a parking app and land for Right 2 Dream Too
2015 Editorial Agenda mid-year report card: Editorial
Equity Matters: City-wide Racial Equity Goals and Strategies
Council asked to spend $5.5 million to preserve Mount Tabor reservoirs
Housing, minority groups support Saltzman proposal to boost affordable housing in central city
It’s Not Your Imagination, There’s A Drought In Portland
Portland metro now in 'moderate drought'
The Central Question: Charlie Hales says he's still weighing industrial protections in Central Eastside
Better water means better beer
Council revisits policy on surplus property
Portland says ending racial disparity begins with a goal
Audit: Southwest Portland residents face challenges, too
Work will continue on defective Columbia River levee system
Dr. Know: Benson Bubbler Basics
New setting for Jade District
Hydropower boost for Joburg
Panel adds anti-gentrification planks to city comprehensive plan
Hales shifts Fritz's bureaus
Street fair guide 2015: When Portland neighborhoods are closing roads for celebrations
Portland Doubles What It's Willing To Spend for Taxi Rules Overhaul
SummerWorks kicks off with 750 internships for local youth
Battle Over Broadway Corridor Property Heating Up
Audit Calls Portland's Long-Term Financial Position "Problematic"
Audit: City finances good, but problems persist
Portland shuts off backup water supply, returns to 100 percent Bull Run service
Tracking the dollars that fly out of City Hall: Editorial Agenda 2015
Noon Rally Celebrates U.S. Supreme Court Marriage Equality Decision
A son's lessons on Father's Day
'Louie Louie' sing-a-long rocks the steps of Portland's City Hall (video)
Portland approves Washington Park reservoir demolition
Council delays Mt. Tabor reservoir vote
Mount Tabor reservoir decision pushed 3 weeks
Portland explained: Why Portland is taking Mount Tabor, Washington Park reservoirs offline
City agrees to Zidell deal on South Waterfront
Panel starts adding anti-gentrification planks in Portland comprehensive plan
Portland contracting system needs 'intervention,' auditor says
Hall Monitor: An End to the Shouting
Uber vs. Portland Gets the Bloomberg Businessweek Feature Treatment
This is How Uber Takes Over a City
Taller downtown buildings could bring more affordable housing
Council to consider demolishing Washington Park reservoirs
Vision Zero: 'Commit to changing behavior'
City, county to update Climate Action Plan
Council to decide fate of Mount Tabor reservoirs on Thursday
My View: Protecting our common home
Extra density for affordable housing? Portland considering it
Father's Day
Sunday Parkways in North Portland celebrates Father's Day, summertime and cycling
Council formally adopts new budget
Portland News and Events for June 20-27, 2015
Portland's A "Vision Zero" City Now. What's That Going To Mean?
Portland launches Vision Zero efforts
Local Public Art Projects Receive National Awards
Three Portland projects named among the nation's best public art
Council set to adopt $3.7 billion budget
Hundreds attend Pride Northwest Festival 2015 in Portland
An ecoroof for a Dumpster? Work remains on Portland utility spending: Editorial Agenda 2015
Spring 2015 RiverViews
Yes to oversight with bite at the utility bureaus: Editorial Agenda 2015
Portland Water Bureau to Run Groudwater Supply
5 things to know today, and meet the baddest owl in Portland
Community watershed projects receive grant funding
Notice hard water? Portland turns on its backup water supply
Green Bonds: a new way to pay for clean, green projects
In Other News
Portland will vote on Washington Park, Mount Tabor reservoir plans on same day
State Land Use Board Dismisses Challenge to Mountain-Biking Ban
Pembina pipeline project gets letter of support
Why Portland's top executives don't get annual reviews; 'it's problematic'
Proclamation for Pastor Hardy
Portland celebrates Pastor W.G. Hardy Jr. for lessons on life -- and now mortality
City Attorney: No propane terminal hearing required
'No mandatory obligation' for Pembina hearing, city attorney says, but ...
Uber at 5: focused, combative and still growing like crazy
Of fish and faucets
Fish wants 9-person Portland Utility Board
Community garden review put on hold
Setting things right is its own award: Editorial
Portland reworks its utility oversight panels
'Unprecedented transparency' for Portland utilities? Commissioner Nick Fish says so
Green Briefs: Solarize wins national honor
Remarks by the President at Presentation of the Medal of Honor
The Nick Fish connection to a belated Medal of Honor
President Obama Awards Medal of Honour to WWI Hero Henry Johnson
Medal of Honor: Sergeant Henry Johnson
Black and Jewish WWI heroes finally getting Medal of Honor
Investigations: Our Colored Heroes
Two World War I Soldiers Posthumously Receive Medal of Honor
White House Medal of Honor Ceremony (C-SPAN)
Two from World War I receive Medal of Honor
Portland releases report on testing of water supply
Council delays vote leaving future of reservoirs unsettled
WWI hero to receive posthumous Medal of Honor after push from Oregon politicians, newspaper
97 years later, soldiers to receive Medal of Honor (links)
What's in your water? Read Portland report and browse our new database
Portlanders could get bigger say on city water, environmental issues
Medal of Honor at Last for Black WWI Veteran
Fish submits ordinance to create Portland Utility Board
Portland Utility Board Press Release
Not Dead Yet: Two City Commissioners Are Going to Tour the Site of That Proposed Propane Terminal Tomorrow
Port director blasts Hales during Westside speech
Portland approves $485 million general fund spending plan, with roads at the center
Henry Johnson’s Medal of Honor to be received by local guardsman
Flush with cash, Portland OKs city budget with little debate
Nick Fish wants legal opinion on city's standoff with Pembina
A $100 monthly utility bill in Portland? Almost
Portland OKs higher development fees for parks
It just got easier to fight Portland City Hall, and City Council is thrilled
Grant High School Constitution Team - We the People Proclamation
Neighbors worry St. Johns community garden may be in jeopardy
Fish question brings life to Pembina plan
These garden plots are not for sale
Propane export terminal could still get a shot at city zoning approval
Press Release for Sgt. Henry Johnson Medal of Honor
Uber Not Living Up to its Promises in Portland
Drought: Portland Area Water is Good Short-term, But Potentially “Scary” in the Future
Portland's water and sewer rates may increase
Bad News for Author of Proposed Ballot Initiative
Who Represents You?
Hall Monitor: Inside the Black Box
Water, sewer rates on the rise again in Portland
Harnessing Hydropower From Urban Water Pipes
President will award Medal of Honor to Sgt Henry Lincoln Johnson
Business Movers: Sarah Cochenour, Christian Coleman, Jeff Hawthorne
Where We Live: Benson Bubblers
Making room for blue collars in blue Portland: Editorial Agenda 2015
Filmed in Oregon: The stiff competition for Hollywood's business
Sources Say: At City Hall, Fish and Novick play Abbott and Costello
Portland adopts $15-an-hour minimum wage for full-time workers, some contractors
City Council OKs Wash. Park reservoir demolition
Protesters again disrupt Portland City Council meeting
Troubleshooter: Portland's Benson Bubblers are 'works of art' but prone to clogging
Arts Education Matters
Hales to present budget to City Council on Wednesday
Business Movers: Amanda Blackburn, Buff Decker, Lori DeKruyf, Michael Jordan, Andy Meszaros, Kevin Rask
North Portland pride: St. Johns comes alive for neighborhood parade and Bizarre
City of Portland Appoints New Environmental Services Director
Ex-state exec Michael Jordan to lead Portland's sewer bureau
Fish taps former state executive for environmental bureau
Michael Jordan will lead Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services
Michael Jordan, State's Former Chief Operating Officer Hired to Run City's Bureau of Environmental Services
Portland officially opens search for new Water Bureau chief
$100K investment to revitalize East Portland businesses
Older Americans Month Proclamation
Portland must commit to frequent fair housing testing: Editorial Agenda 2015
Portland watersheds get inaugural report card; city and green leaders call it powerful tool
To Catch a Bike Thief
State of Housing in Portland
Check Portland Watershed health grades online
Southwest homeowner battles city over sinkhole
Portland nearly 1,500 units short of central city affordable housing goal
Uber unleashed
Portland can expect $50 million in new revenue for 2015-16, officials say
Portland Struggles With Affordable Housing
2015 Arts Oversight Committee Report Presentation
2015 Arts Oversight Committee Report
Portland nearly 1,500 units short of central city affordable housing goal
Portland arts tax overhead costs soar as city mailed 170,000 collection letters
Michael Jordan one of three finalists to lead Portland sewer bureau
Portland Water Bureau Shows Off New Reservoirs
Portland's new Kelly Butte Reservoir is open, funneling water to city taps
Grant Constitution Team wins national trophy
Utility watchdog group: Stop developer discounts
Nick Fish: Uber has to earn my trust
Uber to return — legally — to Portland, Oregon
Portland City Council Legalizes Uber and Lyft
Not Long Now
Commissioner Amanda Fritz—An Uber Foe—Is Still Allowing Taxis to "Go Wild" Right Away
Should it be easier to fight City Hall? Portland officials propose changes
BES Watershed Report Card PowerPoint
The Long, Hot Summer
City votes to allow Uber, Lyft to operate alongside taxis
Portland makes Uber and Lyft legal -- for now
Despite 'troubling' fair-housing results, Portland to cut back on testing
Portland City Council approves 120-day pilot program for Uber, Lyft
Portland may dodge parching drought
Ride or Die: Six Things You Need to Know About Tuesday's Pivotal Vote on Uber
Fate of Washington Park reservoirs heads to council
Portland treatment plant to produce renewable natural gas
Portland’s Forestland Investment Company Ecotrust Named Best for the World
What should Portland do with $30 million?
Portland Center Stage wins $770,000 to lure Millennials, children of baby boomers
Officials pledge 500 units of affordable housing in good Portland neighborhoods
Where does the Portland Arts Tax go?
City not quite ready to hitch a ride with Uber
Oregon's biggest brewery gets bigger: Widmer plans $10 million expansion in Portland
Sewage flows in river near Cathedral Park
Portland water pipeline begins producing renewable energy
Oregon dad, son featured in 'American Winter' documentary face foreclosure again
Portland could expand low-income utility discounts, panel says: City Hall Roundup
City councilors not ready to hitch a ride with Uber just yet
Our Opinion: Uber, ride services must play by rules
Uber a rebel no more? Company promises it's done defying Portland taxi laws
Community garden plots, waiting lists growing like weeds
Uber recommendations provide good framework for testing taxi competition: Editorial Agenda 2015
Hall Monitor: Death, Taxes, Budgets, and Horse Cops
SW Portland pipe blockage spills 7,200 gallons of sewage
Service honors politician Gretchen Kafoury
Gretchen Kafoury memorial: Portland leader remembered as advocate, grandmother, best friend
Portland City Council stands firm in URA housing vote
Remembering Gretchen Kafoury: Daughters celebrate proud "commie pinko," progressive trailblazer
City looks to turn more solids into biogas at Columbia plant
Portland Just Drastically Changed Its Urban Redevelopment Strategy—And That's Actually Interesting
Charlie Hales 'very proud' as sweeping urban renewal changes OK'd
City OKs urban renewal shuffle after making concessions for low-income housing in South Waterfront
Hall Monitor: Giving Up on Giving Up
Nick Fish pushes affordable-housing commitment as OHSU deal questioned: Portland City Hall Roundup
Water power: Portland pipe producing electricity for PGE
Betsy & Iya Jewelry Celebrate 7 Year Anniversary
Bull Run Dispatch
Blanchet House gave him a 'do-over'
Mayor Charlie Hales' Wonky Redevelopment Tweaks Have Been Delayed Again. That's Good For Affordable Housing Supporters.
Dr. Know: If I disconnected my downspouts, why am I getting charged for stormwater?
The legacy of Barney Frank
Chop Shops: Suspects stockpile bikes at homeless camps
D.A. says Portland's Columbia Building won't go to cops: Portland City Hall Roundup
Water bureau sends divers to fix pipe in Willamette
At Home In The Bull Run Watershed
Remember Dan Weidinger? OPB News followed up with the Bull Run's Lone Ranger
David Shaff talks Randy Leonard, Mount Tabor reservoirs, earthquakes (Q&A)
Portland Water Bureau Chief David Shaff is Retiring
Water Bureau Head David Shaff is Retiring
David Shaff, Portland Water Bureau administrator, is retiring
Mountain bikers protest River View Natural Area off-road cycling ban
Mountain bikers protest park riding ban
Plugged In
Commissioner Fish's Statement on David Shaff's Retirement
David Shaff's Retirement Announcement
Nick Fish names Sonia Schmanski as next chief of staff
How Gretchen Kafoury left an indelible stamp on Portland
Portland rain sends sewage into Willamette River
City: Rain causes sewer overflow into Willamette
Heavy Portland rainfall causes sewage overflow into Willamette River
Statement from BES Commissioner Fish on River View biking ban
Water rate may get heated in Thursday meeting
'Grimm': On the set in Portland, the stars hint about what's coming and celebrate renewal
Mountain bike protest echoes at City Hall
Portland lays groundwork to regulate Uber, Lyft
Why Portland's budget-busting sewer building is killing birds
4,500 gallons of raw sewage pour into downtown Portland apartment's basement, 'faint poo smell' lingers
Portland plan makes more fuel every time you flush
Portland Center Stage Announces Upcoming Season
18K gallons of sewage backs up in downtown Portland apt.
More heat expected at reservoir hearing in May
Commissioner ‘appalled’ by city’s development plan
How Portlanders may get to enjoy early spring now and avoid drought later
Lack of snowpack creates concerns for streams, fish
Portland treatment plant moves toward 100% biogas utilization
Westmoreland Park in Southeast Portland ready for spring (photos)
Portland sticks it to mountain bikers: Editorial Agenda 2015
Job hunt for new Bureau of Environmental Services director is on: Portland City Hall Roundup
Mead It and Weep
Portland fined $25,000 for dumping chlorinated wastewater into Columbia Slough
Mount Tabor reservoirs: Appeals put fate back in Portland City Council's court
Portland officials ban mountain bikers from longtime turf at River View Natural Area
Environmental Services Director Search
Police: Man claims to be Water Bureau employee, steals from Portland home
BES and Water Bureau Surplus Property Policy
Hall Monitor: For Hales, Earnestness Pays Off
Throwback Thursday: Old Portland reservoir helped make city we know today
Portland arts funding: City Council celebrates money for Regional Arts & Culture Council
Dr. Know: With our snowpack dangerously low, shouldn't the city be asking us to conserve water?
King School students perform before Portland city Council on arts funding
Portland Opera performs at City Council meeting
Regional Arts & Culture Council State of the Arts Power Point Presentation
City Council Says 'Yes' to Terrorism Task Force
For Sale: surplus property
Utility discount program excludes Portland's poorest -- because they rent
Portland changes way surplus properties sold
Hales, with "Reluctant" Vote, Swings Portland Back into FBI Anti-Terror Task Force
CUB Rate Stabilization Memo
Sewer Office Building Investigation Says City Bureaus Should Report When Projects Get Bigger
Portland will assign two officers to Joint Terrorism Task Force
Portland's $15 Movement Keeps Growing! Now Amanda Fritz Says Some Seasonal Workers Need a Raise
Portland's minimum wage: Mayor Charlie Hales holding Twitter 'town hall' on $15-an-hour proposal
The backstory behind Portland's fractured 'trust relationship' between Nick Fish and Dean Marriott
Portland's minimum wage: $15-an-hour advocates see victory, push for more
Activists want bigger, faster effort by city to save neighborhoods
BES Columbia Building Report: Barran Liebman LLP
What will it take to end homelessness?
Council passes demolition reforms, promises more action
No smoking allowed: Portland City Council approves smoking ban for city parks, nature areas
Independent Board Says Water Bureau Properly Handled Its Rainy-Day Fund
Policies set for sale of city properties
Nick Fish Asks Portlanders to Shop Locally for Valentine’s Day
How Portland's small businesses are gearing up for Valentine's Day
Water bureau told to restore and maintain reservoirs
Shop local this Valentine's Day
Portland officials promise results on housing discrimination testing by April
Tree roots caused 5,600-gallon sewage overflow near Portland's Bridlemile Elementary School
Sewage overflows won't cancel classes at Portland's Bridlemile Elementary School
'How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes' puts real weight into examination of issue
Partners play with purpose
Portlanders could pay additional $4.58 a month for water
Portland utility costs on the rise again
Scoop: Portland as Fudge.
Housing Bureau Boldly Demands Almost All of City's Remaining Surplus Cash
Portland startups play musical chairs, making space for one another as they grow
Hales and Fish want to appeal utility case ruling
PDX Tonight: Schoolhouse Supplies Celebrity Spelling Bee
16 Portland arts groups receive $1.4 million from arts tax, city surplus
Portland Commissioner Nick Fish is looking for a new chief of staff
New, 'pay every month' system for Portland water bills
Tabor reservoirs' fate up to City Council
Portland offers monthly mailed water/sewer statements
Monthly water, sewer bills now available
Press Release: Portland Water Bureau Monthly Statement
Crystal Clear
Fritz seeks more money for infrastructure
City, short-term rental hosts face off
Mayor Hales Could Make Power Play with Portland City Hall Reshuffle
Portland company that built city's energy-generating water pipe sets sights on global market
Charlie Hales' struggle to lead at City Hall: Editorial Agenda 2015
Techtown Portland: People on the Move
David Sarasohn: Portland City Council's street-funding misadventure
Weekend rainstorm sent 91.6 million gallons of untreated sewage and stormwater into Willamette
Charlie Hales considers bureau shakeup: Portland City Hall Roundup
Portland Art-Focused School Shows Gains
Portland Meat Collective receives $150,000 grant, Oregon Arts Commission awards $200,000 in grants to 34 projects: Industry Notes
Portland to crack down on Airbnb hosts who fail to get permits
Airbnb should trade rhetoric for real progress in hosts' compliance: Editorial Agenda 2015
Portland council vote sets stage for showdown with Airbnb, short-term rental brokers
Portland city council votes to force greater compliance of short-term rental regulations
Record rainfall triggered Portland's second sewage spill of winter: Portland City Hall Roundup
Deal could bring affordable housing to South Waterfront
How to End Poverty
Our Homeless Crisis: Successes of Portland's 10-year plan to end homelessness
Portland's Betsy & Iya debuts Inca-inspired jewelry (plus: the making of a ring)
Green Innovations
Council approves short-term rentals in multiunit buildings; defers on enforcement
Nick Fish Balks at Allowing Short-Term Rentals in Apartments and Condos; the Expansion Still Passes
City of Portland to foot $260,000 'green' project at Laurelhurst School to keep runoff out of sewers
Portland Commissioner Nick Fish wanted to fire administrator Dean Marriott eight months ago, according to documents
Street fee plan hits another pot hole
Films to focus on restoration, dam removal
Hall Monitor: A Swing and a Miss
Regional Arts and Culture Council will use Arts Tax dollars to reach out to marginalized communities
Portland Street Fee: Standoff over residential rates doesn't preclude business vote -- Portland City Hall Roundup
City Commissioner Amanda Fritz Says She'll Vote Against Latest Street Fee Proposal
Portland Street Fee: Commissioner Amanda Fritz says she 'cannot support' latest proposal
2014 RACC Year in Review
The Liberation of Growing Old
Street Roots, Portland paper that helps the homeless, goes weekly
Brushed Aside: Two public schools in Portland find the city has cut them out of arts-tax money.
Dr. Know: Are flushable wipes actually flushable?
City warns about freezing water pipes
Fish nominates Gordly to police oversight board
Airbnb should share Portland hosts' info with city to ensure safety, permit enforcement: Editorial
Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in Oregon Politics: Theresa Raiford, Nick Fish, GMOs
Mark & Dave: Anybody know what street fee is all about?
Murmurs: The Latest Dispatches From The Uncaring Economy.
Steve Duin: Everyone's invited to Christmas Eve dinner with Walter Cole in Old Town
Demolition, infill foes gather steam
My View: Oregon is the real star of 'Wild' movie
Adding Teeth To Portland's Short-Term Rental Law
VIDEO: City Commissioner Nick Fish Berates Airbnb Lobbyist
Portland's aging sewers are getting an upgrade (photos and video)
Portland Community College opens business center; Regional Arts & Culture Council and Boom Arts receive grants; Port of Ridgefield named port of the year: Industry Notes
Airbnb resists city efforts to regulate it
Report: Bike thefts cost Portlanders $2 million annually
Thief steals Portland Commissioner Nick Fish's bike
Portland Commissioner Nick Fish “sad” after getting his bike stolen
Hall Monitor: A Wakeup Call on Housing
Future of Mount Tabor reservoirs on hold while activists fight on every front
From Bull Run to Mount Tabor: The history of Portland's open reservoirs (timeline)
Jury's out on whether new PUB would work
Street fee critics blast last minute changes
'World's Best Cities' by National Geographic includes look at Portland (but Venice gets cover)
Housing Advocates Help Push Off Vote on Urban Renewal Changes
Congress Approves Medal of Honor for Black Soldier
City must adapt to disruptions like Uber
PCC's newest small biz center looks to add more Eastside entrepreneurs
A Two-Front War: Uber's Portland Invasion Comes Just Before City's Scheduled Duel with Airbnb
Portland City Council debates how to proceed with police body cameras
Historic Sandy River bridge could get new home, or head to scrap heap
Party Report: Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern Appear at Portland “Wild” Premiere
Urban renewal district plan nearly complete
Council delays street fee vote yet again
Mount Tabor Reservoirs: Nick Fish and Amanda Fritz respond to detailed questions from water activists
Season of Sharing: Friends of Zenger Farm shares values with its food
Citizens' Utility Board Statement on BRC Final Report
On the ‘Wild’ Movie Trail in Oregon
2014 Portland ‘Immigrant of the Year’ revealed
Mt. Tabor Reservoirs: Parks bureau postpones meeting for next week on future of historic sites
City may crack down on Airbnb laggards who aren't getting permits
Oregon environment roundup: Coho salmon spawn in Portland's Crystal Springs Creek for first time in 40 years
City ready to OK short-term rentals in apartments, condos
Portland commissioners grill police command staff about 48-hour delay in interviews of officers in shootings
VOZ day laborer director receives award, recognized for dedication to vulnerable workers: Portland City Hall Roundup
Portland's wish list includes more photo radar, higher gas taxes, sick leave for all: Portland City Hall Roundup
Portland Street Fund: Does Amanda Fritz support the $46 million plan? Q&A
Salmon spawn in Portland's Crystal Springs Creek for first time in decades
City seeks opinions on future of open reservoirs
Little Boxes gives Portland small businesses the boost they need on Black Friday weekend
Little Boxes returns to celebrate Portland's small businesses (a visual social media story)
Little Boxes tradition taps local shopping spirit
Local shops prep for Small Business Saturday
St. Johns stores kick off indie retailers' holiday marketing program
Mount Tabor reservoirs played a key role in Portland's development
City tells Airbnb hosts: Pay up
Mirador Financial, Portland financial technology startup, raises $2 million
Lending Platform Mirador Financial to White-Label Its Technology for Banks
Water main break near Mt. Tabor closes streets
Proclamation: Small Business Saturday
Protesters disrupt Mt. Tabor reservoir meeting
City outlines options for Mt. Tabor reservoirs
A Portland Utility Board could bring the right oversight: Editorial Agenda 2014
On Second Thought, Housing Bureau Won't Scale Back Plans for Affordable Housing in South Waterfront
Stormwater could kill salmon, but 'rain gardens' help
An $18M boost for affordable housing in Portland, Hillsboro
REACH CDC Receives Nearly $18 Million to Build and Preserve 108 Homes
Portland utility oversight: One group better than three, task force says
Portland's Lone Ranger patrolling the Bull Run Watershed will get a sidekick in 2015
Son of Return of the Street Fee - Novick, Hales Hope New Transportation Funding Plan Plays Better than the Original
Portland's Benson Bubblers being turned off in preparation for cold
Voters deserve a say in Portland street-tax mess: Editorial Agenda 2014
Nick Fish says city shouldn't scale back affordable housing goals in South Waterfront: Portland City Hall Roundup
Socially-minded Happy Cup Coffee Co. adding a third location
Portland street fee: Hales, Novick to announce details of $46 million proposal on Monday morning
Steve Duin: In this crime wave, the average victim is 77 years old
Portland's indy business answer to Black Friday amps up
Little Boxes is back: Portland's small-business answer to big-box Black Friday returns
Portland Mayor Charlie Hales favors out-of-state team with Oregon ties to monitor police reforms
Homeless dragged down by belongings, as cities view keepsakes ‘trash’
40 Years In 40 Days: Moments that made Portland
Harper's Playground will bring accessible-for-all playgrounds to other Portland neighborhoods
City cleans out I-405 crime nest
Take a ride through the Bull Run Watershed with Portland's Lone Ranger (hyperlapse video)
The Lone Ranger: Dan Weidinger patrols and protects the Bull Run Watershed for nearly 1 million people
Steve Rudman led Home Forward with creativity, compassion and 'good hair,' bureaucrats and affordable housing activists say
Council digs into 'a lot of change orders'
Right Brain Initiative Report
Auditor to Council: 3 problems with BES building
Council gets close look at BES woes
Diversifying the Public Art Collection
Portland's Westmoreland Park celebrates its reopening, salmon invited (photos)
Westmoreland Park Rededication
Portland's Bull Run reservoirs added 1.8 billion gallons of rainfall in 2 days this week
How Portland managers skirted orders to stop paying architect of over-budget Columbia Building
Rain Overflows Portland's Big Pipe, Putting Sewage In River
Despite sewage overflow, Big Pipe doing its job, city says
Portland City Council votes 4-to-0 to appeal part of federal judge's ruling on police reform updates
Steady hard rainfall causes combined sewer overflow in Portland, officials issue 48 hour warning
Northwest Dance Project's 'New Now Wow' features world premieres from Czech choreographer Jiří Pokorný, Portlander Minh Tran and New Yorker Yin Yue
BES director put on leave during investigation
Audit Finds Numerous Costly Problems With Portland's Columbia Building
Portland Environmental Services Director Dean Marriott Placed on Leave After City Audit of Sewer Office Building
Overspending and under-accounting at the Columbia treatment plant: Editorial Agenda 2014
Portland administrator Dean Marriott placed on paid leave as audit finds insufficient oversight on $11.5 million office project
After Damning Audit of Budget-Busting Building, Fish Puts Swer Bureau Chief on Leave
BES Columbia Building: scope additions and ineffective design oversight substaitially higher project costs
Press Release from Auditor LaVonne Griffin-Valade
City focuses on safety with proposed street fee funds
Several Northwest Portland businesses, high-rise condo building out of water after early morning water main break
Water main break floods NW 23rd Place
Water main breaks at NW 23rd Place and Westover
Steve Duin: An expanding showcase for Oregon writers and Literary Arts
30th Annual Spirit of Portland Award Winners
Keeping Portland Weird
Hall Monitor - (Dead-)End Game on Street Fee?
Mayor Charlie Hales Finally Has Support for Street Closures! Provided He Drastically Changes Them
Dr. Know: Why can't my Portland water bill be monthly instead of quarterly?
'Portlandized' street fee includes income tax
Portland City Council May Open the Door Slightly to Letting Voters Have Their Say on the Street Fee
Police clean up homeless camp in the Pearl
Francisco Aguirre: Letters to the Editor
Commissioner Fish's Street Roots Family Breakfast Speech
Portland mayor slipped cards to commissioners to inform them of police chief changes
Hall Monitor: Charlie's Finally Got His Chief
Help with Baggage: Mayor's Office Smooths Bumps in Airbnb Expansion to Apartments, Condos
Portland outpaces Washington County in income, job growth
City angles for parking's 'sweet spot'
Results of the Portland Made Survey
Stormwater green wall gets a warm welcome at Portland Expo Center
Portland Water Bureau prepares to issue $120 million in bonds for infrastructure projects
Hall Monitor: The Lesson of Public Grief
Developer Mark Edlen lauded by Portland City Council, appointed to urban renewal board
Pushing Buttons
Hey NY Times: Here’s How You Got Portland Wrong
Hundreds pack NE Portland church to show support for labor activist threatened by deportation
New Powell Butte reservoirs in service
Powell Butte Reservoir open, fully functional
Steve Fritz memorial: Hundreds pay respects to Portland man who was 'unapologetically himself' (photos/video)
2014 Sunday Parkways: sights and sounds from Southwest Portland
Sunday Parkways finishes 2014 run this weekend in SW Portland
Portland Commissioner Amanda Fritz, day after husband's death, focused on 'great life that we had'
City staff will shoulder some of Portland Commissioner Amanda Fritz's workload following husband's death, mayor pledges
Portland Commissioner Nick Fish: 'My heart is broken' for friend Amanda Fritz in wake of husband's death
City Commissioner Nick Fish Asks for Independent Review of Portland Water Bureau's Rainy-Day Fund
What Commissioner Nick Fish, Amanda Fritz have to say about street fee: Portland City Hall Roundup
SE Portland Jade District: Organizer reflects on success of night market, talks challenges moving forward (Q&A)
Northeast Sandy reopens after water main break
New children's center in SW Portland designed to help area 'reboot' relationship with poor residents
Sandy Blvd. in NE Portland re-opens after water main break
Section of NE Sandy closed to traffic after water main break
Sandy Blvd water main fixed, lanes still closed
Art Invasion, The Time-Based Art Festival Achieves Liftoff
A Matter Of Time, The Time-Based Art Festival shows some moxie.
Pipe break closes section of NE Sandy Boulevard
NE Portland water main break closes Sandy Boulevard
Oregon Arts Group Claims Achievement Boost
That Back to School Smell and ADX's New Scholarship Fund
Water and sewer utility oversight group hosts first public hearing Monday: Portland City Hall Roundup
It's never too late to honor a real war hero: Editorial
Portland Prepares
Steve Duin blog - At long last, justice: Two acres returned to Elmo and Meliitta Marquette
WWI African-American soldier Henry L. Johnson closer to Medal of Honor, with push from Oregon, New York
Our Opinion: Clean up brownfields for right reasons
Trail Blazers' Robin Lopez helps deliver supplies to N. Portland school
Vic Atiyeh remembered as self-effacing 'symbol of public service' in Oregon
Sewage release stopped in Southwest Portland
Steve Duin: That Garden Home deal leads to Oregon AG investigation and questions about elder abuse
Natural Grocers is new anchor tenant at NE Portland site Trader Joe's abandoned
Forest For The Trees NW brings mural artists from around the world to Portland
VIDEO: Sunday Parkways Portland 2014, a beehive of activity
Jade Night Market opens on SE 82nd (photos/video)
Portland Commissioner Nick Fish takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with 'pristine Bull Run water'
Our Opinion: Old Town/Chinatown needs bold action
New survey asks Portlanders about water boil notice
Portland-based film "American Winter" gets Emmy nod
Water Bureau wants to know how it handled Portland's boil water alert: Portland City Hall Roundup
History's inside view
Temporary art installation opens in Lents
Reaching and Empowering Entrepreneurs
Contest inspires PSU inventors
Blue Ribbon Commission Meeting Agenda
City should unload a few nonworking assets: Editorial Agenda 2014
Empty your closets, says Oregon Historical Society
City ready to sell 16 acres of waterfront land: Portland City Hall Roundup
Portland Is Selling a Vacant Lot That Could Have Gone to Homeless Camp
MLS All-Star Game lessons could apply to other Portland projects: Editorial
Hall Monitor - A Bad Omen for City Hall
MLS executive: Portland stages 'best and biggest All-Star Game ever'
MLS All-Star Game: 21K-plus fans come from far and wide as Portland radiates soccer charm
Fritz Slams Funding for Old Town Redevelopment Plan: "It's a Shell Game"
Venture Portland Report FY 2013-14
MLS All-Star Game players help celebrate new futsal field at Montavilla Park
Portland Timbers fill seats, help boost success of $12 million city bet on stadium renovations
3 keys to victory for MLS All-Stars in the 2014 MLS All-Star Game
Venture Portland continues to enhance city's neighborhood businesses
MLS All-Star Game creates opportunities for Portland, U.S. soccer: Editorial
Once Portland landed 2014 MLS All-Star Game, Merritt Paulson knew he 'wanted to do it big'
Work for Art raises $776,007 for arts groups; 2 percent more than last year
City flushes its role marketing and selling Portland Loo public restrooms
Round Two: The Ongoing Fight Over Airbnb Cash
2014 MLS All-Star Game events guide: Soccer tournaments, viewing parties, a grilled cheese throwdown and more
MLS All-Star Games features best talent yet in 19th season
Does the Portland City Council care about east Portland? Residents aren't so sure
Zenger Farm supporters work up an appetite at groundbreaking of $2.3M Urban Grange
Elephant's on the Waterfront: Kim Jong Grillin's Pop-Up
East Portland getting new Urban Grange
Portland's arts center replaces 7,642 light bulbs to save energy, dollars
MLS All-Star game puts Portland on world stage
‘Urban Grange’ project breaks ground in Portland
Portland water tests come back clean
Portland Water Bureau: Test results clean, water safe to drink
Activists Call for City to Use All Airbnb Tax Dollars on Affordable Housing
Old Town Development Plan Still Mired in Controversy, Still Likely to Advance
The future of Old Town Chinatown: Portland City Council delays vote on plan to subsidize development
With boost from Portland Arts Tax collection drive, teachers' salaries now funded for next year
Former Gov. Atiyeh remembered for his kindness, insights
Blue Ribbon Commission Meeting Agenda
Portland can cash in on Airbnb's 'sharing economy,' but city should prevent explosion of mini-hotels: Editorial
Republican Vic Atiyeh, who guided Oregon through economic upheaval, dies at 91
Construction begins on urban farm's $2.3 million development
Portland Mayor Charlie Hales calls Capt. Mark Kruger settlement a "distasteful decision'' that he's not happy about
Portland City Council, searching for credibility, should kill the arts tax on its own: Editorial Agenda 2014
Dawson Park Reopens With a Concert from Ocean 503
Dawson Park, historical hub of African-American culture, reopens with $2.7 million in upgrades
New ‘Visitors Center’ opens at Powell Butte Nature Park
Blue Ribbon Commission chaired by Dwight Holton meets for first time Tuesday: Portland City Hall Roundup
Portland removes criminal history section from most job applications in attempt to diversify workforce
Blue Ribbon Commission Meeting Agenda
Sources Say: People's Water Trust measure all washed up
Portland Bottling fights city wastewater fines
Commissioner Fish Letter to the Oregonian: Section 8
Portland Bottling Co. fined for illegal dumping
City Council finalizes ordinance to legalize Airbnb style rentals here
Busted Bottles: Portland Bottling faces allegations it ripped off ratepayers while championing a measure to lower water bills
Water Activists Gather Just 1,000 Signatures, Won't Seek November Ballot
People's Water Trust suspends campaign effort, won't refer measure to November ballot
Portland Won't Vote on Its Water Supply for a Second Time This Year, After All
Meet the 12 Portlanders who'll shape the city's water and environmental reforms
A utility panel that can change things for the better: Editorial Agenda 2014
Portland to embrace Airbnb-type short-term rentals but not in apartments and condos
You Were Promised a Blue Ribbon Commission on Water/Sewer Rates. Here You Go.
Water and sewer oversight commission named
Dwight Holton Will Chair Utility Reform Commission
Mayor Charlie Hales, Commissioner Nick Fish name 'Blue Ribbon Commission' members, tab Dwight Holton chair
Mayor Charlie Hales, Commissioner Steve Novick host street fee town hall Tuesday morning: Portland City Hall Roundup
City seeing tainted water more often
Why Knowledge Universe is sticking around in Portland
Education company Knowledge Universe will stay in Lloyd District
He'd like to shoot all his films here
Portland water testing follows regulated procedures with checks, balances
Portland water-testing discrepancies show lab work is both art and science
City irons out rules as Airbnb alters rental scene
Storm causes sewer overflow into Willamette River
Mayor Charlie Hales didn't make mistake cutting, restoring CFO, spokesman says: Portland City Hall Roundup
Sewage in the Willamette River: Heavy rain prompts overflow; Portland advises residents to stay out
PSU Senior Capstone Project - Water Bureau Theme Song
Stephens Creek Crossing: Home Forward's new $53.9 million housing project is full
Google Fiber franchise wins approval from Portland City Council -- Here's what's next
Portland's economy, lifestyle, government feautured in GQ Japan: Portland City Hall Roundup
Portland's drinking water: An update on Mt. Tabor, Powell Butte, Kelly Butte reservoir projects
Our Opinion: Let's get water, sewer bureau changes right
Portland boil water alert: Crews find dead birds at bottom of empty reservoir
Water Bureau Finds Two Dead Birds While Draining Mount Tabor Reservoir
City pins plans for water fix on panel
City Commissioner Calls Nick Fish "Captain Renault," Answers His Questions on the Portland Street Fee
Portland street fee: Commissioner Steve Novick answered colleague Nick Fish's 11 questions, addressed email to 'Captain Renault'
Novick Answers Fish's Questions on Street Fee
Fish: Questions about residential street fee
Street fee hearing intrigue appeared at the very end: Portland City Hall Roundup (street fee edition)
Fish: Questions about residential street fee
Council to vote on residential street fee next week
LIVE BLOG: The Very Controversial Street Fee Comes to City Council
At long last, city confirms $20 million pledge will actually be spent for affordable housing: Portland City Hall Roundup
After Portland's boil water alert, Mt. Tabor reservoirs getting cleaned, refilled for use
Tap Water is Safe to Drink; Boil Water Notice Ends
Understanding the Boil Water Notice Process
City Commissioner Nick Fish: I Won't Stand For Using Water, Sewer Bills To Collect the Mayor's Street Fee
Lincoln High School Constitution Team's Proclamation
Failed water district proposal will help Portland: Editorial
Portland voters reject new water board
Bud Clark named Grand Marshal of Rose Festival Starlight Parade
Oregon gay marriage ban struck down by federal judge; same-sex marriages begin
First Place Infrastructure: Bull Run Dam 2 Tower Improvement
Portland business celebrates small business week
Cycle the Well Field
City budget hearing set Thursday evening
Portland Celebrates Small
One year after opening, The Fields Park in the Pearl District draws happy kids and parents
Rose City kicks it this summer as soccer central
Portland commissioners suggest subsidizing Google Fiber for low-income residents
Big issues on City Council agenda
Public memorial for former Portland Commissioner Charles Jordan will be May 10
Portland doesn't flush reservoir water after all
Lincoln High School constitution team wins national 'We the People' championship
Older Americans Month Proclamation
Everyday Heroes: The guys who roam the sewers to protect health, enviornment
Agencies Report Back On Portland Arts Support
Portland's Mt. Tabor urination saga continues as 38 million gallons are moved but not yet flushed
Arts Education and Access Fund Citizen Oversight Committee First Annual Report to City Council
Supportive housing community in Portland recognized on AIA Top Green list
Mt. Tabor reservoirs: Trees will come down, tanks will be empty during disconnect work
Portland Reservoir Off-Line After Man Cited for Urinating in Water Supply
Pee in the reservoir: What you need to know (Q&A)
Google Fiber reaches preliminary franchise agreement with Portland
Portland will flush 38 million gallons of water after man urinates in Mt. Tabor Reservoir
Lead paint remains at Portland elementary school
Drummond Kahn makes inaugural list of the 15 'most influential' auditors in government: Portland City Hall Roundup
Study finds lower Medicare costs for people who moved into Bud Clark Commons
Hillary Clinton: why Oregon is a leader in women’s equality
Portlanders rally for equal pay for men, women
Portland rally puts spotlight on Equal Pay Day
Charles Jordan, former Portland city commissioner and parks visionary, passes away at 77
Charles Jordan, Former City Commissioner, Portland Parks & Recreation Director, Dies At 77
Groundbreaking Parks Director Charles Jordan Died 1937-2014
Former City Commissioner Charles Jordan Dies At 77
Former Portland City Commissioner Charles Jordan dead at 77
Charles Jordan, former Portland city commissioner and parks director, has died at 77
Portland Parks will host community health fair, Charles Jordan biography release Saturday in North Portland
Proclamation for Northwest Dance Project
Portland's record rainfall Friday led to sewer overflow, the seventh since Big Pipe opened in 2011
Elected mayor 30 years ago, Bud Clark changed the face of Portland
Portland Arts Tax Dodgers May End Up With Collectors
After Backlash, Police Chief Mike Reese's "Prosper Portland" Initiative Has "Died On the Vine"
PHAME marks 30 years with an art show and 'smoosh mandala'
Water work planned for Powell Butte Reservoir project in SE Portland
Portland's 2013 tree hugging record finally confirmed by Guinness World Records: Portland City Hall Roundup
Fireworks fail to go off at city hearing on utility rates
Ratepayers question Portland's spending on water and sewer
Taxpayers sound off at water rate forum
Commissioner Nick Fish, utility bureaus, hosted first ever 'utility rate review' meeting: Portland City Hall Roundup
Seven sure-fire bioswale plans: Ask the expert
How to save on your water bill
Oregon small businesses snare $5.6M loan bounty
Lovejoy Fountain in Portland: Hidden open space that helped revive downtown is restored
Portland Mayor Charlie Hales' State of the City speech (live updates)
Toilet trouble for Portland? Disposable wipes clog region's sewer pipes
City water and sewer ratepayers get chance to talk about their rates with city commissioners
Zen Buddhists clean up Portland's mess
Study says city top heavy with supervisors
Council Report Asks Police Bureau to Consider Cutting 23 Command Positions
Portland goes contemporary with 'Portland2014: A Biennial of Contemporary Art'
Editorial gave short shrift to east-side park development: Guest opinion
Leaders will fine-tune storm, disaster response
Fox News host Sean Hannity asks 'American Winter' filmmakers why struggling Portland families can't move to North Dakota
Nick Fish talks about checks on capitialism; Sean Hannity is enraged
Regional Providers Provide Important Information on Reducing Lead in Drinking Water
PWB: High lead levels in Portland water
Elevated lead levels in some Portland area drinking water: 8 ways to reduce exposure
Commissioner Fish Support Letter: HB 4143A
No Johnson Creek floods or Willamette River sewage discharges after weekend rainstorms
Portlanders could face sewer, water rate hikes
Twitter helps Portland businesses this Valentine's Day
Thriving business district sparks community on historic North Portland Ave.
Post-storm campaign aims to put bounce back in Portland small businesses' step
The Silva brothers, Portland firefighters at the heart of the storm
City of Portland: 'Stay home'
Storm of 2014: Ice Storm Warning issued
Portland Commissioner Nick Fish applauds residents for heeding warnings, staying inside as city says 'stay home'
Officials hold 'State of the City' amid wintry blast
Portland officials urge residents to stay off the road as crews work to clear main arteries
Fish tries to sell suburbs on city water
Portland unveils plan for new east side parks
Portland Unveils Plans For Two Eastside Parks
St. Johns brownfield will become new kind of mixed-use development, under proposal
East Portland parks: Commissioner Amanda Fritz pledges $12.4 million to build Beech Park, Gateway plaza
Renaissance Homes agrees to delay sale of Freeman Tank in SW Portland two weeks
Portland landmark Pittock Mansion turns 100 with free admission and special tours
Lincoln High School wins state "We the People" Constitution championship
Portland water and sewer customers should brace for 5 percent bill hike
Getting warmer: Public utility supporters take next step to ballot measure
Facing lawsuits, Fish calls for mediation on SW property sale
50,000 signatures for Portland water reform
Can water watchdog rein in spending?
Fish: Mediate sale of Water Bureau site
We The People Speech
Nick Fish highlights complicated topic of marijuana legalization during 'We the People' speech to high school students
A Postmortem on the Port
Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon posts job opening for Portland's water and sewer consumer advocate
Portland Commissioner Nick Fish sells infamous 'Water House' for $394,950
Nick Fish Sells the Water House for $394,500
We Now Have Respected, Free Sewer and Water Rate Consultants. Some Aren't Happy.
Council Approves Police Reforms—Tries to Assuage Critics by Promising More Reforms Later
Portland City Council deflects calls for delay, approves deal with CUB to serve as water, sewer watchdog
Lawyer calls Water Bureau property sale illegal
SW Portland neighborhood threatens to sue city if Freeman Tank property sale goes through
Con artists increase their scams on seniors
Portland Building: Four commissioners, four approaches for dealing with Portland's $95 million 'white elephant'
Portland considers giving group access to analyze water, sewer services
Portland utilities OK watchdog access
Another Set of Eyes on Portland's Controversial Water and Sewer Spending
The Portland Building needs $95 million overhaul to fix structural problems, water damage
Utility advocate could assume huge Portland water management role
Portland City Council to consider giving independent watchdog group 'keys to kingdom' of city water, sewer bureaus
Citizen Utility Board asked to review water and sewer bureaus
Charlie Hales: What others said about the Portland mayor's performance in 2013
PGE employees, retirees make art a priority
Our Opinion: A few things we'd like to see in 2014
Sources Say: Little boxes smash through Black Friday
Portland water dispute with Tualatin, Tualatin Valley Water District in mediation
Testimony Form for Fairness Hearing
Notice of Fairness Hearing
Sources Say: Let readers decide whether officials' time was well spent
Neighbors ask for clean diesel at Washington Park reservoir project
Even After Changes, the PPA Still Doesn't Like Proposed Police Oversight Reforms
Portland auditor's revised reforms to strengthen police oversight please few
42nd Avenue Community Coat Drive
Crews repairing broken water main in SW Portland
MLS All Stars to play Bayern Munich at Jeld-Wen next August
Stretch of Southwest Vista Avenue closed due to water main break
Water main break closes neighborhood street, school
Water main break closes SW Portland school
SW Portland water main break closes Ainsworth school
With Rental Demand Soaring, Poor Are Feeling Squeezed
Willamette Week Murmurs
Imagine for a moment you were homeless
211info Severe Weather Alert
Nonprofit that helps homeless needs blankets, caps, sweaters
Over $125,000 in Give!Guide Donations on Giving Tuesday
Portland First City In U.S. To Feed Starving Artists (And Their Cats)
Christmas Comes Early for Yale Union
Save the Swales!
A Tenacious Visionary: Ted Gilbert
Name light-rail bridge for bridge builders Nohad and Dirce Toulan
Portland small box stores attract new customers
On Small Business Saturday, welcome to the neighborhood
Small retailers fight for Black Friday business with big-box stores
Doing It!: Little Boxes
Little Boxes
Portland Black Friday Event: Little Boxes | Get Rewarded For Shopping Locally, Holiday Gifts, 175+ Participating Shops
Little Boxes Black Friday Fun
Rosemary Reynolds interviews Commissioner Fish about 'Little Boxes'
'Little Boxes' band together for holiday attention
Little Boxes, big sales, huge plans
'Little Box' Stores Vie for Black Friday Shoppers
From small idea, Little Boxes grew big
Little Boxes enters third year of imploring Portlanders to shop locally
Steam locomotive offers Holiday Express rides
Honoring history: Dawson Park renovations begin
Southwest land sale sparks new quarrel
Mission Critical: Fixing America's Cities
Rising up to an impossible task
Public memorial for urban planning pioneers Nohad and Dirce Toulan will be Tuesday afternoon at Portland State
Dawson Park construction begins; park will close for a year
Sources Say: Hales: Water ‘terrorists’ in our midst
Portland OKs $100K tax deduction for business owners
Portland wants to direct some surplus to soften tax burden for small business owners
Small Business Saturday
Portland Development Commission may loan $20 million for Pacific Northwest College of Art headquarters
Mt. Tabor reservoirs: survey results show divide on what comes next
Mt. Tabor reservoir plans on hold, neighbors' desires are divided
The Big Pipe: Portland's sewer and stormwater project shows it can handle Big Rain
Water and sewer board will make ballot, supporters say
Water Rebels Don't Like Charlie Hales Calling Them "Clowns"
Who could run for potential water board?
Hales Wants to Spend $214,500 on City Hall Bioswales
Portland police reforms agreement: FAQs
Trust Issues
Complaints Against Water Measure Petitioners Rolling In
Goofus & Gallant Go To City Hall
Forest Park will have a road map under new public-private partnership
City scales back utility money for bike boulevards: Portland City Hall Roundup
Portland People's Water Trust proposed ballot initiative moves forward
Mt. Tabor reservoirs: what should happen now? (survey)
Portland can transform, honor Mt. Tabor reservoirs: Guest opinion
Let's Talk Municipal Finance Late on a Friday Afternoon
Audio of KXL Interview: Businesses Near Water Main Break Hurting
Businesses look to recover after pipe break
Portland leaders support businesses affected by water main burst
City commissioners support Burnside businesses
Businesses Near Water Main Break Hurting
W. Burnside Street eastbound will remain closed through Sunday
Word is Bond: Why a New Water District Might Not Save Cash: Higher Interest Rates
Hot Story: Burnside Water Main Break
West Burnside closure through this afternoon
Water District Backers Attracting Property Management, Industry Money. Not Much Else.
Sewage spills into Willamette River near Burnside Bridge
Reactions to Portland city auditor's blistering memo about lapses in police accountability
PSU urban planner Nohad Toulan and wife die in Uruguay car crash
Burnside Street water main break: Westbound lanes open; eastbound lanes remain closed
The City's Water Fight Intensifies
Environmental Activists Split From Water District Campaign, Launch Second Ballot Initiative
Hales seizes the high road, possibly too much so, in settling CFO question: Editorial
Portland Commissioner Nick Fish drops push for CFO as Mayor Charlie Hales launches big review
Big flush lasts three weeks at one Southwest Portland fire hydrant
Bob Sallinger and Mike Houck visit The Oregonian editorial board: Just in
Portland police chief objects to several proposals intended to strengthen police oversight
Our Opinion: Public gets feet wet in water ballot fight
City Club report is swamped in tussle
In Other News
Portland Mayor Charlie Hales calls for review of embattled Office of Management & Finance
State Warns Water Campaign to Knock off the Nestle Talk
Million-Dollar Water Park
All-star cast of former Portland politicos touts commission form of government
Commissioner Nick Fish hopes for 'spirited discussion' at event commemorating commission
East Portland left with sparse patchwork of parks
Portland's commission form of government turns 100: What do you think of it?
David Sarasohn: Local squads identify as Portland teams
Meeting yields few concessions on Fanno Creek pumping station
Water district proponents refuse to participate in City Club of Portland study on rates, oversight
Water District Backers Refuse to Participate in City Club Study
Water Rebels Spurn City Club
Tigard hooks back to SW Portland water
Fighting poverty with veggies
Sources Say:Ballot initiative language bolsters foes’ argument
Coding for Quakes
Tigard drinking Portland water again after total coliform concerns fade
New Lease on Life
Could selling the Portland Water House help stabilize rates?
Portland needs a sharpshooter at the till: Editorial
Hollywood Senior Center Week Proclamation
Shutdown sets back Willamette Superfund work even further
Keeping His Cards Too Close
Nick Fish draws new line in standoff with Charlie Hales over Portland financial oversight
Neighbors Object To SW Portland Land Deal But Sale Will Go Through
Petition drive set for water and sewer district
Harvey Milk Commemorative Stamp Letter
New Ballot Language for a Proposed Water District Calls Out Its Ambiguities
Who will represent east Portland in proposed utility district? Judge doesn't know
Water District Backers Seeking Signatures
Council mulls West Hayden Island development conditions
West Hayden Island annexation: Portland City Council considers costs, health and timing
PWB selling land, neighbors unhappy
Group hopes to halt sale of city land
Back Under the Same Roof
Hales Sort of Compares Randy Leonard to a Hoarder
Murmurs: All The News That’s Fit To Drink.
Portland City Council, Multnomah County chip in to keep Village Market alive
Gateway Green fundraising effort tops $120,000
Mayor Emanuel to Devote $50 Million of Water Infrastructure Spending to Improve Stormwater Management in Chicago
Portland Water House: price slashed to $439,950
Thorny Questions Emerge About Water Measure's Actual Effects
The Today Show visits Harper's Playground: North and Northeast Portland news
A timely evening with 'American Winter'
Sources Say
Right 2 Dream Too: Commissioner Amanda Fritz's plan to move homeless camp to Pearl District turns political
Convention Center hotel closer to breaking ground
Oregon Days of Culture Proclamation
Neighbors Question Whether City Got Market Value for Water Bureau Land
EPA Suspends $125,500 Fine on Portland Harbor Companies
Tigard not joining Tualatin, Tualatin Valley Water District in water dispute with Portland
Sunday Parkways cancelled due to high chance of heavy weather in Portland
Letter: Treebates contribute to green infrastructure
Water bureau teams up with energy company on new reservoir
Developer Pushes for East Portland Park
Our Opinion: Stop-gap solutions don't help homeless
In Other News
Nick Fish defends water, utility rates and promises a new day: Just in
Novick, Fish Lead Council Pushback Against "Troubling" Gun Exclusion Reports
Portland Timbers: City Council to vote again on Delta Park soccer field project
Southwest Portland residents peeved about sale of unused Water Bureau property
There's something about the water: A Bull Run Watershed tour glimpse
Capital Improvement Plan Worksession
American Winter screening at the Hollywood Theater
Council leans towards hotel deal
A welcome surprise: Portland finds $11 mil. more in budget
City Hall Greenlights Convention Center Hyatt
City crews clean up graffiti at Mount Tabor
Water Bureau almost ready to roll out monthly billing
Saltzman floats plan to devote $1.7 million of Portland's surplus to help homeless
Suh helps dedicate new Grant turf field
We're in the Money
With Unanimous Vote, Council Sets Saltzman on Path Toward Extra $2 Million for Homelessness
Neighbors Furious Water Bureau Selling Multnomah Village Land for Infill Housing
Heartbreak Hotel
Football: Grant Bowl rolls out a new field for Friday's game between Generals and Barlow
City biologist spots bear along Bull Run River
Neighbors want Mount Tabor Reservoir refilled
Public or private? City looks to help drivers avoid parking tickets
Low-income apartments citywide preserved by Portland Housing Bureau, nonprofit and private partners
City seeks more formal oversight of private parking lots
Budget Report: Portland Staring at Sudden Surplus—$8 Million to $11 Million
Portland arts tax doesn't need general fund subsidy: Editorial
In-pipe turbines to generate electricity from drinking water for the first time
What City Commissioners Really Think of City Hall Security Cuts
Right 2 Dream Too Seeks New Home
Nick Fish: City Should Cover Debit Card Convenience Fees on Arts Tax
Jeff Cogen's successor, Marissa Madrigal, seen as bright, capable manager
Five Portland theaters rebranded with new name, website
Vote on Portland arts tax still needed
Water District Supporters Get a Hefty Cash Infusion from Portland Bottling
Pirates wanted for adventure on Columbia Slough
Yes, You'll Still Be Paying Just $35 for the Arts Tax
Labor wary about public water district
Hales Abandons Changes To Arts Tax
Portland arts tax will stay the same, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales says
When trying is half of the battle
Thorns recognized at City Council meeting
Portland's Water House leaks onto the market: 200 wiseguy words
Portland's Water House hits RMLS
Everyday Heroes: King speech just the beginning for George E. Hocker Jr.
Bioswales Outside the Portland Building? Maybe by October
Artist brings right brain to Bonamici beat
PNCA displays the art of fixing the North Park Blocks
MLKs ‘Dream’ changed Portland man’s life
The March on Washington
Letters to the editor
Hotseat: Tom Fahey
Hydro Clogs
Washington-Born Portland Man Remembers 1963 March
Nick's 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington speech
Portland Water Bureau Warns of Water Theft
University Park Business District launches discount program for University of Portland students
South Waterfront’s infrastructure: It’s only natural
Rewriting the Script - New Talk of Homelessness Cash Differs from Tale Told in Emails
The new Portland Film Festival to premier films in free, outdoor screenings at The Fields Park
City water rate fight turns green
Nick Fish: A Preservation Story
A discussion Portland needs
Called Out, Saltzman Now Seeking Up to $1.7 Million for Homelessness
No loaded guns, no camping, no Water House, but tents OK? Portland City Hall Roundup
2013 Spirit of Portland awards nominations now being accepted
Water House sale, a fine first step, needs to be followed by Portland Water Bureau accountability
Struggling to survive is not a criminal offense
Gateway Green shows power of partnerships
Our Opinion: Water House sale is smart move
Hales Meets with Fish, Street Roots Director about Expanding Homeless Services
Fish, Saltzman Staffer, Housing Bureau Meet With Hales on Homelessness—After Fish Goes Public With Complaints
Steve Duin: Yo, Charlie Hales! Politics are relational
The Empty Throne
Water main break near TriMet construction site delays opening of 8th Avenue
Nick Fish wants to restore CFO post that Portland Mayor Charlie Hales cut, requiring $162,302 severance payment
Portland's 'Water House' hits the market at a bargain price
11 x 13 Preservation Campaign
Portland Commissioner Nick Fish asks about anonymous comments. Here's what we say.
How Nick Fish Broke Rank with Charlie Hales' Plan for Sidewalk Sweeps and Food Carts
Summer concerts in downtown's Pettygrove Park continue Wednesdays in August
City plans to sell Water House, admits it will lose thousands in tax payer money
City’s ‘Water House’ $1M down the drain?
Portland to sell controversial 'Water House'
Sharing a smile
Did The Port and Housing Agency Get Scammed?
Nick Fish to Charlie Hales: "Are We Still Committed to Solving Homelessness? Or Just to Displacing It?"
Commissioner: 'Water House' was a mistake
Nick Fish shorts Randy Leonard's infamous Water House
Nick Fish says Water House was a mistake. But didn't he vote for it?
Water House Fact Sheet
Portland to sell controversial Water House
It's a wrap: Subsidized housing campaign saves nearly 1,000 homes
Portland's infamous 'Water House' for sale at $475,000
City saves 11 affordable housing buildings
Multnomah Days will celebrate completed green street project on Saturday
‘Next wave’ swamps east side
The Real World: Portland, 10 people who are living in the city without homes.
Portland camping: Mayor Charlie Hales tells police to enforce anti-camping law
Murmurs: Portland Gets Its Own Red Square.
A Lesson on Harassment
Discrimination ban on Section 8 to become law
Big Float 3 on the Willamette River
Washington Park Summer Festival returns with 10 days of free music performances
New Columbia families launch farmers market specializing in international produce
Crystal Springs Creek restoration project at Westmoreland Park
Changes to Portland arts tax call for a public vote
Environmental Groups Oppose Forming Portland Water, Sewer Board
Water, sewer oversight
Squirt Guns at Dawn
City water issues could create ripples in May votes
Are 'pet projects' to blame for Portland's high water and sewer rates?
Groundwater to be added to Portland supply system
City Leaders Debate Arts Tax Changes
Portland Timbers Stand Together Week Proclamation
Tour of new reservoir under construction on Powell Butte
Next steps on downtown homelessness in Portland
Audubon Society of Portland Opposes Efforts to Create a Water/Sewer District in Portland
Statement from Mike Houck regarding proposed Water District
Portland water, sewer spending would have new oversight model under 2014 ballot initiative
Commissioner Fritz Statement: Proposed Water District
Commissioner Novick Statement: Proposed Water District
We Hardly Knew Thee
An Ode to the Big Pipe
Petition Planned to Snatch Water/Sewer Control from City
Oregon Arts Commission gives $1.36 million to arts groups
Mayor Charlie Hales to Mt. Tabor protesters: 'We will take all necessary steps" to protect reservoirs
Mount Tabor Occupation Conflicts with Mount Tabor Weddings
Mt. Tabor reservoir protest could draw hundreds, organizer predicts
City Locks All Gates to Mount Tabor Park Before Occupation
Reservoir protest spreads message, tries to avoid trouble
City Auditor says Portland City Council needs better way to manage risks
Portland Police Close Mount Tabor Ahead Of Planned Protest
Passage of Section 8 Reform Bill
In Other News
Water Bedfellows
Jack Graham investigation: Report revives questions about discipline, safeguards, clumsy mayoral handoff
Convention center hotel: State funds secured, Metro looks to talks with city, county
Southeast Portland's Cesar Chavez Boulevard to reopen Tuesday morning
Oregon to ban housing discrimination against Section 8 renters
Sources Say: Art tax alive and kicking
Portland art tax upheld
Midyear Check-in: Portland Housing Bureau Director’s Message
Pools, Splash Pads, Hot Weather Tips from PP&R
Operation 305 collects household goods to welcome veterans into permanent housing
Paid Sick Leave Laws Generate Concern, but Not Much Pain
An Unsatisfying Answer
Can You Hear Me Now?
Fourth of July Safety
Saltzman promises a “fresh set of eyes” at housing bureau
Mayor's Response To Sexual Harassment Charges Criticized
Mayor Hales Policy Advisor Baruti Artharee on Week of Suspension for Breaking City Policy
Baruti Artharee suspension is appropriate
Hales Hands One-Week Suspension to Public Safety Director Over Sexual Comments
Hales Suspends Baruti Artharee for One Week
Some question whether week suspension for Charlie Hales' adviser is adequate
Visual Chronicle will portray the underrepresented parts of Portland
Mayor Hales: City Wins Arts Tax
Portland arts tax survives its third legal challenge, deemed constitutional
City Prevails in Second Arts Tax Challenge
Arts Tax Ruled Constitutional
Cully park under construction in Northeast Portland needs a name
Artists: Join the Visual Chronicle of Portland
Sunday Parkways puts up with a gentle rain, still draws thousands to Northeast Portland
Veterans Welcome Home Kit
Southeast Portland braces for 21-day closure of Cesar Chavez Boulevard
Growing Diversity in Public Art
Tina Kotek's housing choice bill 'still alive': Portland City Hall Roundup
Housing advocates, landlords go to the wire on Section 8 bill
Here's Portland's New Transportation Director
Portland City Council approves budget cuts for city
Portland City Council gives final OK to budget that includes several cuts
Sources Say: Petition drive rankles Hales
The Case for a Housing Levy
Portland Parks & Recreation celebrates Peninsula Park centennial, kickoff for Summer Free For All
Portland Council Applauds 'Summer Free For All'
National Small Business Week
New PBOT Director is Leah Treat from Chicago
LifeWorks NW Breaks Ground on The Center for Hope & Recovery
Portland City Council set to give final OK to brighter-than-expected budget
Creek is new focus of work to restore Westmoreland Park
Students see green as World Environment Day ideas grow
Astronaut Mae Jemison teaches students how to save the environment
Straight Talk with Portland city commissioners Steve Novick and Nick Fish
Solo swim makes waves in Willamette
Charlie Hales' provocative bureau assignments will test Portland's leadership
TMT Development seeks demolition permit for historical Cornelius Hotel in downtown Portland
Our Opinion: City bureaus get fresh sets of eyes
Affordable housing
City Hall Shaken, Stirred
Portland Hosts World Environment Day For All Of North America
Assign of the Times
Nick Fish: Losing housing bureau 'bittersweet'
Cleveland High School's Sophia Kecskes uses local politics to help empower others: Academic Achievers 2013
Portland Mayor Charlie Hales explains bureau assignments: Portland City Hall roundup
Portland to 'move on' with reservoir projects, stop seeking alternatives
Hales Announces Major Bureau Shakeup
Hales hands out surprising bureau assignments
Mayor Charlie Hales assigns city bureaus, scrambles them
Hales Makes Big Changes with City Bureau Assignments
Kenton residents, city will pursue night quiet zone near railroad
Get to know the man behind Portland's park signs
Two years late, Portland set to begin testing for housing discrimination
HUD and the Department of Veterans Affairs boost number of rent subsidy vouchers for veterans
The Skanner News Wishlist: We Tell Mayor Hales Who Should Get Which City Bureaus
Creating wild in the city: Portland’s park triptych
Local students recognized for Constitution competition win
Portland developer John D. Gray leaves $2 million to United Way
New Shelter, New Hope
Nonprofit Zenger Farm to double program capacity with new grange
Council's adopted budget bridges $21.5 million gap
Grant High School Constitution Team Proclamation 2013
Salvation Army women's shelter moves to larger location with plans for expanded services
Grant Con Team to be honored by City Council; Rose Festival house parties: Northeast Portland news
“Best ever” 2013 Avenue of Roses Parade enjoyed by thousands
At Colonel Summers Park, neighbors and the city are working to stem drug use and underage drinking
Portland Gets Another $3 Million from HUD for Lead Abatement in 300 Homes.
Testimony for House Bill 2417
Selling the Public on Public Housing
Steve Duin: Is Portland learning from its mistakes?
Burying the Cleaver-Tension Between Hales, Cogen Gives Way to Deal on Crisis Center
2013 Rose Festival Kicks Off May 24
Portland housing agency extends its REACH
Rebuilding Oregon’s housing policy
Nick Fish Still Stumping for Parks Bond
Portland, county agree to save needle exchange; cuts to come
New Pearl District affordable apartment highlights misperception of neighborhood's wealth
Dawson Park Improvement Brings Resources to the Neighborhood Hit Hardest by Gentrification
Hales, Cogen Strike Deal over Crisis Center, Needle Exchange Program, Other Services
Hales, Cogen Reach Budget Deal that Funds Mental Crisis Center
Court Intrigue -How Will Charlie Hales Divvy up the Bureaus?
Sunday Parkways roll into new era
Dawson Park Love
Getting It Done
First Annual Portland Police Bureau Youth Summer Camp
Sunday Parkways draws thousands of cyclists to outer Southeast Portland
Portland park rangers build bridges to the homeless
2012 Domicile Unknown Final Report
Multnomah County homeless report says at least 56 died on streets in 2012
The O Takes Its Shot at Bureau Assignments. Here's Ours!
Rose Festival 2013: Gerry Frank named Grand Floral Parade grand marshal
"Domicile Unknown": Report Shows Increase in Deaths of Homeless
Mayor Charlie Hales holds the bureaus a bit longer: Portland City Hall Roundup
Portland Parks & Recreation and Portland Parks Foundation Announce Legacy Emanuel Medical Center Donation to Dawson Park Water Feature
Veterans such as Lecester Shakier find places to live thanks to broad effort to cut homelessness
Throwing Away the Truth -The Fight Over the County Crisis Center Is More Complicated Than We Know
Legacy Emanuel Medical Center donates $200,000 to install water feature at Dawson Park
Appeal to the Baseline-The retail politics of the Hales budget creates winners and losers.
Jefferson High School Men's Basketball Proclamation
Mt. Tabor Community Garden Officially Opens
Hacienda CDC hosts open house for recently completed futsal court
Habitat for Humanity seeks volunteers in Northeast Portland's Cully community
City park rangers tell Mayor Hales they want a union
Portland artist Natalie Sept's portraits celebrate 'unseen' restaurant dishwashers
Lions' Ndamukong Suh donates $250K to former high school
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Proclamation by President Obama
City Park Rangers Want a Union
Isamu Noguchi lands at Portland: 22-piece exhibit set in Japanese Garden
Ndamukong Suh's $250,000 check helps Grant High turf field supporters break ground
Suh, Nike team up for new Grant HS track, field
If you don't pick up after your pet, it'll cost you $150
Suh's donation helps Grant HS tackle field of dreams
The Kindest Cuts
Older Americans Month Proclamation
Whitaker Farm proposal at former school site won't happen this summer
Peninsula Park Rose Garden nears centennial: Q&A with volunteer Ann Gardner
Mike Abbaté's letter to Parks staff
City of Portland budget: 'Not a happy day,' Mayor Charlie Hales says amid proposed cuts
Portland's Mayor Releases Budget: City Faces $21M Deficit
Champion Grant High Constitution Team: "We Care About Everyone"
Mayor Proposed Budget Decisions-Bureau Summaries
Hales: 'Tough budget' brings widespread city layoffs
Safety net funding fares well in city budget
Mayor's Budget Unveiled
Hales' Budget Cuts Mounted Patrol, Keeps Fire Stations
Portland Mayor Charlie Hales proposes police and fire cuts to bridge $21.5 million budget shortfall
2013 Downtown Affordable Housing Inventory Report
Steve Duin: Portland's Intertwine a natural place one step removed
Grant Constitution Team finishes first in nation; second year in a row Oregon team wins
On the waterfront: Businesses, city often at odds
Greenbrier's Bill Furman: Smokejumper, entrepreneur, movie producer
Furman wants Portland and Oregon to give Greenbrier reasons to stick around
Nike expansion will have a ripple effect
PDC hits financial turning point
Portland Mayor Hales to deliver first State of the City address
With weekly gatherings, military veterans hone their music skills and create bonds
The Parks have Eyes
Housing executive looks to lift up those left behind
Multnomah County homelessness problem dire and likely to get worse, experts say
Ending "No Section 8" Policies
Community farms cultivate payment plans
VIDEO Portland Parks Holds Free Swim Classes and Hires Lifeguards for Summer Fun
Northwest Housing Alternatives acquires 71 affordable units
Details of Scrapped Nike South Waterfront Deal Emerge
Fair Housing Month Proclamation
Hales and the Board of Directors
Council Majority Now Backs Campaign for Safety Net Cash
Portland's pitch for Nike looks prudent: Agenda 2013
Jesse Beason talks Portland safety net
Challenge after Boston Marathon bombings: preserving tradition
Portland Parks seeks members for River View Natural Area advisory committee
We Are the Safety Net coalition fights to maintain city funding through tough budget
Fairness Matters
On Portland City Council agenda, a small park 100 years in the making: Portland City Hall roundup
BRIDGE Housing Expands to Pacific Northwest
City Council Budget Subcommittee Two Report 2013
City Council Budget Subcommittee One Report 2013
Portland budget group finds nearly $5 million in possible savings: Portland City Hall roundup
Brits, Americans quarrel over Ore. park with leprechauns, but it’s all in fun
City Club of Portland committee favors fluoride
Multnomah County, Portland hit "reset" button in long-term homeless efforts
City dollars jump start housing projects
Portland City Council approves minimum parking requirement for large apartment buildings
Take That Lichfield: Tiny Fence Now At Tiny Park
Portland Thorns recognized at City Hall
Controversy Over Guinness’ ‘Smallest Park’ Designation
A Lesson on the Golden Rule
Portland Thorns FC Proclamation
Whimsy enters UK vs. Portland smallest park debate
City of Portland to Recognize Thorns FC
International Rose Test Garden surpasses 10,000 roses -- curator's career goal
Papa's Pizza Parlor Flyer
Portland's Tiniest Park Title Under Fire From UK
Portland Parks & Recreation looks forward, asks public to look critically at park system’s future
In southwest Portland's Marquam Nature Park, participatory art project lets community members create mosaics for amphitheater
Portland proposes new apt. parking plan
Housing Choice Act offers the right solution for tenants, landlords: Guest opinion
City Council Won't Make Developer Add Parking on Division Street
Council Will Talk Apartment Parking this Afternoon. Temper Your Expectations
Letters: Section 8 proposal would help end housing discrimination
City apartment parking rules could change
The Incomplete Charlie Hales
Paranoid Parking
Portland City Council to take up proposed parking minimums for apartment buildings
Fish Will Try to Amend Apartment Parking Rules on Thursday
Letters: Clackamas light rail, Section 8 housing, PERS reform, a kind gesture
2013 Westmoreland & Crystal Springs Restoration Fact Sheet
Letter: Section 8 bill wouldn't create an unfair burden for landlords
How much is that tree worth? Portland Parks & Recreation puts a price tag on it
Oregonian editorial board flip-flops on Section 8 legislation
Oregonian Editorial: "Bias in Section 8 proposal"
Oregonian Editorial: "A Shared Path to Fair Housing"
A Myth-Busting City Audit
Portland Parks rolls out Arbor Month with community events throughout April
City Council moves on changes to arts tax: Portland City Hall roundup
Mt. Tabor Park is the new home of a Doug Fir sapling that may or may not have been stolen from the World's Smallest Park
'American Winter' Families Struggle To Survive Fall From Middle Class
City rallies to help homeless veterans
Portland Auditor: City must clarify core responsibilities and rework relationship with county
Portland City Council Unanimously Passes Sick Leave Law
Rental Market Madness
Jesse Beason turned Proud Ground into a stronger organization
Mayor Charlie Hales stops permit review for embattled no-parking apartment project on Southeast Division Street
Tiny Tree Returned To Tiny Portland Park After Theft
Novick Says City Apartment Permit "Messed Up Six Ways to Sunday"
5 questions for the Gantz brothers about the toll of the great recession
Minimum Wage Map
City Commissioners Weren't Told About New Plans for Division Street Apartments
A Mammoth Parking-Free Apartment Building Is Skirting Further Public Scrutiny
Developer seeks revised permit for halted Southeast Division Street apartments
Police, fire can't avoid cuts in budget
Portland Parks & Recreation says Waud Bluff Trail won't open this weekend
Portland Parks & Recreation Announces Winners Of Full College Scholarships
City looks to cut the safety net
Nonprofit developer REACH Community Development names Daniel Valliere new chief executive
Filmmaker Joe Gantz on the sequester: ‘I can’t imagine what these cuts are going to do to families’
American Winter
Talk Box - Commissioner Nick Fish on 'American Winter'
HBO documentary 'American Winter' profiles Portland's poor
Hales announces Portland City Council will consider amending controversial arts tax
From Middle Class to Homeless
Sacajawea Park in Northeast Portland's Cully community vying for free makeover
"American Winter": Documenting the downturn
Soon-to-open Pearl District park will be city’s first built exclusively for dogs
Our American Winter
American Winter, documentary on the recession's grip in Portland, makes HBO debut
After months of debate, Portland City Council approves sick leave ordinance -- now what?
SummerWorks intern program spared by Portland Mayor Charlie Hales
Portland passes citywide sick leave ordinance
Portland requires firms to offer sick leave
City Council adopts sick leave policy
Earned Sick Leave Measure Passes in Portland
Portland, Oregon Becomes Fourth American City To Adopt Paid Sick Day Law
Oregon City Requires Paid Sick Leave
Portland, Ore., Approves Earned Sick Leave Policy
Portland City Council Votes to Require Sick Leave
Letter: Pier Park sequoia removal had community input
Multnomah County, Portland eye grant to identify housing hazards facing disabled seniors
Unanimous Vote, Loud Applause for Earned Sick Leave in Portland
Portland City Council votes unanimously to approve sick leave policy
Cavities in Their Campaign
Portland’s Public Gardens Grow
Earned sick time is good for Portland
Affordable housing reform needed to help Section 8 work
Portland School Board approves lease with city of Portland, NAYA for Lents project
Donor helps world's smallest park in Portland
City receives $3.25 check to cover tree planting at world's smallest park
Council members praise sick leave task force results: Portland City Hall roundup
Village Gardens will raise money for market gardens, incubator kitchens at University of Portland fundraiser
Where children stay longer and play more often
Portland Parks & Recreation Announces Grand Opening Of City’s 46th Community Garden‏
Tree stolen from Portland's Mill Ends Park returned -- maybe leprechaun magic, maybe remorse, officials say
Teeny-tiny Portland park has an itsy-bitsy theft
Zenger Farm and Powellhurst-Gilbert group hope to turn neighbors into farmers
Lone tree stolen from Portland's smallest park
Portland City Council set for second public comment on sick leave: Portland City Hall roundup
Despite critiques from business interests, Portland sick leave proposal moves forward
Portland Fair Housing Action Plan Update
Commissioner Fish Section 8 testimony
Portland Open Space Sequence in downtown Portland joins National Register of Historic Places
City digs deep to fix $25 million shortfall
Portland's South Waterfront shows signs of evolving into a neighborhood
City Council letter in support of HB 2639
Portland Commissioner Nick Fish testifies in support of state law that would end 'No Section 8' policy
Helensview Community Garden to build Sumner neighborhood pride
Portland Parks & Recreation Presents the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge Bluff Trail Restoration Celebration
Portland Parks to open 46th community garden .
“No one is happy with the status quo”
As Automatic Budget Cuts Go Into Effect, Poor May Be Hit Particularly Hard
Everyday Heroes: Trainer helps people with disabilities
Fish: City Parks Bond Measure Grounded by "Headwinds"
Parks bureau backs away from bond plan
Portland Could Generate Renewable Power In City Water Pipes
Supporting Water Fluoridation for Our Beloved Community
Steve Weiss Proclamation
Council tackles cost of historic designation
Why we need labor laws like paid sick time: Guest opinion
Transportation budget work session hints at difficult process to come: Portland City Hall roundup
REACH lands $750K for affordable housing project
Portland's oldest rose garden is new again
Murmurs: We Could Charge County Officials to Use the Loo.
American Winter Explores Families On The Edge In Metro Portland
'American Winter' focuses on Portland's poor
Dr. Budgets Harsh Medicine
Looking at the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression from the eyes of everyday people
Death, taxes and increasing water and sewer rates: Portland City Hall roundup
Fiscal Bluff
Murmurs: The Other Side of Portlandia Gets its Due.
P:ear marks 11 years as the community their homeless youth never had
It's National 2-1-1 Day!
American Winter on Carl in the Morning
Housing and homeless services face deep cuts
$6.4 Million in One-Time Money is On the City Hall Chopping Block
Sick leave ordinance gets first hearing at Portland City Council
within REACH
Small businesses find their own voices - and views - on immigration, sick leave and more
Hales has the bureaus, but will commissioners still fight for their own? Portland City Hall roundup
Portland bureaus release proposed budgets; tough cuts lie ahead
Eastside parks get $800,000 makeover
East Portland Parks Project Invests Record Funds in Under-Developed Greenspaces
Parks announces E205 Initiative completion
Amanda Fritz and Dan Saltzman urge Mayor Charlie Hales to fund summer youth programs: Portland City Hall roundup
Hales takes bureaus, outlines budget schedule
Portland Parks & Recreation completes 18-month E205 Initiative to refurbish parks in East Portland
Portland Parks & Recreation's $5 5K races expand to six parks this summer
Forest Park update: Wildlife report, new Parks Director chimes in, media goes crazy
The 10 best U.S. cities for urban forests
American Forests Names the 10 Best U.S. Cities
Where to get free help with your 2012 tax return
Oregon bill would end Section 8 discrimination
Portland Commissioner Steve Novick asks state for delay on reservoir requirements
Blackbird Wine hosting Portland Parks & Rec teen programs fundraiser
For four hours, City Hall councilors took testimony on proposed sick leave rule
With one hearing down, Portland City Council pushes forward on earned sick leave rule
Portland homeless being counted
Mult Co surveys number of homeless
Whitaker Community Farm FAQ
VIPs, volunteers and staffers convene to discuss veterans issues during annual homeless count
Whitaker site proposal in Northeast Portland could be a model for urban farming
2013 City of Portland and Multnomah County tax sites
Charlie's in charge -- Hales will take bureaus next week: Portland City Hall roundup
Days before 2013 Legislative Session, council members outline top priorities: Portland City Hall roundup
Return of Chucky: Protland needs to make big spending cuts. Charlie Hales is swinging the ax.
Sick leave ordinance goes before Portland City Council
N Williams, NoPo Greenway projects seek funding support
City, county gear up for one-night count of homeless
VIDEO: Peninsula Park Rose Garden Celebrates 100 Years with 3,000 Shrubs and a Lot of Mulch
Whitaker School site to be community farm? Proposal open house Wednesday in Northeast Portland
Trail Blazers, Banfield Pet Hospital Team Up For Fourth Annual Pet Appreciation Night
Portland Parks & Recreation, Friends of Peninsula Park seeking donations for mulch
Mr. Gunderson Finds His Dream House
Night Strike dinner provides hot meal, with dignity, for city's homeless
Portland Parks & Recreation offers documentary class for teenagers
COYOTES in the city
Bridge work on the Springwater Corridor will require the closure of a bridge near Southeast 45th Avenue
CAT Volunteer Questionnaire
Renters' Advocacy Flyer
We are Portland
'Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland' political group forms to support fluoride: Portland City Hall roundup
Portland Japanese Garden turns 50: Rediscover it on its golden anniversary
Commissioner Amanda Fritz proposes sick leave rule targeting all Portland businesses
Ten-year plan to end homelessness gets regional redux
Oregon film industry keeps rising
New Blanchet House serving Portland's homeless
Getting it right in testing for discrimination against Portland renters
Habitat for Humanity plans to ramp up house production in Multnomah County after completing $12 million fundraising campaign
City receives 19 applications for affordable housing funds
New Community Garden Plots
93-year old inspiring others to work out
Personal trainer helps 93-year-old maintain her independence
Central City Concern's Old Town Clinic Named National Health Care Leader
And the Survey Says...We Asked, They Answered: CIty Hall Staffers Open Up-and Unload
After years of delay, Portland prepares for testing against housing discrimination
Portland City Council to consider apartments without parking
Portland Habitat for Humanity reaches $12M capital goal
Portland nears $70,000 contract for fair housing testing: Portland City Hall roundup
REACH gets half-million from Meyer trust
Trail for Bikes and Feet
Portland Parks & Recreation wants your feedback!
In downtown Portland, engaged couples line up for a January wedding reservation ritual
Tiny Two Plum Park in Northeast Portland scores big in fundraiser
Portland Parks publishes Forest Park wildlife study online
Developers vie for tax abatements for affordable housing
Temps drop, volunteers seek out homeless
For Landlords: Help our Vets Find a Home
Northwest Academy will not buy YWCA building in downtown Portland
Steve Duin: Mark Gunderson is a veteran of Portland's war on homelessness
What to expect from Portland's new City Council, which takes office Tuesday
Fitness for everyone, at every age
Multnomah County programs focus on food needs
City Council Astrology
Village Gardens launches campaign to support micro food enterprises in North Portland
Randy Leonard: A controversial, get-it-done politician prepares to leave the Portland City Council
Open house coming up for North Portland Greenway project
Portland moves up fluoride vote to 2013
2012 Forum on Affordable Housing and Homelessness Report
Portland City Council votes to move fluoride vote to 2013
Portland commissioners may move for early vote on fluoridation
Hall Monitor: A Glimpse Inside the Machine
Portland names fire station for retiring Commissioner Randy Leonard
Rockwood schools, Portland parks partnering to bring community gardens to east county
Waud Bluff now has a bridge, Sweedeedee's honey pie is 'find of the year:' North Portland news roundup
Portland fluoridation move no breach of trust
Council may speed up fluoride vote
Greening-up golf is all in the grass
Natural area preserved along Columbia Slough
Street Roots Makes Twitter Worth It Today
Metro, City of Portland purchase 54 acres of Columbia Slough wetlands in Northeast Portland
Portland City Council will vote whether to refer fluoride question to May 2013 ballot
Affordable rental housing opens in South Waterfront with grand opening ceremony for Gray's Landing Friday
First Affordable Apartments Open On Portland's South Waterfront
Nick Fish Explains Lone "No" Vote on Northwest Parking Meters
Portland City Council approves meters and permits in Northwest Portland
Mayor Sam Adams packs second-to-last council session: Portland City Hall roundup
Gray's Landing debuts Friday at South Waterfront
Will Portland City Council push for a fluoride vote in 2013?
Portland increases biz owners tax deductions
A Temporary Armistice: Mayor's Plan to Solve NW Portland's "Parking Wars" Still Has Some Critics
Zidell property could get E-zone status
All aboard!
Exhaust your kids: Portland parks pools will provide extended 'open play swims' during the winter break
Grant Park's worn track deemed unsafe; new track construction scheduled
Fresh ideas on nature and community
Locus Focus on 12/10/12
A road to peace in Northwest Portland parking wars
Bank of America donates house to Habitat for Humanity
Portland City Council hears concerns about Northwest Portland parking meters
Volunteers toil, so community can enjoy Thanksgiving feast
Portland Rose Festival boosts city economy, study says
Portland City Council voted unanimously to install meters within Washington Park's lots
Keeping elderly, needy renters in some of downtown's best old buildings
The Affordable Housing Crisis
Portland City Council refers Children's Levy renewal to May ballot
Macdonald West to make its Old Town debut
Textile artist Joyce Kelly and others display art at Multnomah Arts Center
Parks' proposal puts North Portland Greenway 'Trail' on surface streets - UPDATED
Location, Location, Location
Portland grants three-year contract to Dignity Village camp
Women's winter shelter opens in Northwest Portland November 19
The Future of Mountain Biking, Thanks to the Northwest Trails Alliance
More Meters Coming To Solve NW Portland Parking Problems
Parking meters could dot Northwest Portland as soon as next year
Grant Park's worn track deemed unsafe; new track construction scheduled
Washington Park plan for parking meters draws questions form surrounding neighbors
All aboard! Mighty steam locomotives rule the roost at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center in Portland
Restored trains plan holiday run
Cedar Sinai buys affordable apt. buildings
Portland City Council approves less expensive design standards to pave gravel streets
Portland golf courses inch back toward pre-recession play
Portland City Council approves tax for land-line phone service providers
Housing Bureau tries a second time for authority to charge off debts: Portland City Hall roundup
What will Dan Saltzman, Nick Fish and LaVonne Griffin-Valade do in 2014? Portland City Hall roundup
Central City Concern's recovery center lauded for design
Activists aim to get paid sick leave for Portland workers
Sources Say: Are politics safe to drink?
Washington Park
Best of 2012: Family Fun
Unwelcome Mat, Housing discrimination based on sexual identity or orientation is against Oregon law. Who knew?
Rose City Golf Course Clubhouse, built in 1932, listed on National Register of Historic Places
Rose City Golf Course clubhouse added to historic register
City loans for Grove project unlike any others approved by PDC: Portland City Hall roundup
30th anniversary of Friends of Leach Garden
Despite deep misgivings, city council approves federal settlement on police, mental health reforms
Council says yes to citywide plastic bag ban
First step of Cully Park in northeast Portland opens to public
No-parking apartments: Portland City Council must fix problem fast
Portland expands plastic-bag ban to 5,000 businesses
Jennifer Yocom joins Portland Parks & Recreation as Community Relations Manager
Portland Commissioners vote to accept use of force changes
Agencies in Multnomah County plan to ramp-up services for homeless as winter approaches
Portland City Council approves plan to control police use of force
Portland Changes Police Use-Of-Force Policies
'Regional Trail Advocates Forum' looks to spark grassroots activism
The food movement takes a beating
Low-income Park Tower Apartments donated to Oregon Jewish Community Foundation
5 Models for Cheaper, Greener Housing for Veterans
Potluck in the Park volunteers serve a warm meal in downtown Portland every Sunday to anyone who needs one
Real World: Portland City Council. Will there be less drama in 2013?
Forest Park Wildlife Report presents finding of a one-year study of the animals that call the park home
Leaders ask for rental help for Vets
Mayor Sam Adams pushes West Hayden Island environmental proposal
Portland's holiday tree arrived in Pioneer Courthouse Square
Portland women's shelter to open 70 beds
Potluck in the Park volunteers serve a warm meal in downtown Portland every Sunday to anyone who needs one
Speakers urge City Council to create independent civilian panel to investigate Portland police misconduct
Charlie Hales will be Portland's next mayor
New partnership aims to get Multnomah County's homeless veterans into housing
At Hales' Victory Party, Well Wishers and a Tool Belt for the Work Ahead
Winter shelter for families now open in NE Portland
Winter homeless shelter opens amid record demand in Multnomah County
Harper's Playground opens in North Portland
Deteriorated roses being replaced at local park
Harper's Playground will open Saturday in Arbor Lodge Park
New Urban Leader
Wanted: Your fond memories of Peninsula Park
Roosevelt High enrollment up, so is 3-d printing: North Portland news roundup
Long-awaited Harper's Playground opens Saturday
Eliot MLK Building Breaks Ground
Central City Concern and Portland Roasting Coffee partner on coffee blend, job skills program
Spirit of Portland: University of Portland women's soccer team donates to Harper's Playground, volunteers with kids
Spirit of Portland: Grant High students led community/school garden project
Portland and Portland State University gear up for aging population boom
Home Forward to earn up to $1.7 million fee developing Multnomah County health building
Spirit of Portland: Mt. Tabor's Weed Warriors are honored for doing the dirty work
There's no place like home tour
Portland Parks & Recreation looking for stories from Peninsula Park
Construction of new playgrounds at two East Portland parks is complete
Childhood Lead Exposure Drops While Funding Lags
Portland police training center unveiled on Airport Way
Make-a-Wish grants Portlander a special train ride
Home, sweet home: homeless advocates look to Dignity Village in Portland as a possible model for a similar program in Eugene
The Fields Park in the Pearl District is on track to open next January
A Spooktacular party, a funky Halloween bash and a tree-planting in Lents: Things to do in Southeast Portland
Friends of Trees, reservoir rally and good neighbors: Southeast Portland news for Wednesday
The Portland Cello Project will perform at the Community Music Center next month
Portland Parks & Recreation will discuss Peninsula Park centennial celebration
The Happy Rangers
Portland Reaches 1,000 Gardens Goal
October 24 is National Food Day
1,000 new community garden plots goal reached; other Northeast Portland Wednesday news
John Gray, Portland developer and philanthropist dies at 93
Declaration of Cooperation
Portland hikers, trail users advised to be prepared for storm season
Granny flats flourish after fee waiver
Vestal School's garden in Northeast Portland grows with Whole Foods Market grant
North Park Blocks welcomes Lee Kelly sculpture on future PNCA courtyard entrance
Grand opening of Portland Parks & Recreation's 45th community garden
Commissioner Fish announces new Forest Park singletrack 'in the next 9 months'
Waud Bluff Trail construction will continue until the end of the year, Portland Parks and Recreation says
On the Oaks Bottom Bluff Trail, restoration work to keep the plants safe and your feet dry
Crocus bulb planting at former Occupy parks delayed
The Sellwood Spooktacular is among Halloween events throughout Portland this month
Portland Parks & Rec names new city nature manager
Blanchet House earns LEED Platinum for sustainability
Mayor Adams gives up on Oregon Sustainability Center
Portland apartment complex built in 3 days
Eastminster Community Garden spreads slow-food movement in outer Northeast Portland
Mayor Sam Adams kills Oregon Sustainability Center project
Portland City Council to fight reinstatement of fired police officer
City of Portland proclaims Oct. 8-14, 2012 as Portland Timbers Stand Together Week
Celebrate Patton Square Park
Portland Parks Bureau launches arts-based preschool in southwest Portland
Portland Parks Bureau's dance series for people with disabilities begins on Friday
Hillsdale project reflects our best values
Voters should reject Measure 79: Editorial endorsement
Oregon Legislature could address Section 8 discrimination if Democrats control House
Central City Concern teams up with rolling grocery store to deliver fresh food
20,000 crocus bulbs to be planted at former Occupy parks
Jamison Square architect wins national award
Multnomah County taps contingency fund to help meet homeless family 'emergency'
SE firehouse celebrates 100 years of community service
Mayor Has Votes for Court Challenges of Frashour Reinstatement
Nick Fish says Sam Adams shouldn't rush Oregon Sustainability Center project: Portland City Hall roundup
Don't Play Politics With Our Lives
Portland Commissioners Fritz and Fish join Mayor Adams, Commissioner Leonard in appeal of Frashour reinstatement
The Pearl District: Portland's hippest neighborhood?
East side streetcar service begins
A federal official lauds state and Portland efforst to provide health care access
Heron Lakes Golf Course in North Portland reduces maintenance costs, chemical use
Free Help for Portland Seniors at Risk of Foreclosure
Oregon Rail Heritage Center ready for grand opening Saturday, Sunday
City leaders unveil suicide prevention signs
200 volunteers expected to build multi-generation playground Saturday in Northeast Portland
North Portland man, Jean Marcellus, kicks alcohol, homelessness to curb
Hollywood Gleaners hosting benefit Saturday to aid low-income Northeast Portland seniors
Portland City Council passes resolution against coal trains
State launches foreclosure prevention website
Hoyt Arboretum unveils 250 new trail and interpretive signs
Ventura Park Pumptrack's Grand Opening
Portland Fall Arts Guide 2012: Pearls After a Lazy Lunch
Portland City Council Votes Yes on Fluoridation in 5-0 Decision
Wilshire Park mural supporters in Northeast Portland to seek grants for protection
Blanchet House in Old Town dedicates its new building serving the needy
Commissioner Fish vote and statement in support of fluoridation
Portland fluoride debate is ideological clash
Charles Jordan Community Center computer lab doubles in size, thanks to Free Geek grant
New Columbia hosts dance battle before school starts: VIDEO
Give children back their smiles, health
Power of Collaboration
Grant to help restore historic Portland sculptures
Gov. John Kitzhaber endorses Portland's fluoride proposal: Portland City Hall roundup
More Than 40 Nonprofits Apply to Give TriMet Tickets to Poor People
Do cities really save $38 for every $1 they spend on fluoridation? PolitiFact Oregon
Tom McCall Waterfront Park Turf to be replanted
Commissioner Nick Fish Brings More Community Gardens to Portland
10th & Mason Block Party to benefit efforts to install bench in Northeast Portland's Two Plum Park
Volunteers will rock out on river beach
The Tooth of the Matter
Fluoridation hearing announced
Grab your towel: Dive-In-Movies start this week at five Portland pools
Fluoridation fans Nick Fish and Sam Adams are doing the right thing
Fluoride hearing set for Portland City Council on Sept. 6, vote Sept. 12
First 'Madison Festival in the Park' to raise funds for sports, clubs at N.E. Portland school
Fish supports fluoridation
Looks Like We'll Be Getting Fluoride in Our Water; Fish and Novick Both Like It
Fluoridate Portland's water
Fluoridation plan gains political support from Commissioner Nick Fish; Portland City Council approval seems likely
Tamarack Apartments kids win public housing grant, Timbers Army support, and build soccer field
Home buyer education goes online
Homeless veterans to receive housing help from Portland nonprofit
Tax credits boost Habitat housing project
Bank of America to meet with homeowners facing foreclosure Aug. 23-25
Photos: International Tree Climbing Championship
Portland's 'Trek in the Park' featured on 'CBS Sunday Morning'
A private lift for public spaces
Tree canopy increases throughout Portland
Champion tree climbers aim high in the Rose City
Portland State University's effort to discourage smoking encourages good health
Portland tree canopy spreading, study finds
Grant boosts housing for homeless veterans
Tree-climbing championships come to Rose City
Laurelhurst Park will host international tree-climbing championships Saturday and Sunday
The Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood will host an ice cream social Wednesday night at Piccolo Park
Portland nonprofit pays for private contractors to refresh historic parks
A Visionary Honored
US Bank Donates $100,000 to Portland Public Schools' Early Learners Academy
Commons' Grounds
Hacienda CDC, Beaumont Futsal Club to host exhibition game in Northeast Portland
Community Cycling Center building North Portland repair hub
Community Cycling Center, art students join to repair bikes at New Columbia
Moreland Presbyterian Church considers plan to house the homeless after scrapping car-camping
At Riverview property, off-road riding advocates invest sweat equity
Portland SummerFest turns 10 with free performance of 'Die Fledermaus'
Hillsdale housing project fills a big hole
Connected volunteers combat youth violence weekly at N.E. Portland's Holladay Park
SMILE, Portland Parks, & local sponsors again bring music to Riverfront Park
"Natural Play Area" vetted for Westmoreland Park
New Rail Heritage Center nears completion near OMSI
Oaks Bottoms Bluff Trail to be restored this fall
Church: 'intense' pressure killed homeless parking program
PSU asks for smoking ban in Park Blocks
Habitat's Summer Block Party Brings Community Together in East Portland
Final East Portland park improvements underway, to be complete by this fall
East Portland Community Gardens
Senator Jeff Merkley Proposes Government Help for Homeowners
Tracking sex offenders; Parkrose news; Chuck Amato dedication; other N.E. Portland Tuesday news
Sunday Parkways in Southeast Portland is scheduled for Aug. 26
Reach nonprofit and volunteers to repair homes of low-income seniors in North and Northeast Portland
Commissioner Fish's safety net champion award for the birds
Portland protesters, police and officials work to help homeless family
Parks Project Designed To Boost Equity
Charles Jordan Center Dedicated
Portland Parks to break ground on East Portland Community Center park
Portland Pearl District park finalist for national urban space award
Concerts in the Park; Columbia Slough Regatta; Movies in the Park: N.E. Portland weekend entertainment
24-hour BioBlitz catalogs critters alive in Forest Park
New affordable homes project opens in SE Portland
Proud Ground will celebrate 12 new affordable townhomes Wednesday in Southeast Portland
Portland honors first African-American city commissioner
Portland balances urban forestry goals to preserve healthy tree canopy
Commissioner Nick Fish issues statement commending Cameron Whitten's Hunger Strike
Nick Fish Issues Statement on Cameron Whitten's Hunger Strike
Bigwigs set to roll on 8th annual 'Policymakers Ride'
A Message from the Urban Forestry Commission
Bud Clark Commons wins national brick honor
Portland Community College hosts memorial for Harold Williams, longtime board member and community servant
Portland parks hires ranger supervisor
Portland's Dignity Village expects to win contract extension
Portland School Board votes to go forward with $482 million bond measure
Werbin property, site of new park in N.E. Portland, subject of survey
City, county welcome summer interns
A new era has begun: City of Portland officially opens first pump track
Portland Has a Pump Track Now!
Innovative Housing, nonprofit building affordable housing, to host party on vacant lot in N.E. Portland
Portland's South Park Blocks will be less dramatic as an urban forest grows
Michael Kondo, head gardener of the Portland Japanese Garden, is a force of nature
Hall Monitor: A Boost for Car Camping
Portland businesses, volunteers help keep the city's park system up and running
Public pools set to open
The Sharp, Sudden Decline of America's Middle Class
Portland parks system trims budget, services
New areas to see tax abatements: City council extends tax break boundaries, aids multifamily units in downtown area
Gantz brothers film documentary on Portland's struggling middle class
Hacienda CDC futsal court groundbreaking held in N.E. Portland
Employment center finds jobs for homeless
Steve Duin: A sweet morning at McCoy Park
North Portland Sunday Parkways brings bananas on bikes, dance parties through town
Portland parks hosts summer concerts
Terwilliger Parkway centennial: Tree clearing recaptures scenic views along historic route
Home Forward set to open waiting lists on low-income apartments
After 10 years, park site in high-poverty Cully neighborhood gets first improvement: Portland City Hall roundup
Renovation of Mark O. Hatfield Building updates 106 low-income housing units
Honoring a Visionary for Community
Portland is making progress on affordable, fair housing
Community center renamed to honor a Portland visionary
Construction on 100 percent accessible playground begins
We're going to change the world one playground at a time
A shared path to fair housing
Fair housing testing in Portland must meet state standards, city officials say
PHB Rental Housing Investments
Know a street tree that needs pruning? Want to learn how to prune?
Community center renamed for Charles Jordan
Harper's Playground is about to become a reality
From a terrace to a crossing
South Portland gets a new place to grow together
New Portland Parks Program Offers Kids An Interactive Way to Experience Gardening, Cooking, and Food
American Winter Film
Grant Community Garden opens; Happy Cup Coffee empowers disabled adults; other Northeast Portland news: Friday Roundup
Portland Council approves 2012-13 budget
Improvements in store for East Portland parks
Biggest Winner in City Budget Vote? Portland's Safety Net
Doors slowly open for Portland-area housing recovery
Portland Development Commission deserves credit for improving its operations
Lone Sellwood parking spot for homeless may stir up City Hall
New Grant magazine hits hard and prospers
Not in My Parking Lot
A Southeast Portland church's plan to allow homeless to sleep in cars in parking lot draws neighborhood criticism
Advocates, Commissioner Fish Fight to Restore Housing, Foreclosure Prevention in City Budget
Cully Park dream moves forward; convenience store planned for Broadway/33rd Ave.; other Northeast Portland news: Wednesday Roundup
A Southeast Portland church is working to overcome neighborhood opposition to its parking lot homelessness plan
33 acres in Forest Park free of invasive, tree-killing vines, conservation district says
In southwest Portland, city plans a centennial party for Terwilliger Parkway
City's "Overnight Sleeping" Program Finds First Host—and Neighbors React in Ugly Fashion
Northwest Portland's Bud Clark Commons receives national architecture award
Bud Clark Commons wins awards: social service building honored for innovative design
City of Portland needs to take a more customer-driven approach to utilities
Bud Clark Commons Wins National Design Award
Repaired Portland parks reopen after Occupy
Bud Clark Commons lands top design prize
Repaired Portland parks reopen after Occupy
Final fences removed from Chapman, Lownsdale squares
Chapman and Lownsdale Squares Open After Restoration
Portland's parks bureau will celebrate its newest community garden Sunday in Southeast Portland
In downtown Portland, post-Occupy fences come down around Chapman, Lownsdale squares
Bike Score ranks Portland nation's 2nd best city for being bicycle commuter
Getting their day in the sun
Habitat for Humanity Tries Big-Scale Approach to Housing in Oregon
How Should Portland Honor Environmental Visionary Charles Jordan?
Lincoln High School Constitution Team Proclamation March 9 2012
Alliance celebrates 10 years; recognizes volunteers
Dying on the streets: Multnomah County homeless report is a call to save lives
A new community court dedicated to the homeless at Bud Clark Commons opened Friday
Market conditions, poor economy not conducive to affordable housing
Study points to dangers facing county homeless people
Grant Magazine Subscription Form
One per week: Multnomah County releases first homeless death tally
Portland Parks & Recreation is offering activities all over town to help parents during Screen-Free Week
The arts community eyes Portland mayoral race with intense scrutiny
Portland Community Gardens Map - April 2012
Construction starts on Fields Neighborhood Park in the Pearl
New court connects homeless, services
Renee Myers named executive director of Forest Park Conservancy
Zenger Farm, Burgerville team to promote vegetables
David Douglas High School Hosts Youth Candidate Forum
Everyday Heroes: Local DJ Tom Farley
The State of Housing: A Portland Story
Homeownership Funding Testimony from Dr. Lisa Bates
Latino Family Day will be Friday, April 13, at the Mt. Scott Community Center
2012 City of Portland Fair Housing Month Proclamation
Portland presents Bill Naito Community Trees Awards for Arbor Day
Union Gospel Mission served 600 meals to homeless on Easter Sunday
In downtown Portland, trees get a celebration during Arbor Week event in the South Park Blocks
City classes help pre-schoolers go “Nuts about Nature”
Laying the groundwork for forest recovery
Commissioner Nick Fish Fosters Community Garden Initiative
Education home-ownership forum to be held in outer Northeast Portland
Thousand Gardens Initiative expands community garden spaces to improve health outcomes
Federal grants target homeless vets
Winter 2012 Garden Construction Update
Spring checklist for your home garden
Portland Housing Bureau says downtown urban renewal area would spur affordable housing
Listen Up City Hall: "I Support the Portland Safety Net"
Cultivating Gardens
PDX Sports
Portlander Andre Ashley Named as 'Champion of Change' by White House
Leach Botanical Garden
Ground broken for 80-unit affordable apartment building in Northwest Portland
"The Yards" project to add 80 affordable housing units in northwest Portland
City kicks off work on The Fields Park
Team effort makes it special
East Portland Action Plan letter of support for Leach Botanical Garden
Lents Neighborhood Association letter of support for Leach Botanical Garden
City reboots housing bias study
Shot on the Street
How could they quit on Oregon homeowners?
Southeast Portland apartment complex, property owner to pay $65,000 over claims of discrimination against families
City Council Letter of Support
'We're excited to build this new urban greenspace'
Oregon Senate OKs expanded protections for homeowners in foreclosure
Warren Jimenez, Mayor Sam Adams' second chief of staff, lands new city job
Parks Bureau Plucks Mayor Sam Adams' Top Aide
Portland Parks & Recreation Announces New Assistant Director
Portland Housing Bureau awards $9m to developers
Portland Parks announces community garden openings in North, Northeast and Southeast Portland
Planning for Our Aging Society
Home Builders add Portland to improving markets list
Commons is a model to end homelessness
Bringing the dream to life
Putting the bite on bedbugs
'When I'm dancing, that's actually when I feel better'
After 6 Months, All Apartments Occupied At 'Bud Clark Commons'
A Haven in Old Town
Six months later, Bud Clark Commons has helped thousands of Portland's homeless
Honor promise of Bud Clark Commons
In downtown Portland, report examines state of Latino community in Multnomah County
Portland City Hall Roundup
Bud Clark Commons 6-Month Update Fact Sheet
68 years later, McMinnwille vet gets a push for the Medal of Honor
Flooding washes out part of Forest Park trail in Portland, forcing indefinite closure
New center helps homeless wash away street stigma
Southeast Portland concert will raise money to build an accessible playground at Arbor Lodge Park
Southeast Portland's Franklin High achieves a first with district constitution team win
Senior hikers in the Portland area hit their stride, at their own pace
A community on common ground
Portland's huge park beckons hikers and bikers
"We the People" Remarks
Financing set for 155-unit apartment building in North Portland
Shelter helps Portland's homeless women
Making food deserts bloom
New year, new homes, old cliches
"I'll be home for Christmas" playing in my head and heart
Chief of Staff Announcement
Grant High School community garden project moves closer to spring completion in Northeast Portland
Art show will support Cascade AIDS Project; listing of art galleries: First Thursday news
Portland parks worker is in right place, right time to help kayaker
Portland parks to see restroom closures, reduced trash service under proposed cuts
Budget cuts could rile up park fans
Svaboda Court time lapse
Matt Dishman in Northeast Portland, along with other indoor city pools, hosts 'Water Warriors' get fit challenge
55th annual New Year's Day ride highlights Portland's off-road riding
Portland Parks & Recreation debuts its first nature play structure
2011: Year in Review
First, a place of their own
Jack Malcom estate donates $20,000 to Southeast Portland's Community Music Center
Portland Parks Commissioner Nick Fish balances freedom of assembly with park stewardship
Portland passes homeless camping measures
Overnight Sleeping Resolution
Portland City Council approves car camping, agrees to study new program for one year
Council approves camping program
Portland likely to allow car camping
Calling on Portlanders to help the homeless
Portland to approve pilot program to allow some car camping in church and other parking lots
Portland schools see more children slipping from middle-class to hungry
City revisits overnight sleeping rules
Volunteers at Portland Adventist Community Services help feed a growing hunger in Portland
School's career program plants seeds of change
$62 million Oregon Sustainability Center steeped in uncertainty
Chuck Amato, 50-year trainer at Portland Parks, honored with surprise announcement Friday in Northeast Portland ceremony
Union Station housing development to wrap up next year
Church's shelter overflows with need
New Report: Homelessness Among Portland Families Up 29%
Occupy Portland: Raking under way at Chapman, Lownsdale squares
Occupy activists help rake damaged parks
Casting Away the Shadows
Hall Monitor: A Step Toward Legal Camping
New Leaders
City of Portland will unveil design for bridge connecting Chimney and Pier parks, trails
A Clean and Safe Battle
Breaking: City poised to loosen camping restrictions for people experiencing homelessness
Debate about security in downtown Portland parks continues: Portland City Hall roundup
New $20 million Central City Concern building opens in Old Town
Nick Fish Unveils Plan for Small-Scale "Overnight Sleeping" Sites
Making Portland's complex food deserts grow green
Central Northeast Neighbors announces neighborhood grant projects in Northeast Portland
Unlocking home ownership
Portland Marathon contributes to restoration of 'occupied' parks
Free Homeownership Retention Program Helps Seniors Stay in Homes
Spirit Awards Spotlight East, Outer East Portland
Portland Marathon Donates $4,000 to Help Restore Chapman and Lownsdale Squares
Early Figure for City Budget Cuts: $17.4 Million
Doesn't have to be this way
Renter's Hell: Portlanders pay a steep price in the nation's toughest rental market
Next year a 9-1-1 mental health emergency call won't automatically bring a Portland cop
Portland Parks & Recreation Estimated Repair Costs of Chapman & Lownsdale Squares
Park damages top $85,000
Donation drop-off locations
City might have to dig deeper to repair squares
Ground broken for "Rail Heritage Center" near OMSI
Plans advance for "Brooklyn Community Garden"
"Wild in the City" Review: Update shows just how 'wild' we can be
Occupy Portland: Raking of squares postponed due to soggy ground
Tree lighting set for Friday
Occupy overtime $1.3 million and rising
Dozens gather for anti-violence vigil honoring 13-year-old Julio Cesar Marquez
Winter Shelter Opens For Homeless Women
Policy Director Announcement
Umpqua Bank Donates $25,000 toward Restoring Downtown Parks
Perhaps Occupy Portland will help us unlearn our learned helplessness
Putting our arms around homelessness
Candlelight vigil honors young shooting victim
Police: Occupy diverting crime resources
Non-profit wins grant to build bike skills park at New Columbia
Another park benefits from the city's E205 Initiative
The Multnomah County Healthy Retail Initiative and the Village Market: A Closer Look
Outpouring of support blossoms for restoring Portland's Chapman, Lownsdale squares
Announcing the Fund to Restore Chapman and Lownsdale Squares
Parks foundation sets up donation fund for park restoration
Donations sought for park repairs
Calling City Hall, Occupy Portland on housing
Crews begin cleaning downtown parks
Occupy Portland: Mayor Sam Adams orders camps cleared at 12:01 a.m. Sunday
Mayor Adams' Statement on Occupy Portland
Parades are nice, but vets need our help
Vets helping vets
Occupy Portland faces list of code violations
Commissioner on Occupy Portland: "We've reached the tipping point"
Tracking wild places in a fast-growing city
Vets Day blanket drive coincides with bleak report on vet homelessness
City Says Occupy Camp Needs To Clean Up - Or Else
Parks message to Occupy Portland regarding code violations
Portland Parks & Recreation response
Bureau of Development Services notice of code violations
Time's up, Occupy Portland
Council to clarify affordable housing funding
Portland Parks will honor Dorothy Wustrack for her work in preserving Marquam Nature Park
Woman leaves Occupy camp, says it doesn't represent movement
Fish Says It's Time to End the Occupation of Lownsdale and Chapman Squares
Vets helping vets
Home Forward opens waiting lists
The Story Behind Occupy Portland's New Dumpster: No More Parks Maintenance
Recap from first open house for Sullivan's Gulch corridor project
City looks for money to open more winter shelters
Man attacks city park rangers with knife
Occupy overtime now $208,000-plus
Perlman's Potpourri
City, group look at moving Old Town homeless camp to new site
Portland Parks And Recreation Receives National Award
211info extends hours and expands role for winter
Rehabilitated owls released at Tideman-Johnson Park
Health concerns growing at Occupy Portland
Counting the city's wealth in parks
Portland Parks & Recreation wins National Gold Medal Award, as it prepares for budget cuts
Portland parks wins high honor
Portland Parks & Recreation Wins Major National Award
Old Town tent city may turn to churches
African American Homebuyers Fair Offered Help to Buy, Refinance or Avoid Foreclosure
National contest's winnings fund improvements for outer East Portland parks
Mayor Adams Statement Regarding Occupy Portland
1903 Olmsted Report to the City of Portland
NE Portland community center goes solar
Matt Dishman solar project unveiled in Northeast Portland expected to reduce city electric bill by $3,800 in first year
Growing health and safety concerns over Occupy Portland
Parks campaign donates produce from Portland gardens
Portland Community Gardens program expands alongside effort to bring fresh food to the city's needy
Swimmers will compete for a free turkey next month at Buckman Pool
Downtown Portland safety: Officials learn the hard way that perceptions matter
Mortgage relief for those 'underwater'
Matt Dishman solar project in Northeast Portland, expected to save taxpayers thousands, to be unveiled Thursday
'Occupy' Camps Provide Food, Shelter for Homeless
Report: Occupy Portland not so peaceful
Former Sen. Margaret Carter steals the show at Portland Community College building dedication in her honor
The Carrot Report: Fall 2011
Commissioner Nick Fish breaks ground for Enginehouse & Rail Heritage Center in Southeast Portland
Construction begins on Rail Heritage Center
New rail heritage center breaks ground near OMSI
Seniors create garden enclave with raised beds, flowers and orchard
City begins public process to design North Portland Greenway corridor
Video of new Ventura Park pump track in action
Chapman and Lownsdale Square Cleanup Estimate
Fish says Occupy Portland is damaging parks
Mike Abbate Welcome Letter
Open Letter to Occupy Portland
As incomes fall, more spending unhealthy share on wages on housing
What is, and isn't, free speech
Waud Bluff Trail Starts to Take Shape in North Portland
Parks bureau to create new rangers to patrol public parks
Parks Director Announcement
Herman Frankel Letter
Place, Not Race, May Better Explain America's Health Disparities
Royal Rosarians unveil bronze statue to mark upcoming centennial year
Healing Ethnic Wounds through Environmental Design
Wyden, Merkley seek Medal of Honor for soldier's actions in WWI
Portland Mayor Sam Adams issues early call for budget cuts up to 8 percent
Leading the Way: Portland Housing Bureau awarded funds for homeless living with HIV/AIDS, plus AIDS Walk Portland recap
Oregon Senators Urge Panetta to Expedite Medal of Honor for Henry Lincoln Johnson
Merkley, Wyden Letter to Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense
News Release: Wyden, Merkley Send Letter to Secretary Panetta Seeking Medal of Honor for Henry Lincoln Johnson
Senators Urge Medal of Honor for Black WWI Soldier
Portland gets picnic tables for being 'most natural city'
Safeway Announces Portland, Oregon as Winner of "America's Most Natural City" Contest
Duck roundup falters; neighbors save the day
Comedy event to benefit Neighborhood House
Portland parks wins $20,000 in Safeway Facebook contest
Outdoor movie adds family fun to Parkrose's summer centennial celebration
Normandale Park's dog area gets a makeover
Oregon Food Bank distributes a record 1 million emergency food boxes in a year
City Council votes 4-0 in favor of 50s Bikeway project
Whatever Happened to Nick Fish's Housing Levy?
Portland Receives Funding for Homeless People Living with HIV/AIDS
In southwest Portland, another low-income apartment building renovated for elderly, disabled
Hall Monitor: When It Just Feels Right
Best Towns 2011: Portland, Oregon - "If It Ain't Broke..."
Oregon's homeless student population continues to increase
Portland gets funding for people living with HIV/AIDS on the skids
Art's Footprint
Portland Awarded New Funding to Support Homeless People Living With HIV/AIDS
Traci Manning Appointed Director for the Portland Housing Bureau
Portland's Forest Park? There's an app for that
New Blanchet House hopes to 'maintain the magic'
It Takes a Village
Funding, construction hopes brighten for Sullivan's Gulch Corridor project
Hey, Landlord, That's Illegal!
Examining the cost to Portlanders of the Oregon Sustainability Center
City Council Approves Spendign $1.5M More On Sustainability
Council splits but approves "Living Building" ownership
Portland City Council votes 3-2 on Oregon Sustainability Center
Portland City Council backs Sustainability Center
Portland City Council officially proclaims September 21, 2011 a "Day of Recognition for the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team"
Portland Officials Debate The Value Of Debt
Bob's Red Mill pledge to spur nutrition research
Graffiti Rains on Argay Park
Portland Welcomes U.S. Women's National Soccer Team to City Hall Wednesday, September 21
U.S. Bank Finances Construction of New Portland Shelter
Portland City Council passes fair housing plan, but effect is largely symbolic
Portland passes fair housing action plan
Dirt delivered, work set to begin on Portland's first pump track
Concordia Athletic closes in on final stages of new athletic complex in Northeast Portland
Flight for Freedom: Ten years later, Oregonians still love New York
What will you be doing this fall?
What's up in Northeast Portland's Woodlawn neighborhood? Plenty
Council plan tackles housing discrimination
Construction on Macdonald Center's low-income apartment building officially begins
Why are Oregon's children so hungry?
Bud Clark Commons: design to save lives
Forest Park on your iPhone
Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East has launched a $12 million fundraising campaign
Helping out in Rockwood
On housing, it's sink or help swim
Crying racism on rentals
With a pilot program in Southeast, the Portland Fruit Tree Project will expand its reach
Margaret Van Vliet letter to Fair Housing Council of Oregon
Dawson Park in Northeast Portland moves closer to make-over; Nick Fish looks for $300,000 to pay for water feature
Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries finds flaws in Portland fair housing audit
An Unreliable Housing Audit
Update on state's rejection of fair housing complaint
Heavily used Lincoln field gets overhaul
A tribute to heroic women
Woodlawn Park play area, closed by vandals in February, to reopen after Labor Day repairs
After a year of work, the massive cleanup of Laurelhurst Park pond is nearly complete
Frazer Park in Northeast Portland, site of future community garden, in need of volunteers to tear out asphalt Saturday
Portland City Council approves $2M bike-sharing plan
Portland City Council weighs spending decision on bike sharing, other transportation project
Venture Portland means business
Director Van Vliet statement regarding OHCS
Commissioner Fish statement regarding Margaret Van Vliet appointment to OHCS
City Hall takes a healthy lunch break
Forest Park Conservancy awarded $20,000 grant from REI
'Kitchen Flash' - a flash mob, but with a twist
HUNGRY CITY: Pop-Up Cooking Class Takes Over City Hall on Tuesday
Bud Clark Commons Fills Need for Shelter
'We're building the park for Isaac'
Cajun band gets 'em dancing at Sellwood Riverfront Park concert
Portland steers $12.5M to homeless services providers
In downtown Portland, keeping the waterfront park grass green and growing
Sunset names Hillsdale market one of 'best in the West'
Big changes to Portland City Council assured with Sam Adams and Randy Leonard on way out, Amanda Fritz facing tough campaign
Portland Park Series: Elk Rock Island
Friends, family remember Betty Roberts, the first woman on the Oregon Supreme Court
'It's an amazing asset we have here in Portland'
Food Corps hopes to show a healthy link between garden, diet
Fingers crossed for historic locomotives' new home
What's happening at Forest Park these days?
New tent gives Leach Gardens a unique event space
Study: Racial wealth gap biggest ever
Meet the Portland-Multnomah Food Policy Council
New rules catch Willamette boaters by surprise
New Portland locomotive center on track with additional help from City Hall
Move over Pioneer Courthouse Square, there's a new kid in town
Portland's plastic bag ban begins mid-October
City Council sacks plastic bags
Portland Council Passes Plastic Bag Ban
Portland bans disposable plastic bags
Megan Rapinoe overcomes setbacks to shine in first World Cup
City of Portland and Multnomah County must lead the way on issues that reflect their values
Timbers Army improving local soccer fields
Timbers Army lends hand in pitch renovation
New Community Gardens - Summer Update
In downtown Portland, 'compassion coupons' aim to help shoppers and the homeless
Portland parks open to kids for free summer activities
Medal of Honor for a Black World War I Hero?
Kenton Community Garden Finally Sited
International soccer players coached by Portland firefighters share experiences on World Cup youth tournament squad
Getting to the Fourth
North Portland parks to host free concerts, movies throughout summer
Forest Park Guide
East Portland plays catch-up for parks
Seven reasons to explore Portland's parks
'It's got a little bit of everything'
Students go from homelessness to graduation with help from Outside In, New Avenues for Youth
Housing Plan Tackles Discrimination
Healthy Food Advocates
Farmers Markets Break Healthy Food Barriers
Street Tree Inventories Being Conducted in Five Portland Neighborhoods
Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon kicks off summer meals program to raise awareness, reach more hungry children
Concordia University, Local Soccer Community to Benefit from $20K Gift by Portland Timbers
"My dad was very proud and honored to have the park named after him"
Portland's improvements to Cully Boulevard should be just the beginning
A Portland Parks soccer tournament aims to establish bonds between the city's immigrants and the community
Village Market opening could inspire new type of store
Disparity Study Advisory Group
Disarity Study Narrative
Applications for parks director flood bureau: Portland City Hall roundup
Portland City Council Approves Immediate Actions in Response to Disparity Final Report
'Some people just find preserving natural areas in their soul'
North Portland's Unthank Park is rededicated
Portland Parks To Rededicate DeNorval Unthank Park Friday Evening
Forest Park Conservancy, city officials ready for wildfire season in Northwest Portland park
Talk Softly, Carry a Big Stick
Grant High fields improvement project moves forward with three big donations
Dignity Village and Ending Homelessness
All Trails Challenge participants invited to join Commissioner Nick Fish on Forest Park hike
Fair Housing Action Plan Press Release
2011 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice and the Strategies to Address Them
Fair Housing Action Plan
Portland Commissioner Nick Fish announces fair housing action plan
Tenant status a tricky question
Interim Director Announcement
Portland City Hall wrap up: Commissioners approve transgender benefits, Dignity Village extension
'Housing First' opens doors to humane solution
Nick Fish making progress in city's 25-year battle
Farmers Market Month
New signs clarify 'No bicycles please' on Mt. Tabor trail
KATU: Portland parks series: 'I was going to do it all by myself'
Portland Parks & Recreation honors volunteer for his work on Overlook Park's ball field
Community Celebrates New Buckman Field
Buckman Field dedicated; Fire on the Mountain coming to Fremont; Grizzly Tattoos to Williams; Northeast Portland Roundup
Leo Rhodes Poem
Barry Sanders Poem
Truth in foreclosure
Rose Festival includes a ticket to happiness
Director has earned long walks in parks
Dickinson Park community garden subject of Ashcreek and Crestwood open house
PDX Index: Portland Parks
Media rhetoric in Old Town undermines public health debate
Parks Near and Far
Portland parks series: The sweet smell of lilacs
Judge blocks Oregon foreclosure, sharply criticizes mortgage industry's practices and MERS
On a tiny Northeast Portland lot, students learn Portland's history and work to improve its future
Portland seeks public views on new Marquam Nature Park trails
Schools, parks at vanguard of nutrition effort
Hall Monitor: A "Yes" Vote That Isn't, Really
The Landlords Strike Back
No capital improvements at Memorial Coliseum until affordable housing funding is addressed
Statement from Fair Housing Council of Oregon
A win for affordable housing
Portland housing agency receives grant to rebuild Hillsdale Terrace
HOPE VI Media Release
Restoring a safety net that offers actual support
Nick Fish goes after discriminatory landlords
Landlords notified they flunked test
Opening Doors
Portland housing outcry failed to understand complexity of discrimination enforcement, says HUD spokesman
Breaking News: Nick Fish releases names of fair housing test offenders
Fish Identifies Apartment Owners Named in Discrimination Audit
The Naughty List for Landlords
Fish, housing bureau warn landlords about discrimination
Landlords, HUD Respond to Release of Names in Discrimination Audit
Fair Housing Statement from the MMHA Board
Is city's mission getting too big?
Notice to Property Owner
Portland politicians on parade: on foot, by car and by bike
Sunday Parkways connects eastside parks this weekend
Letter to Senator Merkley
Nick Fish responds to hubbub over racist landlords
Letter to State Senator Jackie Winters
One Final Push May Secure Medal of Honor for Harlem Hellfighter from WWI
Killingsworth Station set to open by end of September
Sources Say: Don't blame Fish for quote
A rental market rife with racism
Discrimination 'haunts' local renters
Portland Council approves purchase of 146-acre natural area
Interrupting the eternal
Affordable housing in Portland: Doing more with less
Nick Fish unveils $1 million 'E205 Initiative' to improve parks in 'park-deficient' East Portland
Portland's first-ever pump track gets official green light
A fresh start for farmers markets
2011 Portland Farmers Markets Weekly Schedule
2011 Portland Farmers Markets by Area
Portland Racism and Rental Housing Report: Black, Latino Families Charged More, Turned Away
City plans $11 million deal to buy 146 acres of open land
New-style bicycle track comes to Hazelwook Park
Portland, Ore., Votes to Rejoin Task Force After Terrorism Scare
Portland park series: Sacajawea Park
$224,000 for Sullivan's Gulch plan now in City coffers
Commissioner Fish's JTTF Remarks
City won't fully join task force
South Waterfront affordable housing project breaks ground
Portland digs into Block 49 space
Block 49 Groundbreaking: New Beginnings
Portland will break gruond on affordable housing project in South Waterfront
City Commissioner Randy Leonard says new JTTF language should have support, but feds say hurdles remain
Portland locomotive heritage center in final fundraising stages
US Attorney Dwight Holton's letter to Mayor Adams regarding JTTF
Statement on the Joint Terrorism Task Force
Portland park series: Cottonwood Bay Park
Lents Park Master Plan Remarks
Portland parks series: Johnson Creek Park
Disparity Study Press Release
Sneak Peek at the Hobo Bellagio: Tour of the Almost-Open Resource Access Center
PP&R temporarily closes all grass sports fields from April 9 through April 12 due to unsafe conditions
Northwest Portland: A first look at the Bud Clark Commons
PHAME moves into its first home in 26 years, thanks to Northeast Portland's Grace Memorial Episcopal Church
This Bud's for Portland's homeless
NW Trail Alliance moves forward on jump park, pump track
In mortgage relief program, hope gets foreclosed
SW HOPE community food drive under way: extraordinary need may force Neighborhood House to cut services
Volunteers add a thousand plants to Johnson Creek's banks
March's downpours still threaten landslides along Oaks Bottom's bluff
Portland Housing Bureau Budget Work Session Remarks
Portland parks series: Alberta Park
"Get Your Garden On" - our own Emily Hicks on Good Day Oregon!
Sharp Shooters take aim at Harlem All Stars
Portland State celebrates the coming of a student dormitory; private company building College Station to open in 2012
Portland parks director retires
The Truth Has Set Her Free
Santner retiring from parks bureau
Grant spurs NE Portland Innovating Housing project
Support grows for Medal of Honor
Breakthrough for Campaign to Honor Henry Lincoln Johnson with the Medal of Honor
Helping hands in a helpless moment
Proposed budget cuts could drastically alter local services
Breakthrough for Campaign to Honor Henry Lincoln Johnson with the Medal of Honor
Waud Bluff Path Final Design Heads to ODOT
Portland parks series: Arbor Lodge Park
Concerts to aid Japan sing generous tune
Our seven-year fight against federal water mandates
Harlem Hellfighter, who fought under Nick Fish's grandfather, may get Medal of Honor thanks to newly-discovered documents
Fish polishes his housing resume
ReUse PDX and Be Resourceful team up at the Better Living Show
Medal of Honor in sight: Henry Johnson's heroism detailed in communique
Gresham planning director takes job with city of Portland
Building a bigger tent
Who is minding Portland's skyrocketing water bills?
Grant High turf project, 3rd in Great Fields Project, a go with or without May bond measure financing
Laurelhurst Pond work progressing
Community gardens spread roots in Portland neighborhoods as City, private programs multiply
Weather closes Oaks Bottom trails
Letter: A citizen helps Council Crest get its view back
The City's IOU for viewpoints
Tree Code Implementation Letter
Bridlemile seeks community garden
Yes, You Really Do Care About the State of the Arts
City seeks money for park-deprived East Portland
Housing Commissioner Nick Fish talks to SR in Seattle
Portland City Hall roundup
Portland Housing Bureau Awards $9.8M for Affordable Rental Development and Rehab Projects
Harper's Playground Site Tour, Design Workshop
Seattle housing peer learning trip: Day one
Stimulus Funds Help Thousands Avoid Homelessness With Short-Term Rent Assistance
It's time to pipe up, and stand up
The Hand Lets Go
Design talks underway for Harper's Playgruond project at North Portland's Arbor Lodge Park
Metro, Portland split cost of land for Northeast Portland park-natural area
Neighbors thrilled by city's purchase of Wilkes headwaters property
Urban League of Portland and African Women's Coalition partner on new North Portland garden
PP&R partners with Bureau of Environmental Services and Metro to acquire property for future park in Argay-Wilkes neighborhoods
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times at the Portland Housing Bureau
Concordia University breaks ground on $7.5 million athletic complex to benefit school and Northeast Portland community
No-wake zone created in Holgate Channel of Willamette River near Ross Island
About that tell-all book on Portland Parks & Rec
Northwest Trail Alliance sees no action on Forest Park access but has its hands in other projects as membership swells
Pittock Mansion Executive Director Marta Bones comments to Council 2 16 2011
Saving the oaks on Elk Rock Island
Portland City Council agrees to send ICE project in South Waterfront back for more review
Community Watershed Stewardship Program - Grant and Information Session at East Portland Community Center
Volunteers sought to plant 215 trees
Grant High turf field project open house rescheduled
Street Roots 2010 Annual Report
Portland Parks & Recreation hosts Valentine's Day events on Feb. 11
Community Gardens Initiative FAQ
Homeless Camp Puts Down Roots With Seattle's OK
Fishing for public-private greenery, east of the freeway
'Riches of a City' at the Portland Art Museum
Council proclaims Black History Month in Portland
Commissioner Nick Fish looks to West Hills to advance parks' agenda in outer East Portland
Program guides lives out of danger: Agency efforts save money, avoid conflict with police
Cultural gateway turns 25
Tree-trimming to clear views from Council Crest
Sturdy support for city tree rules
Holding up the roof at the House
Homeless vets: Local housing efforts need bipartisan federal support
A process begins to make a social services agency welcome in Portland's Old Town Chinatown
South Waterfront Greenway Council Presentation
Multnomah County creates 15-year food plan that aims to help young people farm
Northwest Portland: Advocacy groups, volunteers conducting Portland Housing Bureau's biennial homeless street count this week
Q&A with Sally Erickson, manager for Portland's Ending Homelessness Initiative
Multnomah County commissioners unanimously approve 15-year food initiative
Portland Housing Bureau, volunteers to conduct biennial homeless count Wednesday
Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness: The Portland Model
Merkley calls on President Obama to refocus on foreclosures in the State of the Union
Community Music Center's Family Friday Concert Series returns for the 2011 season
Homeless Center to honor Bud Clark
Five ways forward on homelessness
Contest asks youth for ideas to fight childhood obesity
City extends pilot after-school meal program for needy kids
Friends of Mt Tabor Park Foot Patrol: 10 Years and Counting
Potluck in the Park wins $50,000 grant to continue feeding the hungry in downtown Portland
Halprin Landscape Conservancy
Farm grows its healthy food mission
Brighten up! Portland's winter arts events can help you fight off the season's gloom
Continuum of Care Press Release
First paid staffer marks milestone for off-road advocacy group
North Portland: City extends pilot after-school meal program for needy kids
"We the People" remarks
'Gateway Green' accord signed
Housing project at Reserve Center discontinued
Portland Neighborhoods: City's community centers, outdoor pools score high marks in survey
More trees in a city bring surprising benefit, Portland study finds
Worthy Causes: Portlanders doing good
City Commissioners Dan Saltzman and Nick Fish, City Auditor Lavonne Griffin-Valade sworn into office Wednesday
Annual Community Center and Pool Survey Reflects Customer Satisfaction
Bureau briefs: Kudos to Parks & Recreation, Citywide Tree Project, Sullivan's Gulch Trail Project Seeking Advisory Committee
Travel & Leisure's 2010 "America's Favorite Cities"
Good riddance, 2010
Portland, Multnomah County prepare for first homeless count since worst of recession hit
Members Sought: Sullivan's Gulch Trail Project Advisory Committee
How Portland reinvented (two) wheels
United Way seeks donations to match new Meyer Memorial Trust grant as need for rent, utility bill assistance increases 150 percent
More hands needed to hold the line against surging Oregon hunger
Portland Housing Bureau works to help people maintain stability
The Best of Times
In Rockwood, angels 'with managerial skills' put on a Christmas dinner
A Plan to Make Homelessness History
DREAM's on the rise now, and nothing can kill it
Structure beyond the walls
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!
Oregon arts groups have big grant and fellowship news
Plans for a new Northeast Portland rec area reflect the determination of neophyte cyclist Linda Robinson
Mercy Corps CEO Neal Keny-Guyer at the City Club, December 17
City Hall Week in Review
Affordable housing project has new developer
Apartment project finally moves ahead
City OKs S. Waterfront projects
Faith in Food
City to vote on REACH waterfront dev.
Birthday party Friday for Sellwood Community Center
Quantifying a hidden tragedy
South Waterfront affordable housing poised to move forward
As part of Portland Parks & Recreation, Make Music PDX is warming up again
East Portland destination bike park partnership to be celebrated in Friday ceremony as project moves forward
Two Brave Soldiers. Two Stories of Courage. Two Medals of Honor.
'Declaration' signing will mark major milestone for Gateway Green project
Get outside for your daily dose of nature
If not the DREAM Act, then what?
Portland building BMX bike park, with kids playground
Kick in the pants starts a volunteer avalanche
Project Grow creates new options for disabled
Child poverty worsens in Multnomah County
Oregon to Launch $100 Million Mortgage Assistance Initiative
Commendation Resolution
Congress passes Michelle Obama-supported child nutrition bill
True Portlanders have their traditions
The Stanley Portland Cup returns to PIR this weekend!
Portland City Council unanimously approves 5 gun-control measures
City Council passes Adams' gun safety initiative
City reconsiders its role in federal terror task force
Portland Somalis, supporters gather for 'Peace and Unity' rally
Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation steams up to raise funds for Portland's historic locomotives
'Preferred Alternative' revealed for proposed Gateway Park
City selects ROSE CDC to fix up and sell five Lents houses
Mohamed Mohamud planned 'violent jihad on spectacular scale' in downtown Portland
Trail Blazers take a day off to serve some holiday cheer
North Portland Arbor Lodge park 'Harper's Playground' project receives $3,000 donation from Timbers Army
Timber Jim and the Army get behind North Portland park project
Timbers Army Steps Up To Help Build Park
Warming Centers Open Ahead of Freezing Temps
Shelters open for cold spell
Blanket Donations Badly Needed at Shelters
24th Annual Fix-It Fair
Portland's new storage lockers for the homeless will be moved after complaints from Chinatown
It's official: Outer East Portland has 'Spirit'
Strange Bedfellows? Business Group Weighs in on $1 Million Homeless Grant
More cities offer homeless free storage to ease mobility
University of Portland looks to build on Gateway Site at Willamette Bluff, protect other land
City Council looks at gun control
Looking for healing in Old Town Chinatown
Aging church finds renewal with opening of family shelter
Is that a tree in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square? The holidays must be near!
One of the first 'DIY' arts nonprofits, Disjecta, celebrates 10 years
New help for the homeless: Storage facility a humane and practical city addition
211: One number for winter shelter in Multnomah County
Portland Parks & Recreation community centers saved in 2011-12 budget
Ditching asphalt to create green spaces
City's Christmas tree moves into square
Portland Heroes and Nonprofits Recognized by Bank of America's Neighborhood Excellence Initiative
Israel Bayer on winning the 2010 Skidmore Prize
Portland Housing Bureau welcomes housing advisory commission members
City pumps $1 million into housing bottleneck
HAP takes another crack at Hillsdale Terrace redevelopment
Tax credit program gives homebuyers a break
Your tenant rights under foreclosure
Season of Sharing: Transition Project provides shelter and transitions
Commissioner's response to CMG proposal re PIR
Portland's Strategic Plan for the Housing Bureau
Seniors roll into cycle culture
City program aims to help homeless store their stuff
State's first rails-to-trails project to open, linking Banks and Vernonia through 21 miles of forests and fields
Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish spends time at King School and gets an earful on potential and lunch
Homeless carts ready to roll into storage facility
Old Hotel To Provide Storage For Homeless
City Purchases Land to Expand Greenway
Letter to Andy Clarke, League of American Bicyclists
African-American buyer finds path to homeownership
Bill Naito Community Tree Award given to Cully neighborhood volunteer Bruce Nelson, Save Our Elms organization
Parks Community Budget Meeting Media Release
2010 recipients of the Bill Naito Community Tree Award announced
Routine repairs to Eastbank Esplanade floating dock throughout November
Section 8 Success Rate Task Force Final Report
Leach Botanical Garden Media Release
Common Ground's Annual Gala - A Great Success!
City, residents consider Gateway Park design
Forest Park: Portland's Backyard Gem
Parks Department fetes Inner Southeast volunteers at picnic
City says 'yes' to hikers, 'maybe' to bikers
Letter to Forest Park Single Track Cycling Committee
Forest Park Media Release
Nearly One In Seven Oregonians Now Living In Poverty
Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish hopes to secure a medal for a WWI soldier who served with his grandfather
City honors 17 groups and individuals for making Portland a better place
Breaking 'logjam,' City of Portland commits to Gateway Green project
Oregon Department of Education Releases Homeless Student Count: Highest Numbers on Record
PHB Awards $1.37 Million to Local Nonprofits Providing Homeownership Programs
Oregon hunger survey shows more seeking food
Timbers pause PGE Park construction long enough to admire the progress
The Downside of Families Doubling-Up
An Example to Follow: Portland Housing Bureau does the right thing
New Forest Park plan boosts safety, environmental efforts
Centennial neighbors throw party to spotlight Parklane Park's potential
On forest trails, Portland finds its muse
City recreation survey takes pulse of Forest Park
Saving the oaks of Portland's Elk Rock Island
Forest Park Initiatives Update Media Release
Eulogy for a Burger King
Record gains for US poverty with elections looming
When There's Really No Place Like Home: As Economy Tumbles, Numbers of Families in Shelters Rise
Housing Doesn't Need a Crash. It Needs Bold Ideas.
Flight for Freedom Media Release
Nick Fish Seeks Medal of Honor For WWI Hellfighter
Teens toil, and a new trail emerges on Clatsop Butte
Action-filled Director Park wows crowds
Would Rudy Giuliani put up with this?
Free Parking: New Center Offers Safe Storage for Homeless
3 concepts released for Lents Park
Beaverton federal arts grant stirs matching chord
Have it your way, Portland: lose the eyesore
"NEW PHOTOS of The African American Health Coalition's 8th Annual Wellness Walk"
New park dedicated in Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood
'Master Plan' for Lents Park moves forward
Joyride: Bicycling Our Way to Safe and Splendid Communities
Homeless get storage lockers in Portland
Proposals sought on $1 million for homeless programs
Public Parking: Violetta Brings Flavor to Director Park
Leif Erickson Trail Closure announcement
City plans pilot for storage downtown
Northwest Health Foundation Benefits Uncommon Partnerships
Former fast-food location to be demolished
Four virtuoso guitarists join forces in concert to benefit the Community Music Center on Sunday, September 26
An era of austerity and arts advocacy
Depave the Way for Vermont Hills Community Garden: August 28
Showcase of tree species
Multnomah Arts Center takes hands-on arts outreach and education on the road at the 14th Annual Art in the Pearl this weekend
Food in the City: Fargo Forest Garden's First Year
A fledgling outdoor market grows roots in boise-eliot neighborhood, helps community make extra income in hard times
A positively ReVolting development
School meals: Agenda's first course should be quality and success
Don't faint in the school lunch line: Portland schools will serve healthy, handmade fare you'll want your kids to eat
Food in the City: Fargo Forest Garden's First Year
Friends of Baltimore Woods and npGreenway Celebrate new Land Purchase
The Tryon Creek Project
Last Thursday scene on Northeast Alberta: Plenty of police, lots of lemonade
Ann Forsthoefel will step down as executive director of Portland Farmers Market
Work for Art 2010-11 Fact Sheet
The arts belong to everyone and need everyone's support to thrive
Home Sales at Lowest Level in More Than a Decade
Metro, city purchase link at Baltimore Woods corridor
Foreclosure rate soars in suburbs
Portland affordable housing company shuts down
The August 17th Neighborhood Notes updates contains a number of interesting items - check them out!
Elizabeth Caruthers Grand Opening Media Release
Portland Housing Center Helps Families Prepare for Back-to-School
South Waterfront finally comes to life
Laurelhurst Pond drained to clear algae
Portland in line for $17 million housing boost from U.S. Housing and Urban Development
Foreclosures Grind On
Rec Mobile rolls fun into local parks
Field Park advances; land owner bites bullet
Sustainable Communities Initiative, Testimony
Portland Parks & Recreation offers easy ways to beat the heat this weekend
Parking strip makeovers
Worthy Causes: 'Laugh. Dance. Sing.' and
Grant money will help North and Northeast Portland Homeowners
Portland filmmaker, homeless man have high hopes for documentary about city's homelessness
Journey completed: From crime to "Cafe au Play", at Tabor Commons
Linking trails in East County
Neighbors continue to maintain 'Memory Garden'
Hi, I'm Amanda...
With free sod distributed, PDX Bridge Festival organizers turn attention to next edition
City of Portland Inches Toward Contract Settlements
Sunday Parkways August 15
Portland's Bridge Pedal 2010 most successful ever
Putting up walls to break a few down
Hayden Island and big-picture thinking
Angeala Meade shines brightest among starts at Portland SummerFest's Opera in the Park
Community honoring cemetery's heritage
Celebrating Portland's Oldest Bridge
Portland's Providence Bridge Pedal includes new twists this year
Frugal Ethos a good fit for IFCC
Pilots have lofty goal: another national title
Sustainability center gets a push from Portland
Oregon gets federal money to help unemployed avert foreclosures
Hollywood seeks a new square
Who's more vulnerable? Index guides housing plan
Sustainability Center gets green light
Portland council made right call on Hayden Island
Portland to vote on Sustainability Center
West Hayden Island resolution
In OR's sea of Foreclosures, Home Ownership Success
Worthy Causes: 'Brunch on the Bridge' will raise awareness about hunger in Portland
Sustainability Center vote set for Wednesday
Sellwood Pool packed at official centennial celebratin
Governments, agencies agree to apply for federal grant to increase low-income services in Portland, surrounding areas
Gilbert Heights Media Release
Council moves forward on Hayden Island
City Council allows planning for marine terminals on West Hayden Island
Portland City Council approves Chasse settlement
Countdown begins to the opening night of the 2010 Washington Park Summer Festival on Thursday, August 5
Nikkei Center celebrates city plaza
Portland approves final Chasse settlement of $1.6M
Portland City Council approves $1.6 million James Chasse Jr. settlement
Portland approves plan to ban plastic bags
David Douglas Schools tune into national music award
New event supports the work of volunteers who calm those in crisis
Homes for seniors mentoring kids
Habitat No. 8 on Builder list
The Decline: Geography of a Recession
Power of Portland Partnerships
ALMOST LIVE: PDX Bridge Festival Kick-Off Weekend
A new bottom line for the arts community
West Hayden Island: Expansion of port deserves skepticism
Industry Or Nature Preserve? What To Do With West Hayden Island
A Novel Approach: Free Books For Donations
Laurelhurst Pond and Thomas Cully Park: How one helps the other
Craft museum's design for living
Portland merges two commissions
Oregon Cultural Trust Announces $1.47 Million in Grants
A little food and sympathy
This may make you want to puke, but it's true
California consultants find flaws in Portland police review of James P. Chasse Jr.'s death in custody
Pedestrians, bicyclists: Let's share the 'walk' (and know the rules)
Soccer: EastSide United wins national title on first-half goal
Oregon Cultural Trust looks to the future as it announces new grants
Some clear thinking on viewpoints
Adams shelves plastic bag ban in favor of statewide effort
'Dream' simple, not so big
Northwest Film Center's 'Top Down: Rooftop Cinema' begins with Alfred Hitchcock
BTA Bike Ride with Commissioner Nick Fish
Innovative Changes Summer 2010 Course Schedule
NAYA Family Center Hosts the 5th Annual Native American Housing to Homeownership Fair
'Compassion Coupon' Comes to Downtown Portland
Bridges to Housing: Multnomah County Appreciation Event a Success!
Forest Park agreement reached
Portland considers wide-ranging electric vehicle policy
New partnership expected to improve health of Forest Park
Cuts in Home Care Put Elderly and Disabled at Risk
Granny flats fuel building surge
Portland Parks & Recreation and Forest Park Conservancy announce new partnership agreement for management of Forest Park
News from Portland's neighborhoods
2-1-1 service: Emergency response we can all count on
Lents' Ramona Street Fair brings community together for second year
PDX Bridge Festival will celebrate the Hawthorne - turning 100 - and the city's other spans
$72 Million Fire Bond Set For November Ballot
Pick of the Week: Leach Botanical Garden
Audubon Society spreads its wings to a satellite office at Leach Botanical Gardens to reach out to East Portland
Portland Housing Bureau announces 2010 Coordinating Committee to End Homelessness Awardees
Over 40 Fun Family Activities in Portland to Keep Kids Happy and Parents Sane This Summer
State joins federal mortgage fraud lawsuit
Portland Mayor To Propose Plastic Bag Ban
SR launches sidewalk/panhandling poster campaign for downtown services, businesses
July "Notes From Home"
Portland Mayor Sam Adams says city, too, will ban plastic grocery bags
Portland Council votes 3 to 2 to approve controversial change for new Police Review Board
Businesses back bag ban
Five myths about America's homeless
The choice for North Portland school name: Cesar Chavez
Portland celebrates Sellwood Pool's 100th birthday
Ethos wins bid to operate IFCC
Oregon lawmakers in 2011 may ban plastic bags, charge for paper bags in 2012
$542,547 in Grants for Local Programs Helping Homeless, People with Disabilities
Cool places for hot summer fun
Upcoming PDX Bridge Festival to host brunch on Hawthorne Bridge
Portland City Council to ponder pricier fire bond next week
Ethos Music Center to take over Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center
With Bike Funding, Even a Cut is a Win.
Portland Parks & Recreation announces Ethos, Inc. to manage programming at Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center in north Portland
Cheap food is not cheap to produce, and easy to throw away
Portland Parks Foundation Selected as Innovation Awards Winner
Sellwood Pool celebrates a century of splashing
The Most High-Tech Green Buildings
Metro's JPACT votes for 75/25 split in favor of active transportation
Workers spread the composting mantra
Street of Affordable Homes opens in Forest Grove July 8
Whites need to deepen understanding of race
Activist reviving campaign to ban plastic bags
Portland's Roosevelt High gets $7.7 million to propel a turnaround
Senior housing site refurbished: Walnut Park investment celebrated
Portland audit: Fire Bureau missing emergency response time goal
1903 Olmsted Brothers Report to the Portland Board of Park Commissioners
Portland leaders need to rethink how to maintain Forest Park
Mayor Adams announces first three "Main Street" districts
AAA's 'Via' calls the 4t trail a "Best urban outing"
Daimler Trucks Swan Island factory will put it in 'park'
Utility and thrills out longboarding on the rise in Portland
Portland's 36 wading pools permanently closed
Trails, trains and tigers: A totally Portland tour
Oregon foreclosure rate leaps 20 percent, leaving the state No. 3 in the country
Congress, future could get together for lunch
Daimler Trucks, workers reach agreement
Hillsdale Town Center chosen as Portland Main Street District
The bridges of Portland, Ore.
Neighborhood update
Silence, please, on the Willamette
Interfaith Summit Seeks Solutions for Spike in Homeless
Portland Housing Bureau awards contract to address housing issues in north and northeast
Portland nonprofit taps into religious congregations' passions to reach out to homeless
SR vendor and Soapbox Under the Bridge spearhead community garden
Greater Fools
Here, there, everywhere, a farmers market
'Twilight' special event brings out the fans to Portland park
Arbor School eighth-grader cooks up website and cookbook on healthy, low-cost eating for senior project
Safety Net Clinics Continue Playing Vital Role
Oregon ON's June 23 newsletter
On the Streets: The Federal Response to Gay and Transgender Homeless Youth
Community Garden, or Gardening Community
Integrating services a key to homelessness plan
Our soldiers deserve to come home to a job
City Program Turns Attention to Food
Free swim lessons offered in Portland
First day of Summer brings new farmers market to downtown Portland
Upcycling movement gains momentum in Portland
17% of Latino Homeowners are at Risk of Foreclosure
Mortgage fraud: securing the heart of the American dream
At Hillsboro's Intel, the community garden is a company perk with a purpose
Mortgage fraud crackdown nabs 39 in Oregon
Many Cooks, Delicious Soup
Street Roots' take on 10-year plan to end homelessness
Halfway into the 10-year plan, success tempered by challenges
New mental health center fills a gap for police, patients
Oregon gets $11.5M in public housing grants
County OKs new mental health center
Mortgage fraud in Oregon continues to rise
KGW: City outlines future plan for Forest Park
Forest Park Single Track Advisory Committee draft report
Parks Commissioner Nick Fish Announces New Initiatives for Forest Park
Nick Fish Outlines Next Steps for Forest Park
Commissioner Fish announces initiatives for Forest Park
Family roots: Local folks share their thoughts on Father's Day
Historic Martha Washington Hotel will reopen as affordable housing residence
Joining forces against Arizona's law
City agrees to mental health funding
The Salvation Army: Bridging the Gap of Hunger with "Brunch on the Bridge"
Feds report increase in the number of people biking and walking
Portland enters negotiations for next Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center operator
Multnomah County to participate in ReUse Week 2010
Did you know it's ReUse Week?
ReUse Week: It's Just the Beginning
Debate Continues Over Portland's Proposed Homeless Camping Plan
World Cup A to Z
The World Cup on a Screen Near You
Door to Door
Preserving the view
World Cup: Soccer for everybody
Worthy Causes
Official ReUse Week 2010 Proclamation
Forest Park: A Call to Action
Forest Park: Our much-loved but at-risk treasure
Stocking Up
It's ReUse Week in the PDX!
Popular Brooklyn Park playground program saved from budget axe
Behind Locked Gates: Outer East Portland neighbors dream about expanding Parklane Park
Active kids = healthy kids
Summer Safety: Bet you didn't think of that!
At Piazza Italia
Lending a Helping Hand
Portland celebrates ReUse Week for a week-long donation drive
Outer East Portland 'Regional Soccer Center' gets a boost from local team owner
Westboro Baptist Church Picket Draws Carnival-Like Crowd
Community Gardens Declaration of Cooperation
Opportunities for Portlanders to grow their own fresh, healthy food just got a lot easier
TriMet expands Washington Park service for Summer
Write at your doorstep
Group looks to preserve North Portland's Baltimore Woods
Portland Timbers donate $50,000 to Parkrose High School
Musical journey takes Third Angle to Beijing festival
Voters to decide fate of public campaign financing
Portland City Council approves slimmer, $228 million Portland Development Commission budget
Brunch on the Bridge
South Waterfront (Finally) Gets Affordable Homes
Burglar alarm sounds about city's proud possession
City Club of Portland report fears for Forest Park's future
Gay and Grey expo eases retirees' fears
Portland City Council set to vote on budget
Summer World Cup Events in Portland Parks
Modular housing project a first for Portland
Housing brueau gives $5.2M to 7 projects
Families rule at first of five Sunday Parkways
Keeping rental housing affordable in Oregon
More Oregonians than ever are receiving food stamps
Thousands enjoy the 82nd Avenue of Roses Annual Parade
Camp Fire USA Centennial Celebration: Absolutely Incredible Kid Century!
Housing Bureau steps up outreach to north and northeast Portland
Four groups bid on IFCC
Library has no books - just tools
Feeding U.S. kids better now coming into season
Peace sign garden in Portland wants volunteers for Armed Forces Day planting
FoodCorps to help get fresh foods to schools
Adams proposes budget cuts
Portland's Upshur House staying affordable
Reaction to Mayor Sam Adams' budget ranges from relief to let's see
Housing Budget Press Release
Parks Budget Press Release
Portland Mayor Sam Adams rolls out his 2010-11 budget today
Sam Chase Executive Director Press Release
Sam Chase Tapped to Lead Clinic Coalition
Portland Mayor Sam Adams to unveil his proposed budget next week
Advice for New Head of Homeless Services
Farmers market season really gets growing come May
Food pantry will reap what volunteers sow
Boise Voices project excites young historians
New community garden replaces the asphalt, at elementary school
Fourth Annual 82nd Ave. of Roses Parade rolls out on April 24
Now online: Comment on proposed Forest Park cycling improvements
Handing Out Money to Stave Off Homelessness
Music center in Southeast Portland celebrates being in tune with the community
Ethos Music Center interested in taking over Interstate Firehouse
Council adds a modest Coliseum proposal
Intertwine Annual Report
Portland farmers markets set to open in May
Portland kids get to bring home books in a bag - to keep
Children's Book Bank planning citywide book drive in Portland
Oregon fair housing group offers bus tour of discimination and segregation in Portland
Portland's waterfront condos auctioned off at bargain prices
City officials bring Arbor Day celebration to outer East Portland
More Than One Basket
Portland celebrates 33 years of Tree City USA
Children's Institute says many Oregon children at risk of poor emotional, social health in life's first years
Feds aim to help more 'underwater' homeowners
Lane Middle School students accept gift of uniforms
City Budget Forum gives Southeast a chance to comment
Creating affordable home options
Compassionate homeless camping plan will spur new ideas
Open house will explore single track cycling in Forest Park
Oregon College of Art & Craft reaches $14.6 million goal
Oregon Public Broadcasting wins Peabody Award
Portland City Council unanimously approves police oversight reforms
Tenant needed for Interstate Firehouse
New Portland public gardens grow food and community
PBA Letter
Oregon gets $88 million share of federal aid to ease foreclosures
Census 2010 outreach and assistance sites now open
More take free lunch at school
Camping documents: DRAFT Camping Guidelines
Camping documents: City of Portland Current Camping Ordinance
Camping documents: Jones v. City of Los Angeles pt. 3
Camping documents: Jones v. City of Los Angeles pt. 2
Camping documents: Jones v. City of Los Angeles pt. 1
Reviving a Poor Neighborhood for Its Inhabitants
'City Budget Forums' give East Portlanders a chance to comment
Students from Portland's Lincoln High take civics from classroom to citizenship
Maura White Bio
Homeless plan sparks heated debate
Money, representation at stake when Census hits the streets
Tensions high as Portland City Council passes resolution challenging Tom Hurley's arbitration award
Pension Fund Debate Heats Up Portland Council Debate
Portland City Council accepts RACC's "State of the Arts" report
Portland City Council backs Google Fiber bid
The streets claim lives every year, so why aren't we paying better attention?
City Hall eyes Portland Police reform
Fish proposes changes to camping guidelines
Oversight proposal to be heard without police chief
City Council and the state of Portland's urban forest
For mountain bikers, Sandy Ridge is a heart-throb of a new trail system near Mount Hood
March "Notes From Home"
KATU: City Council eyes rules for homeless encampments
Vestal Community Garden: after opening ceremony
Commissioner Fish pitches possible parks levy in Parkrose
Portland Plan workshop Monday seeks community input from North Portland
Two new community gardens will open in Northeast on Friday
Gov. Ted Kulongoski, Oregon veterans head to Paralympic Games
Next big thing: green neighborhoods
Urban Forestry Commission 2009 Annual Report
Gov. Kulongoski appoints Wheeler as Treasurer, sparks political reshuffle
Portland Saturday Market opens with sunshine, crowds and crafts
Veterans needing a job or home can get help at Portland 'Stand Down'
Cell phones and electromagnetic radiation a growing concern
Director Van Vliet response to LWV re Block 33
LWV letter to PHB regarding Block 33
PHB Affordable Housing Notice of Funding Availability
Broken Homes: South Waterfront Has Zero Affordable Housing
South Waterfront tackles affordable housing void
Parks programs on the chopping block
Portland Velo Club News: Community Spin 3/3/10
Officials to Portland area: U.S. Census is coming, so get ready to take part
Small bites: School lunch update; Farm-Chef Connection and more
An arts funding light glows in Salem
Persuasion in the arts equation
A place to call home
Madrona Studios' opening most worthwhile part of Portland's Rose Quarter renewal
Work continues on single-track riding in Forest Park, despite illegal trail
Dick Bogle, pioneering African American journalist and Portland commissioner, dead at 79
A rogue path for the bicycle cause
Portland City Council calls out feds on FCC rule that speeds up reviews of cell towers
Commissioner Fish's letter to the Forest Park Single-Track Cycling Committee
"The local battle over cell towers is ramping up"
Rogue trail builders clear mile-long off-road bike path in Portland's Forest Park
Winning Portland firefighter memorial design would cost about $2.4 million
Urban Growth Bounty expands sustainable=-food courses
Multnomah County hopes to lower census undercounts
Give Schoolhouse Supplies extra credit for flexible approach
Framed by the recession
Oregon 9th in nation for foreclosures in January
Bike Plan Statement
Donations to the Oregon Cultural Trust up 10 percent in 2009
Friends of Trees offers a green Valentine's Day
PHB's annual TIF set aside report
Camping lawsuit talks stall as new rules hang in the balance
HUD chief comes to Portland to unveil sustainable community program
Mercy Corps works with community leaders to comfort Haitian children
Plan Would Allow Homeless Camps At Churches
Fish pushing to allow, regulate camping
West Linn wants input from hikers, bikers and walkers on expanding trail system
Portland Farmers Market grows just like its fresh produce
Tribune highlights Schoolhouse Supplies Celebrity Spelling Bee
Where will veterans fit in Memorial Coliseum plan?
Lents residents want park revamped
Portland-area businesses step in to save TriMet's Poetry in Motion program
2010 Census Makes Big Push for Latinos to Participate
We The People competition
Nike donates 4,000 jerseys to PP&R's Saturday Youth Basketball Program
Community Gardens Toolkit launches!
Firefighter memorial envisioned along river
Three Portland high schools will compete in state constitution competition
Doctors prescribe play to get inactive kids up and moving
MLK Day celebration honors 25 civic leaders from Portland area
Denny West, Portland housing maestro, dies
Fred Rosenbaum, Oregon leader, philanthropist and Holocaust survivor, dies
East Portland Neighborhood Association News runs profile of Commissioner Fish
Happy New Year from Commissioner Fish
Portland area churches pull together to provide shelter for homeless families
Time to put torture behind us forever
East County churches respond to government plea for homeless help
Lents Park 'Master Plan' process begins
Portland ratchets up volunteer-led "tool libraries" that lend tools for free
From allvoices.com
Nature park will have 'Green Acres' feeling
Nightwatch holds 8-week art classes
Community Warhouse, Fences for Fido could use your help
Recession cuts into arts council grants
Commission Votes To Allow PGE Park Construction To Begin
Small loans can fuel big dreams
Portland OKs PGE Park renovation
2010 Census: Send in survey or expect knock on the door
Here's hoping for a good year
Portland, Jesus' Favorite City?
At street level with Portland's homeless
We must feed folks, and with better food
Effective Governance in Portland
Lents Park Master Plan process to begin in Spring 2010
Lents Park Snags $100,000 for Master Plan
Birders flock to participate in Audubon Society's Christmas count
DonorsResource.org lets people "pay it forward" on the Web
Commissioner Fish announces $100,000 for Lents Park Master Plan
Lents Park will get $100,000 toward planning effort
City to improve Lents Park
'Design for the Other 90%' at Mercy Corps' Action Center
Washington County volunteers make Christmas merry for thousands
City deserves kudos for emergency response
Moving ahead with the Oregon Cultural Trust
The professor and the art empire
Serving the least, the last and the lost
Philanthropist Maybelle Clark Macdonald remembered as champion of disenfranchised
Appraisal: Is the local art market warming up?
18th annual Steve Lowenstein Trust award coming to Council
NEA study's Oregon ranking is a surprise for regional arts groups
O Father, Where Art Thou
Oregon in top 5 in per capita Peace Corps volunteers
School fire brings neighbors together
East Portland aquatics center earns platinum
Developer makes progress with old Washington High School site
PDC board pulls South Waterfront parking garage deal from agenda
Prostitutes need safe house and johns need a school, Portland advisory group says
Planned Portland medical site for poor, homeless, mentally ill gets $8.9 million grant
Neighborhood Notes on recent Parks acquisitions
At Ziba: A celebration of Lawrence and Anna Halprin presented by the Halprin Conservancy
Drawing a road map to Portland's future
Portland breaks ground on new Resource Access Center in bid to end homelessness
Pearl residents worried about 'Portland loo' planned for Jamison Square
Houses not Handcuffs
East Portland Community Center Pool Officially Receives LEED Platinum Certification
Brad Malsin's Milepost 5: New take on artist colony
Public's ideas sought on spending for Parks
Volunteers get trains ready for Holiday Express at Oaks Park
More Than One Basket
Ten years later, 115 new homeowners
Cyclocross; spattered, battered and laughing
Housing Weighs on the Economy
Portland housing advocates consider push for housing levy
Winter 2010 Community Gardens class and work party schedule announced
Advocate and Activist
Meet your Portland City Commissioner: Nick Fish
Portland Public Schools issues proclamation honoring City of Portland and Parks & Recreation on November 23, 2009
Nick Fish: Groundbreaker, Lovetaker...
RAC Groundbreaking Remarks
RAC News Release
N. Portland dreams of its own river trail
Outer east: Land purchases will help grow three parks
Young nonprofit leaders will be honored Friday with Skidmore Prizes
Book, film to celebrate eco-friendly landscape design of Portland fountains
No stigma here: I'm the black swan from the 'projects'
'Where I Slept' on readinglocal.com
Secretary Shinseki Details Plan to End Homelessness for Veterans
Portland Parks & Recreation acquires three new properties, including an expansion of Leach Botanical Garden
Images Capture 35th Annual Veterans Day Parade
Talking points from the 35th Annual Hollywood Veteran's Day Parade
Portlanders find housing a bit more affordable and still love their cars, survey shows
Downtown group gives trees that holiday glow
Oregon activist fights to improve the debilitating gaps in our food system
Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation to build facility in district
More kids starving for nourishment
Homeless in Portland
City, county and social service agencies teaming up to keep homeless warm this witner
A tree (still) grows at Boise-Eliot School
Transition Projects opens new warming shelter for couples
Offering loans, without profit
Creativity Beyond Disability
Community Warehouse opens doors to showcase its upgrades
Interview with Commissioner Fish: Forest Park talks are "back on track"
World-class majestic outdoor mural dedicated in Westmoreland
Portland parks bureau likely to seek 2010 bond measure, with funding for SE center
New option emerges for Washington High School
Not as simple as 1-2-3
Food stamps fact of life for half of U.S. kids
Portland Establishes Climate Action Plan
From deep budget cuts a year ago, Oregon Shakespeare Festival rallies to post revenue record
The man behind Oregon's livability
Portland's locomotives will get new $3.5 million home
Nick's comments from the Director Park opening earlier this week
Plans for relocating 3 historic locomotives get Portland council's ok
A first for Forest Park singletrack plans: Opposition
Joyce Furman's life was a combination of grace and grit
Director Park on KGW
New park is open for business in downtown Portland
Newest downtown park will open with a party Tuesday
Parks: Realizing (again) a Portland vision
Homeless Deaths Rise, and Anchorage Copes
Push to open up Forest Park to more mountain biking leads to impasse
What did 'Couture' mean?
Needed: 'Surge capacity' to shelter the homeless
Portland City Council throws support behind DREAM Act
"No Place to Call Home: Chronic Homelessness"
"No Place to Call Home: Rural Homelessness"
City Council voted to make secret list of chronic addicts public
City commissioner hopes to ease Portland's camping ban
Portland City Council: Domestic Violence, Sit-Lie, Chronic Offenders, Water Bureau Whatnots
Design choices for Portland firefighter memorial will be unveiled tonight
Irvington offering
A comet in the sky for Portland's jazz scene
Jesus' favorite city
UN: Record 1 billion go hungry
State board decides to slow high-speed boats in Ross Island Lagoon
Vets deserve better from VA on voucher program
No Place to Call Home: Chronic Homelessness
Portland Jazz Festival announces new executive director
All roads lead to a mural in Portland
Homeowners reap benefits, but renters, not so much
The American Dream Foreclosed
Housing Bureau marks Lead Prevention Month with $4 million grant to protect low-income households
Portland Online Banner Challenge
Park Blocks gain one more piece
Affordable housing: Section 8 needs changes
This is Julia
Park commemorates valiant life
Try it out: Wednesday is Bike and Walk to School Day
Multnomah County Library system wins national honor
Season of Service Pastors' event
Nick on Univision
Helping Hands: Residents spiff up area schools
Top Ten Farmers Markets
Section 8 works on carrots before sticks
Nick Fish Has New Chief Of Staff
First Thursday: Galleries celebrate PNCA
Portland council approves resolution urging passage of health care reform
Commissioner Fish announces Betsy Ames as Chief of Staff
Director Park opening ceremony October 27
Try overwhelming panhandlers with kindness
Homeless, but still learning
Who gets a park? And at what price?
Latino Network Hires New Director - From City Hall
Federal stimulus money turns into jobs aiding Oregon's needy
Portland filmmaker traces remains of Portland railroad workers back to China
Shelving the plan for a convention hotel
NCAA basketball tournament to return to Portland in 2012
Portland makes another run at keeping sidewalks clear
Hikers try Portland's new 4T loop
Taking Back Our Downtown Streets
The Standard Announces Partnership with Forest Park Conservancy
Lifting a cloud on urban renewal
Green for a day
Everything Portland's Parks Bureau Bought With City Credit Cards
Dropping Back In
Back from ashes, center fulfills variety of dreams
EMO: Rev. Mark Knutson is 'Ecumenist of the Year'
Summer Produce Projects Abound in Seattle, Portland
Two years from the peak, housing prices down 17 percent
Lessons from the thrift store
A week at the Portland Adventist Community Services: Volunteering isn't always easy
A Memorial For Affordable Housing
For Hunger Action Month, distasteful numbers
Oregon emergency food pantry strives for that elusive balance: supply vs. demand
PSU celebrates new MAX line to campus
Fish and Adams Put The Nail In Sit/Lie's Coffin, Effectively Telling Business Alliance: Suck It Up
35 Years in Training
Portland settles dispute over urban renewal money
Farmers Ending Hunger
A down economy's 'gift' to Oregon: less garbage, more recycling
Scores of volunteers help replant Earl Boyles Community Garden
Surge in Homeless Pupils Strains Schools
KMHD starts down a new path with OPB
Creative Advocacy Network release poll results for arts funding drive
Food Works on Sauvie Island
Director Van Vliet memo to Commissioner Fish regarding Block 49 development in South Waterfront district
$1.9 million later, city shelves housing project
Hundreds of volunteers donate time, labor, and cash to 2009 Paint & Repair-a-thon
Walk of Heroines worth a visit, additional names
Columbia Trail Fest on KATU
Nick's Annual Report
Street Roots applauds RAC design approval
"It Takes a Village to Live a Life: A Community Assessment on Aging"
Green units affordable, available to low-income
A community gardener puts crops within easy reach
Portland high school students will get free bus passes in expanded program
Portland Community Gardens Program named Oregon Solutions project
Foreclosure program could help home buyers
Volunteers in the Garden
Work party replants vandalized community garden
Safe Routes to School conference looks to get kids out of parents' cars
Neighbors to replant vandalized SE Portland community garden
Plaza will pay tribute to our cast-iron past
Green focus steeps students in eco-ideas
KATU on Director Park, set to open this fall
Sit On It
Salvation Army opens day shelter for men
Concordia Named to Presidential Honor Roll for Community Service
What Will Health Care Reform Mean for Your City?
The secretary and the veterans
Earl Boyles Community Garden in WW's Murmurs
City steps up to provide kids free lunch
A Tale of Two Gardens
Beaumont Neighborhood Rallies Against Hate Crime
Local culture helps insulate us from our celeb inanity
Wine? Cheese? Crowds celebrate the salvation of free summer concerts at Portland's Washington Park concerts
Portland buys land to add park in Cully neighborhood
Gardens crop up in Seattle parking strips
Golden Gallery gives senior artists a venue for expression
Struggling Portland art galleries look to the city for help
Blacktop will make way for a community garden at Vestal school
Portland police seek new tactics after losing sit-lie
'Sit-lie' controversy casts eye on homeless
Community grows along with garden
Talk About Parks in Lents with Commissioner Fish
Portland Community Gardens Tour - A Study in Diligence
Census gearing up with new Portland office, prospect of jobs
NOAA picks Newport for Pacific operations center
Protecting Oregon Homebuyers
Portlanders party to fight crime
Join Commissioner Nick Fish and "Duck into Summer!"
Program Boosts Food Stamps at King Farmers Market
Listening to reason on the river
Park yourself for (free) summer music
Oregon Food Bank seeks funds to expand
OSF gets grant to help stage 'Pride and Prejudice'
NAYA family facility no longer just a dream
Portland leaders vow to fight water treatment
Commissioner's statement on LT2
Parks facilities offer a cool break from the heat wave!
Don't force Portland to treat its water
Cooling centers open in four counties
Transition Projects, Inc. celebrates 40 years
Portland's Growing Despair
Oregon Cultural Trust gives $1.45 million in grants
Farmers markets work to draw people on a budget
A $4.1 billion test of congressional leadership
Health Care Reform and You
MLS Statement
The 2008 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress
More on the hot weekend ahead!
Learning life skills one post hole at a time
Farmer's market no. 2 on Huffington Post list
Commissioner's statement on the Cesar E. Chavez street renaming process
Hot weather Public Service Announcement from Parks
Beaverton in running for new Beavers baseball stadium
Camp Rilea turned over to children one week a year, thanks to Fred Rosenbaum
Helping youth in need
Hot weather advisory from Commissioner Fish
Wells Fargo gives $60,000 to Habitat housing project
NAHRO Remarks
The Revenue is Locally Grown, Too
PICA still building on its colorful past as Portland's scrappy arts institute
MTB advocates see Forest Park white paper as major step forward
Street Roots' executive director receives honors
Commissioner Fish's message to Portland's housing stakeholders
Nick visits KGW's "Talk Box"
Region's home sales tick up in June
Housing market shows positive signs, but downturn still not over
Portland's Joy Adventure Club unites women and fun for good causes
Commissioners introduce Intertwine
Paulson Finds Big Soccer Its Missing $15 Million
Hands on Greater Portland's most recent newsletter
Investment in arts has a powerful payoff: It lasts
Bike catch a flat? In Oregon AAA can have you covered
Take a virtual tour of the Resource Access Center!
Portland Commissioners Want New Studies into Cell Phone Towers
Council Opts To Rename 39th Ave. For Chavez
Sit-lie a cliche of constructionism
Homeless student count numbers released
Street Farmer
Climate bill could mean big business for Oregon
Urban gardeners undaunted
In need of the arts, now more than ever
So Many Foreclosures, So Little Logic
Safety New Is Fraying for the Very Poor
What's Great About America: We Find New Ways to be Happy
Commissioner Fish in the latest REACH newsletter
Lents Outrage Kills Stadium
Portland's neighborhood associations flex their muscles
Portland's Waterfront Blues Festival begins today: What you need to know
At last, a place to call home
SOLV and the Wilkes community celebrate Wilkes Creek
Courtyard housing competition brings zoning code amendments
All For Good
Singled Out
Housing center helps first-timers
The $8,000 difference
Portland's Community Volunteer Corps provides path back to productive lives through service
Serve.gov launches in support of President Obama's 'United We Serve' campaign
Major League Soccer plan still alive as Portland council endorses latest plan
Stadium plans say one thing; people say another
Al Roker's traveling charity show lends big hand to city parks
Independent Police Review recruitment announcement
Inquiry over, Adams ready to move on
Fish and Fritz - finally, somebody down there gets it
Commissioner Fish's statement on Attorney General Kroger's report
A Public Health Plan
Warrior on Poverty
Navigating through Lents
Bargaining chip at Ross Island's tip
Portland council still undecided as hearing on Chavez street nears
Atlanta Is Making Way For New Public Housing
100-plus rally against minor-league stadium in Lents
Lents stadium plan off the table, says Beavers team owner Merritt Paulson
Portland OKs $30 million for Milwaukie MAX line, new bridge
Don't Let the Negativity Stop You From Living Your Dream
Portland will pursue soccer renovation without settling plans for a new baseball park
Justice for Janitors Day: 19 Years of Fighting for Justice
Hollywood district struggles to retain star image
End the madness at Lents Park
To walk, to hike, to climb
"10 Reasons to Love Our Country"
"Hair to Home" kicks off
Good in the Neighborhood 2009
Grandstands Look Promising for 2009
Government Leaders Launch Effort to Accurately Count Census
Portland Pride Parade emphasizes what unites people in divided times
Reader's Digest Names Portland's 'Season of Service' Best Service Project in America
Ed Benedict Skate Plaza now officially open
Urban Hikes in Portland
Volunteers help clean up Portland's Ross Island
Reuse and Revelry: Hotel Vintage Plaza, PICA, Community Warehouse
PNCA at 100 celebrates arts, scene's affinities
For baseball fans, City Hall's hit-and-run looks like an error
Community Gardens class and activity schedule in the St. Johns Review
Washington Park Summer Concert Series schedule announced
Inaugural Portland Housing Bureau Director Announced
Parks bureau launches Free For All website
In Salem, it's prosecutors v. the process
"Down 'n Dirty Summer 2009" on urbanMamas.com
Nick on KGW discussing grand opening of Shaver Green apartments in King neighborhood
Cinema Al Fresco
Commissioner Fish and County Commissioner Jeff Cogen proclaim ReUse Week 2009
City Hall shows how to help feed needy with Victory Garden
Chinese Garden will mark anniversary of groundbreaking, honor Vera Katz
Crisis at the VA as Benefits Claims Backlog Nearly Tops One Million
Comment of the day: Keep Lents Park for entirely public use
Commissioner Fish on KATU Friday, June 5
Like an eager vine, urban garden sharing spreads its roots
Hands on Greater Portland June 2009 Newsletter
Take a Raise, Leave a Raise
Raising the Stakes
2008 SAFE Report
Homeownership Month 2009 Proclamation read in Council June 3
Reaching out in Portland to help vets find homes, jobs
Mayor and two Portland city commissioners turn down raise, but two others take it
This is Lents
The river, without the roar
Groups applaud mayor's proposed budget
Nick's Newsletter: March
Movies in the Park returns July 3
Guiding a Princess
West Hayden Island - Habitat, or industry?
Local Focus
Undercover Jesus
Schedule Request Form
Donations revive concert series in Portland park
Washington Park concert series saved
Contributors save Washington Park Summer Festival
Washing Park Summer Concert Series press release
Portland's Washington Park concerts saved
Larger than life
Lents Park stadium deal still in the mill
Concerts appear back on track after all
'Parkscan' site asks you to help improve local parks
Go online to tell the city what you think about parks
$50,000 pledge may bring music back to Washington Park
Local business contribution comes forward to rescue Washington Park Summer Festival
Beaver Creek Natural Area will bring nature closer
Housing Agenda Advances in Congress
Parks Budget Announcement
Housing Budget Announcement
Common sense needed on Memorial Coliseum
APNBA 'Business Voice'
IFCC Budget announcement
Portland votes to consolidate police precincts
Sidewalk ordinance extended
Kill This Deal
Homeless center stalled in urban renewal dispute over "sit-lie" ordinance
Permit Consolidation
Vegetable garden will grow at City Hall space
Parks Commissioner Fish outlines plans for outer East Portland's green spaces
City Council spinning over new chairs
Suddenly homeless: no margin for error
Little time for debate in rush to MLS plan
Media Release: Portland Area Homelessness Increases Slightly
Green Advocates
City will lower flag for child deaths
Goal Rush
The case is clear for a housing bureau
Commissioner Fish Gets Educated
Multnomah County Vital Aging Taskforce 2008 Report
Portland places $79,925 lien on downtown Greek Cusina
Portland's post-hospital care for homeless falls short of meeting needs
Is a Food Revolution Now in Season?
East Portland Aquatic Center officially opens
New parks remain on drawing board as Portland cuts budget
Portland City Council approves park plans
Water on the Brain, March 2009
Alice Awards
Nick on KGW's 'Hot Box'
Firefighters pack Senate to celebrate passage of HB 2420
Hands on Greater Portland Honors White Bird founders Walter Jaffe and Paul King with Heart of the Community Award
Portland 'bike queen' finds worldwide niche
Nick on YouTube!
Notice of Public Hearings on Community Needs
Commissioner's statement regarding Mayor Adams
City, County, PDC, and HAP Fund 6 Projects to House Most Vulnerable
Nick's Newsletter: January
Commissioner Fish, Senator Wyden to Visit Public Housing, Call for Federal Stimulus Money
"Give Help, Give Help, Choose Local!" Council Launches Volunteering
A site to give help or get it
Life on the streets continues to be surreal
City homeless agencies weather historic storm
'Warming to Fish': Matt Davis in The Mercury
Nick's Parks Announcement
A Message From Nick and Sam Adams About the Housing Bureau
Nick's Newsletter: December
Winter Warming Centers Memo
Watch Commissioner Fish discuss homelessness on KOIN
Quality Rental Housing Workgroup Final Report
Road to Ruin: Happy Valley street embodies national housing bust
'Sad secret' our reality
Portland tightens rules for cell phone antennas
Blogtown on City Council and the OFB
First Thursday at City Hall ... Starts Now
Bringing a sad secret out of the darkness
Activists wants Portland to be a sanctuary for AWOL soldiers
"Portland Council OKs settlement with controversial cop"
City continues anti-prostitution program
Your sneak preview of the city's new era
Portland looks for 'plan B' on affordable housing
Etown tapes in Portland!
"House Poor" in the Mercury
Council Keeps Colwood Green
Nick Paints!
Street Roots Reports on Warming Centers
Barney Frank in The New Republic
Portland Soccer Champs Visit Council
African American Home Buyers Fair
Measuring our vulnerability
Portland Seeks Housing for Homeless Vets
Surveying the Health of the Homeless
Check out PWCL's new Public Service Announcement
Our Youth Commissioner in the Oregonian
Assessing the health of our homeless
Developing a "Housing Blueprint"
Commissioner Fish names Kate Allen as Housing Policy Manager
Improvising a Jazz Festival Rescue
Nick led effort to save Portland Jazz Festival
Portland Fire and Rescue in the News
Free Local Home-Buying Resource Now Available
City Invests in Homeownership and Foreclosure Prevention
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Commissioner Nick Fish names Carmen Caballero Rubio as Senior Policy Advisor
Commissioner Nick Fish Names Hannah Kuhn Senior Policy Director
City Commissioner Nick Fish Announces New Chief of Staff
Commissioner Fish Takes Office
Nick Fish to Take Oath Of Office: Public Invited
Inaugural Address of Commissioner Nick Fish
Leadership speech at June 13, 2008 swearing-in ceremony for Commissioner Nick Fish